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Blight of the Sun (Dark Souls Inspired RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    Darkness. That was all He could see. A great emptyness, devoid of light. Light?
    He knew what light was. But why? No memories, just void, as if there never was anything in the first place.
    Something strange was happening. While he was pondering, pressure was building up inside of him, growing, becoming unbearable.
    Then, the strange silence and stillness was broken. Things became chaotic, He took a deep breath, he had to breathe, things started to move how he had never experienced them before, but it still felt....familiar somehow.
    Suddenly, there was light, blinding light, and details, impressions, more things that weren't a part of him drilled themselves into his mind's world.
    And then, sounds. Another new kind of impression, but this one conveyed another, different kind of meaning. By instinct, his body moved in such complexity that he could only be stunned, as he stood up on the slab, his eyes darting and held something in his hand in a strange way. Sword.
    How do I know all these things?!

    Questions were piling up in his mind, high as the sky, and not a single answer.
    His breaths were still frantic and deep, until he realized that he could reduce his breathing by a lot without risking death. And with his breath, his mind too started to calm down.
    There are no answers inside, so they must be outside then.
    There were others in the room, doing things, speaking, asking. He had no answers for them, so He watched. It didn't look like they knew him, and nobody was approaching him, so he carefully turned his attention back to himself.
    In his hand, he held this thing, a sword. It was white, and he felt a strange sense of deja-vu looking at it. He knew it. His hand itself was covered in strange white lines, lines that dissappeared under.....some kind of robe? As he continued, he felt something was obstructing his sight, clinging to his face and burrowing into his neck while looking down at his upper body. With his left hand he confirmed; there was a mask on his face. He didn't dare remove it yet.
    The last thing he found was a strange accessoire under his robe, directly above his heart. With every heartbeat, it would send a strange power through him. Having it not touch his skin made him uncomfortable, so he quickly put it back.
    Others around him also had masks, or helmets, but many had taken them off for some time, looking at them as if reading. When he did the same, carefully, he found a strange poem, and a name. Tal.
    Tal. Tal. My name?
    The poem did nothing but confuse him.
    Narrowing his eyes, he looked at the others that were still here.
    "Why don't you go ahead?"
    He, Tal, would not allow himself to be careless. He would be the last to leave this strange room.
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  2. @Wincent @Vulpas @BadDo9 @Wata @BlackNecron @Valonox @CupcaknHell
    The room they were in was a simple one, solid stone walls carved from the rock around them with a single smooth slab being where they were laying. There was little to no decoration besides a cup full of glowing crystals that produced the light in the room. A few minutes would pass before the the solid stone wall began to open revealing it was actually a door where a robbed figure would walk in. It was custom to give the new Shadow Runners time to wake so they had elected to be outside during the initial wake up.

    But now they had enough time, and the Priests did not wish for them to be inside the chamber for long. They had experienced confused and violent new Day Runners tear each other apart in the past too many times. The priest wore blue robes embroidered with silver threads which made the phases of the moon in rings around his form.”Welcome back to the land of the living persons from days past. I'm sure you have many questions and they will be answered in due time. Just know this, the past is done and over with dwelling on it will lead to nowhere. Now follow me you must be instructed in your task.”

    The priest turned around expecting the Day Runners to follow him as he exited the room. He lead them into the more proper part of what they would quickly realize is a temple by the tapestries on the wall and the room they would eventually end up in. Lines of stone pews all facing an alter with a large banner with a symbol that represented the moon hanging behind it. “Please sit and I shall tell you what you are.” The hooded priest explained as he stepped onto the altar.

    Once everyone was seated or at least looking in his direction he began. “You all have been resurrected from death, your corpses were found in a nearby area and were brought here to perform an ancient ritual upon you so you could fulfill a purpose. Portalis, the Gate City is closed you must open it and enter the surface of the world. There is a tunnel to the right of the Temple that will bring you to the city.” He then stepped down from the altar and began walking to somewhere else in the temple. “And one more thing, your masks that contain your name and a poem, do be careful with them. They are what is keeping you in the land of the living.” With that the priest disappeared into the other parts of the temple and the Day Runners were left with only themselves and a purpose to fulfill.
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  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Before Elusine could ask for further information that priest was gone.
    "We are supposed to just put up with this? They just throw purpose at our face and will not even bother to tell us nothing else but cryptic names! How aggravating!"
    Her hair flamed up a bit brighter at the end of her sentence. She was tempted to rush after the priest and shake the answers out, violently.
    Elusine slashed at a tapestry, Clemency's edge cut it in half and set the rest on fire as her magic briefly coursed through the blade. After an angry grunt of scorn she stormed out, heading toward the city to get it over with.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    What? back from the dead? with what magics raised the dead? Saren said looking to this skin wondering if that caused them to look like this as well as the others seeming quirks like the flaming womens hair. as he saw the women again flame in temper and fire he had to wonder what purpose it served these priests? Grabbing his things he decided to leave with the women deciding to get this task over with and to see what the world was looking like, maybe if he was lucky there would be a drink involved.
  5. BlackNecron BlackNecron Arkhona Vanguard

    The white-eyed sleeper had thought that this priest might bring the answers he himself could not see. It seemed that Tal had been wrong.
    As the priest turned to leave, Tal was flabbergasted. That was all they told him? Only for a moment, when the priest turned back as if he had forgoten something, a glimmer of hope ignited in him. But it was only for a moment, the words coming from under that wretched hood barely exlaining the mask Tal now held in his hand.
    Now that the hooded priest seemed to be entirely done with their puny existance, as if to mock the thousand questions burning on Tal's tongue. Somehow, with the priest turning to leave, Tal pulled his poor mind together in order to stand up and utter his questions, that so violently demanded an answer.

    "Wait! An ancient ritual? A purpose? What is this Portalis that you speak of, and that gate city, and why must it be opened? Why do we need to go to the surface?! Tell me!"

    Tal hadn't noticed it earlier, but now that he raised his voice, he was estranged by its sound. It was almost not human. It was clear, almost serene, but withot a shred of human empathy, like a cold knife, and behind it was a frighening force. Strangely enough, he wasn't frightened in the least.

    More questions, he sighed internally.
  6. Matthias mumbles, as he had stood and listened to the priest. He wasn't a fan of this. I mean, sure it was a simple case of listening to orders, but was there something else going on here? He sighed behind his helmet and shrugged. He watches the burning woman slash at the tapestry, and he hurries after her, placing a hand on her shoulder, gently but still a bit firm
    "Calm down miss... While I understand that this is confusing and aggrovating for you, do we have to keep calm. We are apparently in this together so perhaps we should do our best to communicate and do this task?"
    His voice was smooth and kind. Clearly showing a fair bit of empathy.
  7. Bladewalker hadn't sat down, instead he stood, leaned against a wall as he watched the priest, tapping fingers on his crossed arms. Unlike the rest of them it seemed, he felt.. right somehow. Content. Like this was his purpose, something that he was meant to be doing. That didn't make it any less confusing though, so once the priest left and the tapestry was set ablaze, he spoke up with a soft voice that somehow commanded attention. "My name is Bladewalker." he said simply. "If we are all to work together.. and trust one another.. I offer up my name as a token. I am willing to trust you all.. if you all will trust me. It seems we have a purpose, and perhaps by chasing this purpose we will find out more information."
  8. Porter SpaceHulk Arkhona Vanguard

    Coming from the room everyone else had just left was a relatively short person, the face concealed by a brass mask with with the likeness of a human face with a monotonous expression. He let out a couple of wheezy coughs just quite enough so no one could hear it and walked down the the side of the pews, but soon noticed something on the ground in between two of the pews, he slowly and with minor difficulty went on his hands and knees and crawled to towards it to grab it. He could hear the priests speech as he was crawling towards the object and was listening the entire time. but when he got close enough to it he saw it was just a shiny pebble glinting in the torch light.

    The ragged ragged and feeble looking figure poked his head up from the stone pews and upon seeing the group he face went it to a slight smile although concealed and the rest of his body came up as well and walked over to them using a strange looking metal instrument as a feign walking stick. He moved rather quickly but quietly to the back of the group clearly trying not to be noticed. “WELL i can’t believe it, trying to make an old man like myself go on some sort of dangerous trip to open a door, the cheek of it I tell you... hehe.” He spoke with an obvious sarcastic tone and the first word of his sentence was loud and sudden, clearly trying to provoke a scare amongst the party while he also spoke as if they already knew him.

    "Welp... let's go, come along then, l'm following the angry one. Our purpose is to close a door and so i will close this door." His words were fast leaving some people not enough time to understand what he had just said as he moved through the middle of the group poking some people with his walking stick.
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  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Elusine removed Matthias' hand off her shoulder. "I will be as calm or angry as I see fit, shieldbearer." She looked at everyone else, gaze settling on this Bladewalker fellow and the new arrival. It wasn't an overly friendly look she had on her, for anyone.
    "Fine, then get off your asses, I'm going." She stared daggers at the priest's direction that had, to her eyes, neglected his duties royally on instructing resurrected warriors. She inched toward the way to the city but paused for a moment.
    "I am Elusine, that is all I know."
    With that, she left. She felt like she had something very important to do but couldn't remember it, like something had gone very wrong. It troubled her but most of all it made her fires of wrath ever more fierce.
  10. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Rogdan hadn’t much to say about the situation, and due to a parched throat refrained from saying what little he did. He was content with just following the others, intrigued by what the priest had said, rather than angered, like Elusine.

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