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Blood Angels

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Mr.Green, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Too OP man, we would be feared everywhere
  2. Make it random. When you spawn you may get the red thirst proc and you get extra xp and resources for well...killing and executing people.
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  3. Crioxus Arigulius Crioxus Arkhona Vanguard

    yeah !
    And die :eek:
    It can be a buff, used 1 time per hour for example. Or after killing too many enemies.
    There are lots of ways to implement it.
    But the Death Company is unavoidable :eek: :D
    " Unarmed, I eat my enemies " ^^
  4. Kasper Synaptic Cipher

    I just want too be able to rip my helmet off and drink the blood of my enemies, all while my battle brothers stand around chanting, "CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!".
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  5. Well they wouldent they would murn the fall of a brother to a curse that has destroyed several decendent chapters.
  6. Kasper Synaptic Cipher

    Bah, it's just the Red Thirst. No biggie.

    I'd feel much better after some coffee and a cold shower.
  7. Only one chapter has accepted the red thirst, and they found out it was kyras fateweawer (greater deamon) who tricked them into accepting it, the red thirst and black rage is the death of the blood angels and their decendents, and to drink the blood is to accept damnation
  8. Kasper Synaptic Cipher

    Hm. Does the Imperium have a Red Thirst hotline? I think I may need it.
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  9. Report to your nearest sanguine priest, he will ask you wether you want the black srmour, or the Emperos mercy now.
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  10. What makes the Blood Angels truly great is their constant inner battle to resist the Red Thirst and to uphold the legacy of their Primarch Sanguinius. For certain, some of the Second and indeed later founding Chapters have embraced it, or have their own particular ways of handling it but the Blood Angels stand steadfast in their resistance to its influence.

    Will the game developers make some special rule for the Death Company? Who knows? I for one do not want to see it. If you allow us a special and extremely dangerous special ability, then how do they balance this with the other Chapters that will feature in the game? No, I say leave the DC for the fluff and the tabletop game and keep the game balanced. It's already going to be a hard enough job for them to balance Astartes vs the other races, let alone trying to balance one Chapters special units against anothers.

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