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Blood Angels Russian Clan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Chosen_One, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Volod Chosen_One New Member

    Blood Angels! Our Motherworld is on fire. Our Order has suffered heavy losses. But we have won! With the help of Sanguinius, we have defended Baal. However, our deprivations are not over yet. Our ancient enemy, Demonprince M'kar the Reborn, has risen from warp and attacked the Arkhona. Our brothers from the fifth company, gathered with Ultramarines, Dark Angels and Space Wolves, are fighting with heretics, who summoned this demon, right now. I will lead those of you, who were be chosen to confrontthis new threat to battle! For The Emperor and Sanguinius!

    From the Lord of Death Mephiston’s speech. Baal. ???.M42.
  2. Volod Chosen_One New Member

    In a few days before Mephiston's speech.
    -Greetings, Chapter Master.
    -Mephiston, we lead Blood Angels too long to follow the official protocol, don’t you think?
    -So, my old good friend, we defended the Baal system. With fire and sword, our warriors almost purged our Motherland, slaying last soldiers of Ka’Bandha’s army of demons from planets of the system. Nonetheless,today you are murkier than usual . What disturbs you?
    -Sendini reported. My fears were confirmed. M'kar the Reborn has returned.
    -And you, of course, planning to drive your nemesis back to warp, where he came from.
    -Indeed. I am asking for mobilizing all Order’s forces to confront this new threat. Target is Arkhona.
    -Arkhona? World, suffering from tyranids and orks’ invasion?
    -Indeed. Using the fact, that imperial troops are weakened, IV, VIII, XVI, XVII legions of traitors have attacked the system, where Arkhona is situated.
    -M’Kar has summoned by XVII legion, am I right?
    -Yes, you are, Dante. Kaptain Sendini and his “Demonbanes” gathered with Ultramarines, Dark Angels and Space Wolves and fighting with xenoses and heretics now. Imperial Fists will join them soon. Also Imperial Intelligence spotted the presence of eldar. Their goals are unknown yet. Imperium needs you on Arkhona, Dante.
    -No. I must annihilate all our enemies in Baal system first.
    -We have all Sanguinius’ descendants here. They will slay demons and tyranids, who are still alive.
    -You propose to leave Baal and let our cusins to take care of it? Many of them are greedy for our resources... and secrets.
    -Our blood brothers has fought and died with us, Dante. They deserve a bit of confidence.
    -And “Knights of Blood” too?
    -Yes, Lords of Terra declared brothers of this order as renegades, but “Knights of Blood” are - faithful sons of Sanguinious, not heretics. They helped us in defense of Baal. Unlike their blood, souls of Blood Knights are clean. They are example of whom each son of Angel can turn into, if he will forget about discipline and humility. We two can understand them as no one else can, Dante!
    - Enough! I would not leave Baal! This is my last word! You will lead a couple of companies of Blood Angels to Arkhona. I will join you, where last demon and tyranid in Baal system will be killed.
    - By the Blood Of Sanguinius, I’ll do it, Dante.
    - By the Blood Of Sanguinius. May he will look at you, at the moment of your triumph, my friend.
  3. Battle Brother Reporting Ready To Defend Baal
  4. Volod Chosen_One New Member

    Greetings, brother. From what tribe of Baal you were from before initiation (where are you from :)) ?
  5. From The UAE ,
  6. Volod Chosen_One New Member

    Wow! Welcome abord. There will not be a lot of people for a while. We are communicating in steam group yet.
  7. Sure But Take Note , I Don't Have Steam Sorry
  8. So What's The Agenda, Brother

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