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Bolters And Melee Weapons

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Blackskull, Jul 5, 2014.


Is having long ranged weapon (bolter,shoota) and melee weapon like axe, sword and like that is ok?

  1. yes

  2. no

  1. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    (skip to 3.27)
    In some alfa videos assault and tactical marines have bolters and chainswords.I think that is not right and against lore. Yes, some elite, hero characters can have both of them but not everyone. But in some interviews there were talks about having only bolter and knife and better accuracy or bolt pistol and chain/power weapon with lesser accuracy. What I`m trying to say is you should select but not having both!
    And also concept art with all factions has the same thing. (now ork also)
  2. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    Well the debate about this has been done to death, allowing Tacs to use Chainswords, allowing anything beyond a sidearm to the jumping classes etc. Lets just say the threads werent pretty.:D

    As for me, id say no. There should be a clear line to what which class is capable of doing.
    And now that Brent has confirmed that Assaults will have the ability to deploy without a jumppack (and also don a Stormshield), giving Tacticals (CSM and SM) the ability to wield such things is bad.

    You want a non jump class melee unit? Get your Assaults jumppack off and go to town with your "ground" build.
    I was going to say that it wouldnt work the same for the Raptors, but since we arent getting the old ones who were warped into the signature birds of prey and wacked one off every night before bed thinking about their jumppacks, we are good to go.

    The old beer kegs are removeable just like the LSM ones.
  3. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    The question is more about having plasmagun,bolter,melta etc. and close combat weapons instead of knives. Still tacs with melee weapons will fit better with Black templars and World eaters. Agree about raptors. Older ones had good design but only as jump units.
  4. MintyFiz MintyFiz Prefectus

    placing artificial limits on what gear can be used is something that i feel should be avoided whenever possible. if someone wants to run around with a bolter and a chainsword they should be allowed to the loadout system should have the necacery robustness to handle it, and as a result there should be plenty of things you can do to balance it all. hay if space marine can balance an assault marine with a bolter and chainsword, EC should be able to.

    *note i am not advocating silly things like an assault marine dual welding two heavy bolters, but if it looks like you could hold something one handed the devs should allow it, they are however under no requirement to make it a viable way to play ;)
  5. Daniel Blackskull Well-Known Member

    Agree but not everywhere. Let`s say Space Marine wasn`t perfect and even in someplaces against lore. Meltagun? No, shotgun shooting with purple bubles:D:D. RUNNING WITH BOLT PISTOL OR PLASMA PISTOL AND CHAINSWORD IS OKAY, NO BOLTERS and other two handed weapons!!!
  6. MintyFiz MintyFiz Prefectus

    agree with you about the melta in space marine but the assault marine bolter was actualy rather well done there was a fairly big trade off in having to equip a special talent that fill one of your valuable slots and the acuracy made it fairly bad at anything beyond close range, in fact a free slot and the bolt pistol was a far better choice in my experience.
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  7. Tarl68 TARL68 Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm not saying a word, I had my 2c in the thread I made about this lol
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  8. Feanor Feanor Preacher

    Artifical limits upon what gear a troop type can have is part of the core rules of Warhammer 40k. This isn't 'space shooter crusade' it's a Warhammer game and they have to stay true to the lore of the setting.
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  9. MintyFiz MintyFiz Prefectus

    i agree with the class system the devs will be using and all the limits that implies, but my point is that they should keep those limits to a minimum. if some idiot wants to dual wield plasma guns with his jump pack let him the devs are under do obligation to make it a viable build, and with the loadout system they will be using he would probably be nerfing his loadout pretty bad if he did.
  10. dual wielding pistols is fine but rifles? naaa

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