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Blood Angels - Tyranid Hunters - Battlegroup

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Whether all members should vote to name your guild?

  1. Yes, they should!

  2. I don't care whether or not.

  3. No, officers should decide a title.

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  1. Tyranids-Blood-Angels1.jpeg

    Who and What we are:

    Blood Angel's Tyranid Hunters (deviation from standard Codex directives) is recruiting for all types of Space Marines players. There are two parts to our Guild - one is the front in which we are recruiting heavily and balanced role players (council positions available for those who have strong initiative to lead) needed for active role-play on a consistent basis, and the players who decide to tag along for fun but not go deep on roleplayin. All are welcome to fill the ranks of Blood Angels, to strive for perfection be it in their works or art, martial discipline, or military doctrine and earn a fearsome reputation in our Primarchs' glory.

    Our Guild (members should vote for the exact title of the group) rely on a very strong core that is solidified by friendships that will spend many years in role-play, crushing enemy players and cleanse Tyranid swarms from Imperial space. Be a part of a very talented group of role players that foster canon of Warhammer 4o k, and fanon in one’s own ways with many days of consistent gaming in Eternal Crusade.
  2. The Gaming side:

    We are a versatile Guild catering to all aspects of the game – RP, PvE and PvP. Our officers are all well versed in at least two if not all three of the area's we offer, if one of them doesn't know something that one of our members asks us, one of the others more than likely do. We are family oriented and tend to play together for quite some time.

    Our members are diligently working on completing the daily and weekly missions for both PvP and PvE including mastering these. We often help and encourage our ‘lower level’ members to better their characters in both experience and gear. If you are trying to find or need help with something, normally we will be able to help you or point you to someone who can.
  3. The Rolelaying side:

    The Tyranid Hunters is a Guild that doesn't take role-play lightly, and by this we consider our military organization, strategy and tactics to be as outlined in The Codex Astartes. The setting for our players is a powerful Hunters Company expanding to several key locations held by Blood Angels as base of operations. Within this modest empire, players are invited to fulfill key locations and positions for RP, as well as PvP and hard PvE’s.

    In this empire we do not just foster role players, but all other players willing to make an effort to contribute to the Guild. Alas, we seek players of the Adeptus Astartes that adhere to the Guilliman's ideal for the moral behavior, order of battle and tactical doctrine of a Space Marine Chapter. Even ones who choose to play Blood Angel's faction aligned Engineers, Officers, Wardens, Ship Captains, etc.

  4. [​IMG]

    We have planed three ranking systems available for players. These are The Headquarters Legacy, The Veteran Legacy and The Battle Legacy. Each one has specific perks that, when a player advances in them, are rewarded for showing initiative, role-play awareness, and interaction with others. Not based solely off ones skills in role-play, the members in these ranks can really have 1oo% of their time involved in this Crusade. We believe that role-play will be the cornerstone of our "Codex - compliant" Guild, so it is considered the key of advancing in Astartes ranks.

    The goal is to create a specialized Company of the Blood Angel's Chapter until the Guild system is implemented in the Warhammer 4o k : Eternal Crusade, so that we could inherit this guild system later on… For this systematic-lack in game there is solution on Facebook (primary) and this Forum!
  5. Conclusion:

    Our goal is to have an exciting and fun gaming experience in a RP setting of Warhammer 4o k Lore, our core of gamers, role players and talented writers, should always be on the lookout for more members to interact with in RP.

    With a fresh look on how it all plays now in Eternal Crusade is very fulfilling and exciting. Keeping our pages & forum full of stories for great reading and watching players develop their characters in many different aspects of RP, we move forward always keeping in mind our characters surroundings and keeping the acting out really believable and fulfilling.

    Current Recruitment Needs: Always looking for any role! Post your thoughts, ideas and wishes bellow; be sure to like, follow and share! See ya all on battlefields of Arkhona!

    How to Contact Us: Apply through the Facebook to join The Battlegroup!

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  6. Chapi Choco Alexanderis Arkhona Vanguard

    Do you guys accepted mercenary chaos guys in this guild?
    Im all down with making a spm character...
  7. ..if ur gonna play a Blood Angel SM, then ur most welcome to join! =D

    guild is meant to be for BA fans, so join FB page!
  8. best of luck Blood Angels
  9. EvLTimE EvLTimE Cipher

    Picture is to small and not clickable
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  10. Yeap, its just chaos click-bait, all marines knows this by heart so they dont have to look! =D
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