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Blood Angels

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Mr.Green, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. thirst SadamSavak Subordinate

    will the wolves have the same ranking as normal? Grey hunters etc..
  2. Ziet Ziet Subordinate

    Special Perk for the Space Puppies. Drunken Anger... this gives then an attack and speed boost for a short duration. :D
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  3. Mr.Green Active Member

    That won't save them from us, in case they try :D
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  4. Mr.Green Active Member

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  5. Tankred Cloten Subordinate

    While I'm primarily a BT fan because of the life of Raclaw, the Blood Angel's Bloodquest series guarantees the chapter as my choice for launch day. I hope to see many Blood Angels on the field with a fury to match Cloten ^_^
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  6. JBonn JBonn Subordinate

    "For the Emperor and Sanguinius! Death! DEATH!"
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  7. Sons of Sanguinus. we are rage incarnate. The enemies of man cannot stand before us!
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  8. Terminator with Promethean Flame thrower, and dual power fist! All shall know the fury of IX Legion!!!
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  9. Raizo Raizo Curator

    Fear not and be proud, for we are the sons of Sanguinius, the protectors of Mankind. We are the Angels of Death.

    For the Emperor & Sanguinius!
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  10. Marcvs New Member

    I want to kill and die in a death company!!!
    Maybe like a veteran assault squad but with more powerful close combat weapon ^^

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