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Books You Must Read Before The Crusade

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by IDOTS, Jun 29, 2014.

  1. Smaug Smaug Well-Known Member

    Oh yes they are, as a matter of fact, I'm gonna re-read Descent of Angels and Fallen Angels again.
  2. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    15 Hours, Deathworld, Caiphas Cain Omnibus or collection or whatever, Rebel Winter, Eisenhorn Trilogy, Death or Glory, Brothers of the Snake.. I've read quite a few.

    Brothers of the Snake is basically 300 with Space Marines and Orks.
    Eisenhorn Trilogy is great IMO if you're into -I-
    15 Hours, Deathworld, Rebel Winter are all IG pr0n
    I think Death or Glory was a Cain book.. but the Caiphas Cain stuff is a little more tongue in cheek. It still has a gritty side to it but a lot of it is meant to be funny.
  3. The_Warboss The_Warboss Active Member

    I remember having this immensely thick book called 'Let The Galaxy Burn' with loads of novels. There was this story about Tyranids infesting a world and how they took over it, even though Space Smurfs came and tried to save it. It was a great read.
    Otherwise I can also recommend the Horus Heresy-books, even though I only read the first 4 and then stopped (Don't ask me why).
  4. Godsmote Euwald Well-Known Member

    Betrayer is a decent read. Nice to finally see the Horus Heresy actually progressing towards end we all know is eventually coming.
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  5. Godsmote Euwald Well-Known Member

    Yup Death or Glory is one of the Ciaphas Cain books. One of my favourite series and would you believe it one of those books taught me the word callipygian. Like Brothers of the snake as well thats a good one.
  6. Godsmote Euwald Well-Known Member

    What do you guys make of Unremembered Empire ? And sweet lordy how the hell did Garviel Loken survive ? Just reading an extract from Vengeful Spirit and Loken just popped up ? Wtf ? Htf ?
  7. Mikey 4tonmantis Menial

    I've got that one as well.. and I think another one that's a short story collection. I haven't read them in ...maybe 8+ years.. also have one called Redemption Squad (I think) that I haven't muddled through yet. It's alright but a little tedious.
  8. Smaug Smaug Well-Known Member

    "Deathwatch" and " The Empror's Gift" are good single novel books, one is about the Deathwatch and the other is about the Grey Knights. Both book talks alot about the chapter itself and the organization and theirs lots of action, highly recommended.
  9. Beyond those already mentioned, the Grey Knights trilogy and Legion of the Damned. Also Lord of the Night if you can find a reasonably priced copy.
  10. Grey Legion34 GreyLegion34 Well-Known Member

    Both Blood angels omnibuses, Path of the Eldar, though that one is very tedious, and salamander omnibus

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