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BRO and others hacking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ruititadiogo, Sep 14, 2018.

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  1. Popoolo ruititadiogo Steam Early Access

    Again 2 games and they were using all the abuses in the book. I finally got tired and disconnected, We just need 1 dev to watch the games so this ends. But guess it's too hard to do this, BRO Thye just don't stop they don't care, they don't see it is real people in the other side trying to have a bit of fun.
    10 players vs 12 the last players that still try to play and even now things are the same, only when there are 0 players they stop hacking and abusing this game, unfotunatçy it's not only them more do the same.
    Guess I'm the stupid for still trying to play this game when no dev supports the people that play fair.
    This is not even salt because I'm really sad about this, I spent 1300 h on this game and money as well just to see me not be able to play because there is no hacks protection or abuse ban that makes them stop.
    Well for all that don't agree with this abusers, guess we really need to do a lot more noise than we have done maybe some dev listens to us and goes see what they do.

    Stupid persons that kill other people fun with abuses and hacks don't change they need to be changed.

  2. Konoko Konok0 Arch-Cardinal

    record video, send in support. Konoko can not be in every match. And the Konoko is busy investigating the tombs in the new game.

  3. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Called it

    Time to de-louse the player base.

    Warned yu.png

    Crutchlord parasites like Bro don't care weather EC dies or not, Just as long as they don't actually have to carve out an honest living by working for each and every kill they get their happy. The more brainless their Cheasymode shooter clone is the better.

    They'll just move on to the next game and exploit the hell out of any and all game breaking bugs they find there till it's lying dead in a gutter as well, then they'll just move on to the next game, wash, wince and repeat.
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  4. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    This is gold
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  5. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Things that revel in joy over the mass suffering of others ^^. . . . .


    Ah well at least it's over.
  6. This is real
  7. Viking Vking Arkhona Vanguard

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  8. Kjall Kjall Active Member


    What? what do you mean we aren't posting old, shitty worn out memes? what is this post then?
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