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Brother Kharas - Vigilia Mortis

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Kharas, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Kharas Kharas Menial

    Greetings Brothers!

    This old Wolf of 41 winters hails from the distant land of Greece.

    My gaming days began centuries ago ( the 80's) in the Golden Age of Gaming where the possession of an STCs (SpectrumZX Tape-equipped Computer) was a common thing!
    Computer games, sci-fi/fantasy-themed books and metal music are my constant companions ever since.

    The discovery of the Warhammer 40k universe almost 10 years ago was a turning point in terms of my gaming and reading focus. Here I found a world so rich and vibrant, filled with stories of brotherhood, of tragedy, of heroic last stands and bravery in the face of insurmountable odds that speaks to a part inside of us that aspires to such things.

    Most importantly the Warhammer universe allowed me to find kindred souls, from all over the world much like my valiant Brothers of Vigilia Mortis, to share many adventures together, have fun and forge strong friendships.

    We hail the efforts of the Adeptus Developus and its legion of Coders, Slicers and Data Seers. We hope to prove our worth to your unblinking mechanical eyes and be inducted into the secretive Ordo of Beta!

    The Emperor protects! (But it never hurts to have a Bolter ready...)

    Brother Kharas.
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  2. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Welcome brother, glad to see you here :)
  3. Kharas Kharas Menial

    Thank you for the welcoming Lord.

    Though it grieves me to inform you that the Forum Teleportarum System has erroneously placed your introductory post in the Outer Rim of the dreaded Bugs Report sector!

    You have but to say the word and we shall scour the Forum in order to find and punish the ones responsible! It's been quite a while since I gave a good thrashing to anyone...;)
  4. May the Emperor bless you!
  5. Godsmote Euwald Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the crusade :)
  6. Arkdawn Arkdawn Curator

    Welcome fellow Crusader!:)

    Glad to have another 40k fan join the fray!
  7. Anada umie ta stomp!
  8. Welcome to the crusade pal ,good to see another battle brother joining the ranks!!
  9. Renoster Renoster Curator

    Salve Kharas!
  10. Welcome, brother!

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