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Blood Angels, Sons Of Sanguinius! (and Succesor Chapters)

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Vandrus_HdT, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Blood Angels Greetings, from the warp
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  2. Hail, brothers!

    May we find enough Xenos to kill, and Heretics to burn.
  3. Alzenrider Recruit

    *Breaks out of the tower of the lost* WHERE IS HORUS!!! ON ARKHONA!?!?!?!? I WILL GO AND SLAY HIM FOR I AM SANGUINIUS!!! * Steals the nearest thunderhawk and heads to Arkhona with other fellow DCs*
  4. Hail my brothers! I am Virgil Corbec of the Blood Angels! May we bring glory to the Blood angel (and successors) name! By the blood of Sanguinius, kill them all!
  5. Halkryn Halkryn Curator

    Hail battle brothers i am Halkyrn of the Sanguinary guard here to help you cleans the xeno filth and stench of the traitors from this vile system.
  6. Veteran Sergeant Mortanius here brother!
  7. Hepheistos Agamemnon7 Subordinate

    Veteran Brother Uriel here to purge Xenos and Heretics!
  8. Sanguinary Priest Anakletus here and reporting in.May the Emperor and Sanguinius guide our path.By the Angel's blood rushing in our veins,at last vengeance shall be ours!
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  9. Though I'm more of a Blood Raven then a Blood Angel I am more than happy to fight along side my brothers
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