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Blooddrinkers Kindred

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Sakpok, May 6, 2014.

  1. Sak'pok Sakpok Subordinate

    For the mood:
    Welcome. I have seen your coming.
    Don't be shy great warrior, your soldier tiypes worthless time is over. Just come closer, sit down inhale the pure lavender incense. It will scratch your throat a bit, but don't be afraid, your eyes and mind will be sharp as the weapons of the god men.

    Oh let me Introduce us. We are the Kroot, sure you heard about us, we are the best mercenaries in the galaxy. Personaly I'm Sak'Pok Shaper and Shaman of the Blooddrinkers Kindred, we own the Bloodmother warsphere. We have the Chameleon skin, that will grant us victory over the prey. We offer our Hunters to any great journey that will be sweet and victorious just like the meat of the humans!

    We aren't soldiers, no they are just mindless meats, who waits to be hunted. We are Warriors, the true ones from Pech. For some kin like humans we have formidable culture. We eat the dead, friend and enemy alike. And not just for the taste. My kin have the power to have gain the power from every blood. Just like the ork strength, human stubborness, eldar psy etc. so one day if the ancestors let us, we will be the best hunters in the world. And on that day you will regret, that you were out of my tent. I saw that, and i will see it.

    Now great warrior choose your side before its too late.
    if you interested in our journey:
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