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Broken stuff that annoys me

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rheeva, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. -VI-Alerius Alerius Active Member

    And the whole thread goes down?
    I'm with @Rheeva on this one - I really don't care about your skill blabla (even though ADAD increases accuracy in EC) - it is simply immersion breaking and to some degree (because of bad servers/connection/netcode) "game breaking". I'm only referring to my own experience here. I have a ping of 50ms, my game runs smooth but if someone ADADs they start to hope and teleport. I don't blame it on those using it, I blame that on the game - it looks shitty and it's annoying. That goes for most movements ingame not only for ADAD.
    And I love the discussion culture in this forum... the mentioning of ADAD always spawns the same accusations: "git gud" - "skill bro" - "I pro - you noob" - "it's called strafing, man". Nobody actually reads the others statements nor unterstands them.
    that ADAD is beneficial in a tactical shooter game which tries to provide cover says about how broken that tactical shooter game is and that it's cover system is just bad.
    It's like most people have syntax highlighting on, they read ADAD and go nuts.
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  2. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    On your first point, the reason you see me charge in like that is because I've deemed it a worthy risk to do so to have the enemy team's attention drawn to me rather than the rest of my team, allowing them to push in while I handle all the attention since I know I'm capable of handling it. It's just a form of misdirection and risk taking and I don't just blindly decide to push in like that. I take the risk of the extra attention, use my game knowledge to win any fight I'm met with as best I can, and let my team push in with ease rather than through a ton of heavy bolter fire/bolter fire/melee spam etc. There's a reason that when I flank, I'll sit back first at a defensive position w/ left cover advantage and kill people from far, forcing them to come to me or try to fight me/turn their attention to me. Once I kill enough and I see my team is starting to push in, that's when I'll take the initiative of taking the risk of pushing in for the reward of having control of the point of contestion.

    Anyways, ADAD arguments are stupid since they've been said over and over, let's let the thread go back to OT material for everyone else. I just had to put my two cents in.
  3. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    You really do not need to explain that part to me, it is essential to my performance. But I know I will sometimes pay the price for it and so do you if the resistance is a bit stronger than expected.
    A single player is always mortal, no matter, how good they are. A closed front is not but it is also fairly hard to achieve or maintain.

    I agree that leading a charge will commonly be more effective than waiting for your team to suicide-run, but it is still a compromise between what you have to do and what you want to do.

    Now that's enough. I really can't be more clear. Did you talk to the Ork? Did the evil Greenskin set ya'll up to this?

    Also: No. Most of what I posted here is unintentional behavior and more-or-less well known bugs. I put some off-topic complains in for entertainment purposes.
  4. Keep this post:

    A. Civil it's going well so far but lets not ruin it.

    B. On topic. I have removed the off topic posts so lets get back on track.

    C. I'm going to start a new ADAD thread for suggestion on what you would like to see.
  5. AVP AndrVP Active Member

    The most annoying thing:

    -spam ADAD when your character twitches like an epileptic (total bullshit);
    -shooting in grenades;
    -autoaim (melee);
    -Eldar vehicle, which easily crushes the infantry;
    -necrosword, lashsword, burning choppa;

    The game has many more flaws, but I'm more tolerant towards them.
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  6. ADAD
    shooting with grenades
    You can get used to this. But the game already has a high entry threshold. New players always negatively regard the use of vulnerabilities in the game process. Our game has too bad reviews in Steam.
    We need a balance decision that will take into account the interests of all parties.
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  7. one thing that really annoying me▬ lsm stupidity

  8. A lot of that is GW's fault for making it seem like LSM are invincible to everything, and a lot of players coming direct from tabletop thinking that they have a +3 invul save.

    What annoys me is people that continue to shoot into enemies even though friendly melee has engaged. Or enemy shooters actually shooting through their own melee and they aren't killing them, yet when your ranged do the same you drop like a sack of spuds. Scan for another target people, like the enemy thats sneeking up behind you, us melee players have got the close quarters thing all sewn up.

    The prone body block, if you are a melee player you know the world of hurt that little gem causes. Fallen friendly refuses to move out of your way and you end up hacking the poor fool to pieces to get to the real enemy.

    The self healing enemy in engaged melee combat. Now this one is bad, you are fighting an enemy 1v1, and without any warning, and enough hits to take them down, their health bar starts to fill back up. Next thing you are staggered and shot twice by the damn side arm they are carrying.
  9. Proteus Lychoro ProteusVM Forum Beta Tester


    ADAD is fine, it's not an exploit - it's an intentional mechanic of every FPS/TPS ever made so... dunno what the issue is here lol

    exploits can't be fixed, shit like rollex, burst fire and various other bugs will be here forever because the devs are unable to fix them for one reason or another

    good players will be good with any tool, leroy will still farm 90% of the playerbase even without ADAD, he'll just start hugging corners and spam headshots with his 90% LG accuracy so i mean, if anything, all removing ADAD functionality somehow will do is increase his k/d:r even further, and make it practically impossible to beat people like him because once u get ur tracking down to that level, no matter what u do u basically can't survive the spray because u now can't even effectively throw off their aim because of even slower strafing, it's already been nerfed once - at this point, just git gud tbh.

    space marines can fire their bolters with pinpoint accuracy in a full sprint on mountainous terrain, i'd quote a specific book here but it's pretty much in every single horus heresy book involving a firefight

    we're playing as post human space men who are so far removed from what a normal human can accomplish that i'd actually say removing ADAD is more unrealistic than including it, Space Marines can move fast enough to slap bolt shells out of the air using their forearm to turn a shot that would have killed into a mere annoyance.

    40k itself also works on its own laws of physics, so attempting to argue anything on that front is also limited in its effect, as the physics within the universe varies heavily from game to game and book to book so.

    here's some actually rather fluff accurate animation from Dawn of War representing marine maneuverability inside power armor - they aren't hindered at all, in fact the only downside to their armour when it comes to movement is the weight on shitty terrain like wood, which will give way and leave them trapped underneath the structure and require a specialist crew to remove them from their predicament.


    also i have never had any issue killing someone who ADADs, including @DemonKingBAAL himself and i'm a stalker main, the issue for a great many people likely sits in front of the monitor.
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  10. sigil sigil666 First Blood!

    If you took away from combat game the movement (fps genre) because is immersion breaking ( good sir you should try to attempt to remove movement at all for entire planet because is immersion breaking too ( and is no need in controller/console good paying happy roze-bonbon customer money driven sim city simulation, anyway next step in fps genre evolution is back on tree throwing banana at each other with aim assist ofc strict IN THE NAME of oh pardon under the rule of REALISM.

    -ofc all of this is just lunatic delusion because the best w40k game actually is a chess game on steam and is not immersion breaking ÓÓ for some weird reason

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