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Blood Angels, Sons Of Sanguinius! (and Succesor Chapters)

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Vandrus_HdT, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Mhorge Mhorge Curator

    I totally agree, which is why I've painted mine Flesh Tearers (even went and shelled out and will continue to shell out for the Flesh Tearer shoulderpads). Yes Gabriel Seth is pants (although still badass, go figure), but imo Flesh Tearers not only have all that cooll ornaments of the normal Blood Angels, but are badder ass dudes to boot imo.
  2. Shas'ui yen'shi Zatoichi Active Member

    you can still have many customization options : helmet, shoulder pad, seals, etc...


  3. Bhasu151 Malthus Menial

    Gabriel Seth is a card carrying badass. A maniac, but a badass.
  4. I hear your call dear brother and I am ready to be sent out into the melee of battle with you by my side. This call I know will ring out to our other brothers in this space and well will have a true division of blood angels once this call is done. We will bring death, We will bring Blood, We will bring honor as we are the ninth legion and will bring pain to those who see terra as a threat.
  5. Sanguinius Archaon59 New Member

    Hello brothers.
  6. Marcvs Sangvinivs Arkhona Vanguard

    Hi Brother.
    Are you ready to kill traitors for Sanguinius and the Emperor?
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  7. Azazel SoulGem Subordinate

    Greetings, my brothers. I have (finally) arrived. *leans against nearest wall* If anyone needs an Apothecary, let me know. I read medical texts for fun. As for conversation in general, don't be surprised if I am spectacularly unhelpful - I tend towards snark, which I'll admit is not often what others are really looking for. Then again, the current conversations here seem directed more towards praising the Emperor, our father Sanguinius, and general yelling, among other things, so I doubt that'll be much of a problem.


    For OOC ('Out Of Character,' for those of you who are bad with acronyms), I am a writer and a roleplayer. Azazel is a newer character of mine, but I think I may write some fanfiction involving him at some point. Might even post bits of it up here, if anyone's interested. However, I am a bit rusty about a few things. I believe someone brought up earlier something to do with how young recruits become full battle brothers in this chapter. I'd be curious to learn how that works, myself. The wikis only provide so much - and you're all likely less rusty than I am about things.

    As a sidenote, unless I put OOC somewhere, assume I'm speaking 'in character' for Azazel. Old habits die hard, and all that.
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  8. cp3inthe4th cp3inthe4th Subordinate

    I hope Sanguinor is one of those heroic classes
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  9. Deaconis Deaconis Steam Early Access

    If I can't be part of the Death Company or catch the Red Thirst, I'm gonna be one sad space vampire guy.

  10. I hope they put in at least skins for Death Company Armour, that would be cool! @BrentEllison :p

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