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Brainstorming: How to make EC feel like WH40k?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zael, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Zael Zael Well-Known Member

    This is not a thread for complaining about missing features.
    This is a thread how to turn EC into a WH40k-game.
    This is a thread how EC can convey the right feeling and atmosphere to the player.

    I think, one of its biggest problems is that EC has the looks of WH40k. But it doesn't feel like WH40k.

    In WH40k there is only war and the laughter of thirsting gods.

    WH40k has endless, mind-crushing, brutal warfare. Armies clashing against each other, the battlefield before you thick with enemies, the battlefield behind you thick with your brothers-in-arms.
    EC has shootouts where up to 10 people at a time fight over the same tiny speck of territory on an otherwise largely empty map.

    WH40k has the simplistic and steadfast warrior-monk mindset of the Space Marines.
    WH40k has the glorious perversion and insanity that is Chaos.
    WH40k has the tribal community of an Ork-horde.
    WH40k has the focus, determination and drama of the Eldar.
    EC has Space Marine, pointy Space Marine, big Space Marine and slim Space Marine.

    In WH40k you are the hero, you are the villain. Every decision you make makes a difference. You have a purpose.
    In EC, every match is exactly like any other and nothing matters.

    I have the following suggestions:
    - EC should put a bigger focus on roleplaying. We have to identify with our character. Our character needs a meaning, a reason, a purpose, a story, a place in the grand scheme of things.
    - Every battle, every victory, every defeat anywhere should be important. "Why are we fighting over these ruins for the 117th time in a row?"
    - Make us feel like heroes/villains. Make us feel like every dead enemy and every won duel is important.
    - No small-time shootouts. No consequence-free 5-vs-5 arena-brawl. We need full-scale warfare. Only war and the laughter of thirsting gods.
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    That's all we need!
  3. Lauriia Lauriia Arkhona Vanguard

    Maybe they could make it more like Dawn of War III

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  4. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

  5. 40K appropriate match modes along with seeing more 40K'esque squad based game play mechanics first and foremost.

    -character back story, ongoing story of our character via "service record" that shows all of our accomplishments, our history with the Chapter.

    -naming policies being enforced. Actual naming filters at character creation like we see in most video games that were created in the last decade. I'm really sick of seeing "leet skillz" and "your mom" as well as other various racist, bigoted and just totally offensive types of garbage name tags in every match.

    -Being able to name our weapons, reciting litanies during combat, hearing the Emperor's voice after doing great deeds, as well as hundreds of other types of role play aspects.

    -Guilds having functional mechanics in game and a guild hall that's accessible via the Garrison.

    -Instead of ambiguous timers that countdown to nothing, we could have attrition for both sides in some match modes while battling for "realistic", 40k appropriate types of objectives.

    -Each individual Chapter, Clan and Craftworld having unique weapons, unique vehicles, as well as unique special issue wargear. Relics of the Chapter and other special capabilities that are unique to each Chapter, Clan and Craftworld. Basically the game we were sold on.

    -multiple secondary and tertiary objectives that help your faction and/or hurt the opposing faction. More than mindless spawn points guys!

    Secondary and tertiary types of objectives that require small groups of players to "Sabotage, escort, repair, hack, establish uplink, establish corridor, reconnoiter and report, seek and destroy, search and rescue, destroy/demolish, deploy X Y and Z, assassinate or protect". Completing one of these secondary or tertiary objectives or denying the enemy the ability to complete these types of objectives should help and/or hurt one of the faction's capabilities during each battle.

    -instead of fighting over generic, meaningless, unnamed spawn points and playing king of the hill over said meaningless objectives perhaps we have objectives represented by actual types of locations that are common to most 40K novels.

    In any given match we should have multiple objectives. "Attack the command center to deny enemy X, sabotage the power plant to shut down Y, secure the bridge deep in enemy territory so our armor column get through to the city, secure the space port in order to deny enemy reinforcements and to allow our bulk transports to land Terminator squad and Landraiders".

    These are common types of objectives we read about in most 40K novels as any 40K fan would know and recognize. These types of objectives that actually effect the game world in immersive ways make for a more cerebral gaming experience versus playing king of the hill over meaningless spawn points like we used to do 15 years ago playing Halo 1.

    -Match modes that have countdown timers should be counting down to an actual event like a drop pod invasion, like the sun rising and killing everyone that's above ground, like a warp core self destruct sequence. One team trying to stop the countdown, the other team trying to ensure the countdown occurs. Whether or not the countdown happens leads to the NEXT phase of the match.

    -Sergeant class for all factions with the Sergeant leading the squad. Sergeant class should have no less than 5 different toggles, special abilities, deployables and air/artillery assets that are used to buff, assist or move the squad.

    -More 40K appropriate squad based game mechanics. SQUAD ONLY types of buffs, abilities, transports, teleport, etc. A "Squad only" type of buff, ability or game mechanic for each class that assists the squad in some fashion. Inner squad game play needs to be emphasized. Look to any 40K codex for inspiration.

    -Role play emotes(arm across the chest salute, sheath/stow weapon, kneel with weapons stowed), role play voice overs and private Garrison for guilds and groups of friends.
  6. Dat's why orks iz da bestest an da funnest! We az da best lines and we kan "whaaaagh" whenevva we want.
    We az da coolest trukks as well.
  7. Atarius Atarius First Blood!


    (Njord, you have too much time ;))
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  8. - Blood and gore
    - Nerf ADADA into the ground. Space Marine do not do the aiming dance.
    - Add more weapons and cosmetics from the tabletop.
    - Add Dreadnoughts.
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  9. Rathael Rathael Arkhona Vanguard

    Within as much reason as I can possibly muster, given the team size and budget:

    - Less almost-instant-death / more time spent alive and pushing objectives. Each valuable life should count... so you feel each death is more impactful and like you can actually try to survive like a real soldier of the future would instead of just respawning over and over.
    - More innovation with chaos marks, rather than just arbitrary stats that you don't see while you're playing. Stuff that gives real flavor to the chaos alignments (such as cheat-death mechanic for tzeentch and active bleedout for khorne). Same goes for different craftworlds and chapters. More factional flavor in general.
    - New and more powerful elite and veteran spawns (such as the promised terminators and warlords) that put the fear of the emperor in you and require team-effort to bring down. Goes hand-in-hand with a balanced system for spawning them. When you see a terminator or a tank, it's very 40k to think "Emperor preserve us, we need some friends for this" instead of just suicide bombing and respawning without a care.
    - Tougher less-available vehicles that take much more of a team effort to destroy (as suggested on the latest state of the crusade). Watching boxes fly in and blow up repeatedly feels very not-40k.
    - Long term cosmetic unlocks to visually signify experienced players. Grizzled veterans looking decorated is one of the things at the heart of the lore and aesthetic of 40k.
    - Systems to encourage and support clans, to give that tight-knit "squad" feeling. Nothing feels better than being a part of the best-of-the-best team in a game.

    Perhaps more controversially, some sort of gameplay system that locks squads into certain compositions, varying by faction, or gives a team leader some choice. Just some examples of the sorts of rules for a game-mode like this:
    - 15 vs 15.
    - 3 combat squads of 5.
    - Each squad contains 1 permanent veteran as a leader.
    - Teams may have up to 3 troops squads that may take 1 heavy support and/or one support class.
    - Teams may have 1 assault squad and/or heavy support squad that contain up to 5 melee or heavy classes respectively, and may bring 1 support class.
    - Being in close proximity to your leader provides huge bonuses, encouraging squad-coherant gameplay.
  10. Anvil The-Forge-Dragon Arkhona Vanguard

    Old executions dlc.

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