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Blood Angels

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Mr.Green, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Devil's Reject New Member

    For The Emperor and Sanguinius!
  2. Mr.Green Active Member

    More brothers join our ranks! Emperor would be pleased. Who do you think would be our №1 enemy here? World bearers? Orks?
  3. The World Eaters? of Word Bearers? The Word Bearers have the Ultra Smurfs, I think The Blood Angels have the World Eaters and Orks. Both are big on our hit list.
  4. Vestigor Incarael Curator

    Everyone who stands against the Imperium of Man and our beloved Imperator is our №1 enemy.... So don't try to Focus some Xenos and Heretics, because they all have to Suffer the same Death!
  5. Well, at least you guys aren't putting the TS in your crosshairs.
  6. Well Incarael, you are right they all die about the same. but were speaking about the ones we might stab a few extra times in the face to "really" make sure there dead, after we blast a football sized hole in there chest!
  7. Raizo Raizo Curator

    The wrath of the Blood Angels, knows no bounds... It can't be bargained with and it can't be reasoned with!

    We dont feel pity, remorse or fear!

    Abhor the witch, burn the mutant, kill the heretic!
  8. ThisHermityGuy Andy251 Well-Known Member

    *plants Salamanders Banner in the ground* Well met Brothers.. Salamanders will fight with you!! (hoping to be in launch..)
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  9. Mr.Green Active Member

    "He, who stands with me, shall be my brother!"
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  10. pipspud pipspud Active Member

    Vulkan Lives....
    eye to eye,toothe to toothe
    a real good book,a good primark
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