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Blood Angels

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Mr.Green, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Blood Crow 13loodCrow Subordinate

    I think anything is possible, the people making this game know it's a BIG undertaking to make the Universe of Warhammer 40k into an MMO; the players are going to have A LOT to do... I'd imagine it's also going to take some role playing elements and there are going to be enemies on and off the battlefield.... Daemons and Xenos trying to attack not only on the field of battle; but also inside our minds and our very souls.

    All in all though, I think Death Company might be NPC's for now, unless the player makes certain choices that make him go into the Black Rage. The Red Thirst will always be there I think, even if the Black Rage happens the Red Thirst will test the Blood Angels. In the future I defnitly think that you'll be able to do certain things to gain prestige or damnation.

    Victory will be paid in blood...
    Burn the Heretic!
    Purge the Xeno!
  2. Mr.Green Active Member

    We need more Blood Angels!
    The important point here is that the best way to support Behaviour is to actually form a good and loyal community.
    So, another important question.
    It was stated, that duels will be avaliable as well as friendly fire. Do you think it might result in some conflicts between the Chapters? (Yeah, i mean Wolves.)

  3. Some of us wear the black, brother.
  4. Blood Crow 13loodCrow Subordinate

    Probably, but lets face it: Battle-Brothers will always be wanting to test each other, both inside the Chapter and outside. Among allies and among enemies. It is who we are.

    That being said; there will be conflicts with our fellow Astartes on combat Doctrine and how we act toward both enemies and allies. Friendly Fire, there will of course be Trolls among the Chapters.... But I think the majority of players, even if they are from totally different Chapters, will band together to take down said Troll.

    That is what I'm hoping. I've helped run a community before, and most of the time a loose but firm hand is needed. If someone needs to be punished, we cannot be lax nor easy on them. Even if they have been extremely notable member in the past; if they intentionally hurt a Battle-Brother on the field of combat they are intentionally not only serving Chaos and Xenos, but also betraying the Chapters trust. As such, they must be punished.
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  5. Mr.Green Active Member

    Just reminding that Blood Angels community is looking for new members! ;D
    So many Dark Angels out there, we need to keep up!
  6. DanB24 DanB24 Subordinate

    Hmmm Death company could be interesting but it would be terminal and might work better as a group of npc's that Blood Angels can whistle up for a limited period of time (Until they die?) every now and then.
  7. Ziet Ziet Subordinate

    Someone called for a Chaplain? 1st Company Chaplain has arrived.
  8. Excellent, Chaplain Hornswoggle, we have missed your baton-ing deliberations...
  9. Freakbeast hyroyuy Subordinate

    my first choice for a chapter is the Black Templar's... but if they don't make it into the game for whatever reason...

    Devastator of the 3rd company standing ready to bring the fury of Sanguinius and the Emperor to all who stand before me..

    I always liked the Blood Angels, followed by the Dark Angels
  10. Mr.Green Active Member

    Hell yeah! More warriors from Baal!

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