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Blood Angels

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Mr.Green, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. yes thats right.
    Though they dont mutate into terrible vampires, they just go batshit insane, and become stronger and faster in due to that complete mental fuckup
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  3. Tactical Marine or Assault fits my personality!! The SM are tactically sound with the physical enhancements to boot. So... Being mobile and tactical just fits..
  4. Excellent, it's refreshing to see someone wanting to play one of the "basic" classes so to speak. Sometimes it feels like every man and his dog wants to be either a Chaplain or a Sanguinary Priest.
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  5. Apex Drakiis Cipher

    I am no monstrous vampire, I do not feast upon the innocent or those loyal to the Imperium. The Red Thirst which consumes us was not evident at the time when Our Great Lord and Father Sanguinius walked among us until much later when we who had been deprived of his guidance and wisdom succumbed to it. Our hatred of an enemy and the stresses of combat fuel it, and those who suffer from it periodically become brutally focused on the utter annihilation of a foe. A thirst for the blood of our enemies so great we are pushed to the limits of our tactical combat prowess. I would never in what time I have left in the Imperium dare to insult the memory of our Lord as to imagine I was he, such a insult to his legacy, and such hubris I would never commit to. We see visions of our Lord during the battle of Terra, we see ourselves there fighting with him, we see his death and lament at being helpless to have stopped it. Our greatest shame is that we lived and he did not, and because of this many of us within the Death Company war within ourselves and seek such release in death to join him, and fight by his side again.

    I am Blood Angel Brother Apexion, Tactical Veteran Sergeant of the 7th Death Company Attached to Captain Castigon of the 4th Company Knights of Baal and I seek death, those of my enemies, and my own.
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  6. Construct_ Thraxus First Blood!

    Interesting combination of traits the Blood Angels. Kindof like a Dwarf Slayer, an Elven Sword Master and a Vampire Count all rolled into one. I've been looking for something close to Dwarf Slayers in 40k but nothing really comes close, only a combination of Blood Angels and Space Wolves.
  7. Apex Drakiis Cipher

    The four most vicious of chapters to my knowledge are my Brother Blood Angels, Space Wolves, Executioners, and The Carcharodons

    The Carcharodons being the most elusive and mysterious of their origins
  8. Lone wolves are allmost exatly like dwarf slayers, exept they still wear armour :p
  9. Unconquered Unconquered Subordinate

    Well I prefer playing a Librarian over a Chaplain, but if Tactical is done right I will defiantly go for that type.

    In the name of the Angel, we fight on!
  10. Markus Octavius Curator

    all the way
    definitly :V
    For Dorn and the Emperor brother!

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