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Boltgun remowal = Support class doesn't mean "tactical flexibility"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Faeruin, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Not a lag problem. In most circumstances, sorc and warlock tether heals can outheal a single bolter, though a bit less so with warlocks (squishy eldar).

    Lash of Slaanesh has technically unlimited ammo, but functionally you can get off 5-6 shots depending on your build before you have to recharge your warp energy. It's range is also limited to about 25 meters, and on top of that it has a short wind up and is not perfectly accurate. It takes some real skill to use, but in the right hands it is deadly. Keep your distance from Slaanesh sorcs.
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  2. Russo10 Steam Early Access

    Don't forget lash of slaanesh also staggers your target, halting melee and interrupting ranged from firing. It is seems to be the same as hitting someone with a melee fast attack, it forces heavies to reset before firing again too. The stagger is long enough that the first hit should secure a kill unless they have allies to stop you. In addition it applies a debuff that increases the amount of damage the target takes (haven't tested if its all damage or just damage of subsequent lashes). Then consider that on average 3 lashes is enough to kill most builds (I've only noticed needing 4 against orks and the occasional GA that trades shield for high EHP) or if its eldar 2-3 hits will kill most of them and the stagger negates their move speed bonus.

    The range increase and buffs to warp regen (haven't even come close to running out of charge since they did that) makes it pretty damn powerful for only 100 LP. If flickering fire gets buffed to be on par/worth its LP cost then bolter apoth won't look so bad lol and I bet stream of corruption gets either a buff or reduced to 100 LP.
  3. MannDeus Recruit

    First time poster, short time lurker here.

    Imho, I don't find apos toting fully powered bolters that bad. Maybe nerf their medical gauntlet? I mean. unlike Orks urty syringe, that thing is not meant as primary melee weapon. Yes, it can function as one in a pinch situation, but I bet an ultramarine would throw a hissy astartes fit if an apothecerian ever is forced to fight so deep in the front lines they gotta use their narc blades. In such case tacticals dun goofed!
  4. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Narth actually does more damage than a chainsword due to poison. Someone suggested once that the default poison on narth should be removed, and i tend to agree.
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  5. That'd be the sort of nerf I'd need to switch to the War Narc. It looks great and is cheaper to mount than basic+toxin mod, but toxin is king. Couple of swipes, roll out, blast em. Failing that, while we clang they are taking toxin damage.
  6. Noromiz Noromiz Nickname Change

    I really don't get why the Narthecium still got the Poison for free :/

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