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Blight of the Sun (Dark Souls Inspired RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Dec 16, 2017.

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    With the group deciding to head to the city all they needed to do was follow the road and avoid the beams of sunlight. It would be a lengthy walk but they all seemed to lack casual fatigue and were able to walk with little difficulty towards the gargantiune gates that were Portalis. As they approached they quickly discovered the city was not actually populated strangely enough. The small ruined towns leading up to the gates were deserted, the ramshackled buildings blackened by mold and fungus growing in the dark damp areas shielded by the shadows.

    By the looks of things no one had been living in the parimenter of the city for a very long time. The reasons for it being like this could be determined to mostly just be the march of time, at some point this city and its outskirts flourished but for whatever reason the people left. Now it stands abandoned, a testament to a long passed age. However the small outlying villages would eventually colless into a single large continuous mass of haphazardly constructed buildings and hovels. A poor man’s city constructed along the side of the proper gate city. And it was here where they would hear something coming from the ruins.

    Ancient wood cracking under pressure as something moved along the rooves, perhaps having been alerted to their presence the moment they entered the hovel city. It stayed in the abondant shadows so the group couldn’t get a straight look at it and as quickly as they had noticed it, it was gone. The possibility of a creature hunting them aside it was now up to the group to somehow navigate their way through the labyrinth of shacks and similar poorly constructed buildings in order to reach the gate city itself.
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    Saren felt his sense raise as he heard wood cracking causing him stop for a moment his hand tightening around his mace as he looked back into the darkness. "We are being watched by something." Saren said as he continued on only stopping to pick up some fungus and mold for examination at a later date. keeping his mace out he readied himself in case something wanted a fight.
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    Biline stopped and stood entirely still for a moment. Listening. He moved his hand up to the brass mask a scratched it as one would scratch a small itch on their face. "I hear it also..." The vague appearance of a grey tongue could be seen trying to penetrate through the partially opened lips of his mask. "It will most likely be doing a lot worse than just watching in a moment. Perhaps we should stalk the stalker before it does anymore... stalking."

    He took deep breath in and exhaled quietly, moving the strange black mace he used as a walking stick into both of his hands then giving it a little slap with his hands like he was expecting something to happen, it gave a small faint glow before dying down. He dropped the mace down to one hand again in disappointment and continued using it as his cane.
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  4. Bladewalker frowned a little at the cracking of the wood, looking around the hovels with narrowed eyes. "People used to live in things like these?" he asked himself. He saw the thing out of the corner of his eye, and growled a little. Hands twitched but her kept his weapons stowed for now. "Perhaps we should." he said, nodding at Biline's idea. "I would put myself up as bait, my reflexes would protect me from it's attack I am sure." he said without boast. He simply, somehow, knew his skills were that refined.
  5. @Wata
    Matthias would keep to the firewomans side. Carrying his spear and shield at the ready. The front of the shield now glowing with a soft pale light, small crackles of energy hovering over it as he is ready for anything. He glances at Bladewalker.
    "Go ahead, "nimble one". If you want to be the bait, wouldn't I mind it, but be carefull."
    The words aren't cruel, they are short and calm, showing neither respect, or any direct lack of respect either. He has basicly gone into his "job" attitude.
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    Elusine had been trying to catch a glimpse of whatever it had been that stalked them. She ran a hand through her hair, it came back slightly smoking and scorched. "Better than nothing, let's see how fast you are." She replied to Bladewalker.
    She then turned towards the rest and found Matthias to be close again, she just stared and gripped Clemency a little a tighter.
    "Do you need something?"
  7. Matthias looks at her, she can't see it, but he opens his mouth to answer... before closing it again. He thinks for a moment.
    "No, I don't need anything miss... I just... feel that it is right for me to guard you?"
    He wasn't entirely sure. For some reason did he feel that it was right to guard and protect her just for the simple reason that she is a woman. He can't remember why tho. He just calmly shrugs, and retakes his position.
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    "I can protect myself. Do as you like just don't get in the way."
    Elusine sighed and focused again on what she was doing earlier, keeping watch and waiting Bladewalker to get on with his thing.
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    Tal felt disheartened once he realised that the entire city was empty. Not a single human in sight that could provide answers to any of his questions. "What a dissapointment. I doubt these shacks will answer any questions, and that thing creeping around here probably even less." The lack of emotion made him sound pretty strange, he realised.
    "Who takes rear? I think," he slashed his sword through the air," that I am pretty quick with this one."
    Although I think that this attire isn't really suited to fighting. I guess it's more fit for burials.
    Well probably because I was dead.
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    As the group navigated the pauper city built at the foot of the true city they had to enter a rather large structure as it blocked their path. Bladewalker who had walked forward of the group would find the entrance to said building easily enough. Forcing open the rather fragile door they would find the interior to have previously been a brothel of some sort. Couches and cushy chairs were sat about with a central bar area with two staircases leading to a second floor. Of course the building was completely abandoned and yet the bar was still stocked and the area looked relatively untouched.

    The group could gather the city was either abandoned in an urgent hurry or not in a natural manner as the place was so untouched. As they moved to explore a bit they would hear the occasional creek and groaning of the ancient wooden floor wood with every foot step of theirs. Perhaps occasionally hearing a noise that wasn’t from their own foot prints and not coming from the floor either. The creature that they could feel stalking them earlier was on the roof, they could hear its heavy feet moving.

    The wood groaning at the weight, dust falling down on the group from the ceiling. There was no telling if the creature would simply smash through or the wood or wait for them to exit the building. Or how much time the group had to decide, perhaps it would lose interest and leave them alone. Then again maybe it was just toying with them, wanting to stir them up. These thoughts were immediately dashed when a large black furred claw ripped open the ceiling. A distinct high pitched roar echoed through the building as the monster began clawing its way down towards the group.
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