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Blight of the Sun (Dark Souls Inspired RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Decimus sighed. "What are we up against during the day? We need to know what has changed at what this world has become aswell. Or will we find that in exploring this world?" Looking at the Priest while standing infront of his seat.
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    With nothing else to do the group exited the temple and found the tunnel the priest spoke of easily enough given it was the only tunnel outside of the temple. In fact outside there wasn’t much of anything just a large chamber where the temple has been carved out from the rock. It actually did resemble a true building but only from the front as looking to the side and seeing the carved stone gave way to the natural walls of the chamber. The tunnel itself was crudely dug out and just big enough for them to go into single file.

    The resulting trudge through a dark small tunnel was anything but pleasant as they were forced to keep their heads down as they walked. The eventual end of the tunnel was difficult to make out in the dark but once they found their walk to take a slight incline upwards. The group coming out to be greeted by no sun or sky, just another ceiling of rock. Granted the ceiling was much higher than before, possibly being miles above their heads. Possibly as none of them could make out anything around them due to how dark it was.

    However this soon changed as they looked forward and saw that the dark horizon had holes of light in it. Beams of sunlight coming through several holes but these were not gentle beams, the ground that they touched sizzled and anything unfortunate enough to be under them as they silently stretched across the cave would be burnt to a crisp. This new light however dangerous still lit up the area though, showing that the group was indeed still underground for the most part but that is likely not what they were looking at.

    Before them was Portalis, The Gate City which they were quickly realizing was named in quite a literal manner. A massive gate extending to at least a mile to the roof of the cave and just as far to each of its sides. From this distance they could barely make out the outlines of buildings carved directly onto the gargantuan stone doors. The words of the Priest echoed through their minds “The Gate City is closed, you must open it and enter the surface world.”

    After they were done gawking they would notice a stone road nearby that was going in the direction of the city. It was an obvious path of course but it also extended in another direction as well, into another cave which lead in an unknown direction.
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  3. Bladerunner looked up at the giant gate which was also a city - something odd, but perhaps a necessity in this day and age. How long had it been since he was 'alive' then, if what the priest said was true? All he could feel was the familiar weight of all his blades - why was it so familiar? Did it have to do with his name? And he knew that something important was waiting for him somewhere out there. Or was it somewhere under the ground? Either way, something important was there for him, and he would find it. Hesitantly, he began walking towards the gate city. He had no other direction, and no knowledge of this place. As such, why go against what he was told? Though, knowing he wasn't alone, he looked back and waited to see if he would be joined.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Saren stood watching looking at both the choices before him, A portiallis and follow the strange preists that had brought him back, or to forge his own, a part of him did not trust the priests and a part of him wondered what there own game was, or stake in this. He would look on wondering what the others to do, as his own memory of the world seemed hazy, incomplete and he did not no the dangers. Deciding to wait and watch to see what the other would do before making his own decision.
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    After the priest had, despite his questions, simply left Tal behind without answers. In the few moments that he saw the priests back slowly disappear, something of a cold fury raged in his heart, demanding to this vital information by force if necessary. Only when the infuriating priest was no longer in his sight Tal realised that he had his sword unsheathed this whole time, trembling in his hand. He stood and watched, thought about what to do. Only to be suprised by the voice of an old man coming from the romm they just left.
    I was the last one wasn't I?
    As this figure moved through the group with a speed Tal wouldn't have expected from a hunchback, he felt......repulsed. As if his very nature was rejecting the existance of this deformed creature.
    Tal shook his head.
    Answers are not going to appear without me searching it seems.
    He sheathed his sword, only to look at the mask in his hands undecidedly. Should he put it on?
    It seemed like the rest kept it, so he woulöd do so as well. At least until he knew more. They knew more.
    In a flowing motion, Tal followed what would for now be his......companions.

    And now there they were, at a crossroads. For Tal, the decision had already fallen once he layed eyes upon the Porta. The city.
    Portalis. So that's what it means.
    One man moved forward. Clad in leather and sharp steel. But he stopped, looking back to the people behind him. Uncertain.
    The others were still standing, looking at this magnificent building. In awe, it seemed.
    Why wasn't he? Was it not impressive? Had he not never see anything alike?
    Or did I....

    After a bit of thought, he spoke to his companions, all of them, for the first time:
    "When searching for knowledge about the world, one should ask it's inhabitants, no?"
    He pointed towards the giant Portal-City.
    "And I imagine somewhere in there is at least one that can bring some light into this."
  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Elusine had been eyeing one of the rays of light sizzling the ground, her fiery hair illuminating the slight darkness still around her in this space.
    After Tal had spoken she looked at the others and at the roadways. Without saying much else she had made her mind even before suggestions had been voiced. Elusine stomped toward the road to the populated city, she'd smack the answers out of someone sooner or later and there was no stopping her.
  7. Matthias looked up at the impressive gates, the city made of a stone gate. He chuckled a bit, wondering how it feelt if someone let said gate stand open, would that count as the homes being open? He shrugged a bit before he calmly began walking towards this city. He agreed with this strange man, if they wanted any answers about anything, and wasn't given such by the priest, would they have to ask for themselves. He carried his shield produly and his spear in his other hand, they feelt comfortable, as if they were meant for his hands... his polished sshining armor, and his helmet, even tho weighing a bit, felt natural, as if they belonged with him. He could almost purr in it as he moved towards the city, hoping for answers.

    He did however keep close to the fireheaded woman... He didn't know why, but he instinctivly felt that he was meant to protect her, maybe because she was a woman?

  8. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    The old man gave out a spluttering cough as his black eyes saw the Gate City "Na, This doesn't look like the Gate city, we better turn back." He said sarcastically before turning to everyone individually to see if anyone noticed his comment, He let out a few weak laughs from his dry mouth and turned his head forward giving out out a defeated grunt. Seeing the woman with the fiery personality stamp off in the direction of the city he walked in-front of the the group and turned around "Well hurry along then you lot, we have a gate to open."

    He gave a short but discernible stare at Tal as he did notice the looks he was giving him on the way here. He then turned back around giving another cough mid spin and began to trek his way towards the city just behind the two that had already began to move.
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    Rogdan kept quiet, his mind busy contemplating everything about his very existance, trying to explain everything, as the priest's answers were bad at best. He was content with following the others for now, not really feeling the urge to do anything special at the moment.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Deciding to follow the other Saren decided to slowly trek behind the others, Strength in numbers as they say Ay?
    putting his mace on his shoulder he would keep a eye out for movement or look for any dangers that may approach them deciding to keep a eye out for there survival.

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