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Blight of the Sun (Dark Souls Inspired RP)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. The surface is ash, long ago the sun burnt it in a great calamity that is only known as The Blight which forced humanity into the underground. There they discovered an ancient race that had remained hidden since the beginning of time. Demons, violent and ferocious creatures born of the fire and magma of the earth. Inside them burned a flame that was brightest upon their birth but slowly decayed with age until it finally burns out and turns cold. The Elder Demons as they are called are much more calm and intelligent than their newborn brethren. Normally it is through them that humanity has an positive interactions with the demon race. But even the Eldest of all Demons is not aware of why the sun has become a blight on this world.

    Those in humanity who dug and explored deeper into the earth far beyond reason found something else that may have the answer. Something far worse than any coven of demons, The Abyss beneath the world consumes all that is thrown into it and spits it back out changed and corrupted. Some humans in all their foolishness decided to worship it despite the warning of Elder Demons. Dark magics were born of this worship as it warped the minds and bodies of those who lived near the edge and mutated and disturbed those who found themselves falling in.

    But not all Humans found this fate, others chose to stay away from the Abyss in their own communities closer to the surface. Many of them understandably caste aside old faiths that revered the sun and instead chose its much more tame brother. The Moon, since the blight began nights have been restricted to only two hours where the moon can be seen clearly. These short nights allowed the people to go up to the surface if only for a moment to plunder the long abandoned city that took up the majority of the surface world. Its name is long forgotten to time but some say the ancient royal family, kept immortal by some divine right is still within the sealed doors of the palace. Most simply dismiss this as rumors created by the sun baked minds of those who stayed out too long.

    Sunlight is known to do more than just kill those caught in its rays, dried up corpses are reported to start moving again after a time. These ‘Husks’ as they have been dubbed are no different than tales of the undead or zombies. Mindless creatures carrying ancient weapons who attack any normal person that comes near. Naturally this dissuaded most from attempting to go out even at night as the risk of becoming a husk is far too high. Except for a special group of people known as Day Runners.

    Day Runners are those from the past who have been brought back to life through the use of ancient rituals only known to Priests of the Moon. These people are reborn to their physical prime but with no memory of their past lives. The only clues they receive are that which are carved onto the masks that bind them to the world of the living once more. Their name and a poem carved into the back which almost seems to tease them with information many of them desire. These masks as they act as anchors are the key to why they are able to leave the underground. As these masks keep them alive they also transport the Day Runner back to the temple they were reanimated at upon their ‘death’. The Day Runner waking up on an alter naked except for their mask.

    This affords the Day Runners something mortals do not, the ability to try again after making a mistake on the surface. As such many Day Runners are very agile and skilled in acrobatics as they need to duck and dodge their way through the ruins of the surface world. But this is not true for all Day Runners, given most were simply ancient corpses found to be reanimated one cannot always count on reanimating someone who has the right skills. Nonetheless having an immortal baker in your town can still have its benefits even if most do not immediately admit it.

    We now join in the birth of eight new Day Runners, all of them laying on an alter all dressed in whatever was on their various graves and or coffins. Their bodies and equipment restored to their prime by the ritual. The Moon Priests, with their rituals completed left the room to allow the Day Runners to awaken on their own.
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  2. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Rogdan's eyes flicked open, and he felt as if he had slept for eons. He felt the presence of others, and sat up to glance at them, still asleep on their altars, a couple men in plate, two in robes, another in leather and a woman, her hair looking like embers. He decided to ignore them, and felt that his face was covered by something. He removed the bone mask he had from his face, and noticed that there were things written on the inside. It was a poem about some hunter deep underground, betrayed by his kin. But when he removed the mask, he felt an urge to put it back on, as if the mask itself was pulling towards his face. He complied with the urge, and looked at his clothing. It was a suit of armour, made of leather and bones, with linen in the joints. Though he did not recognize the attire, it felt strangely comforting, like the only thing that made sense. Around him he saw a large chamber, unlike anything he'd ever seen before. Beside his altar laid a bow and a spear, with teeth and claws hanging from them by leather straps, and celctic knots ingraved into the wood. These weapons also comforted him, and he could feel they were meant for him. He picked up the weapons, and started walking towards the large chamber door, looking to explore this strange place he woke up in.
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    When she woke up she felt a burning overwhelming anger. She slammed her fists into the slab stone she laid on and darted up. She was furious, yet she couldn't tell why. Elusine tried hard to remember, hands bunching into fists in anger that she couldn't. She got off the altar and kicked a pot aside, shattering it, growling in anger.
    She paced back and forth, staring at the ground before her anger faded enough.

    Now she realized something was on her face, she carefully touched and felt the mask, removing it. Her beautiful face was still contorted in anger as she read the text inside. She repeated her name to herself in her mind and put the mask back on.

    Elusine looked at her attire and the sword beside her altar. She knew the name of that weapon yet gripping it's hilt didn't bring any further clue to her past life. Then she felt her hair was somewhat floating, it was apparently on fire but it felt natural. She accepted it quickly as a fact and ignored it.

    Clemency in hand, Elusine looked about and saw others. One was already leaving the altar room. She did likewise, wishing to find out more as to what in blazes was this all about.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Saren sucked in air as they awoke breathing heavily harshly like they were running, Huffing and puffing it turned its head a women with hair that itself was cathching flame another man walking out of the room and two other bodies around him. "What the hell, what in blazes is going on!?!" it said a hand going to its face as it felt the mask on its face, Taking it off caused odd sensation through him looking down he saw a odd poem, that barley made any sense to him. Setting it on him he suddenly saw the weapons that were on his belt.

    @Wata "Your hair Madam Its on fire!" Saran said concern filled his voice as he walked over, Sarens own face was pale its own white eyes showed no emotion but with its face concern was painted around it. "How are you not feeling the flames? are you quite alright?!" he asked looking to her then the man. @CupcaknHell "Sir do you know whats going?" he asked looking to the other man wondering if he knew what was going on.
  5. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    Rogdan merely stared at the oddities, with the pale being having disturbed the peace. He felt strangely off-put by it, feeling that something about it was unnatural. After staring and thinking he replied, with a gritty voice, a very simple answer. "No" And then he once again turned to the doors aiming to walk out, preferably leaving the others behind.
  6. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Decimus rose and sat the edge of his slab of stone. Looking down at his right hand finding a ring resting in his palm. He looked around to other individuals one individual was covered in flame he was perplexed by the flaming hair but not as off putting as the man who seemed to be mutated and seemed to be on the bad end of horrifying ritual. "Gruesome." He said without even thinking. There clothing far different from his he seemed rather off put then he saw his mask if he could call it that and read the words inscribed on them. "Decimus, huh." He again looked around the room and the people who where amongst them. He slowly slide of his slab onto the cold floor and stretched his body. Doing squats, arm rotations the works. Then he looked over to those that were not on the slabs. Decimus approached them. "So why am I here as well as the rest of them?" His voice was loud, true and clear.
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Elusine kept walking, barely acknowledging the others.
    "Keep your distance, I am fine."
    Elusine held Saren at bay by her sword's length, extending it with one arm.
    "I know nothing of our situation, but someone does." Determination in her voice she headed outside to find that someone.
  8. Matthias sits up from his slab. He murmurs something as he looks around. He wears his pale and blue armor with surprising ease, almost as if it was a second skin. He puts down his feet on the edge, mumbling to himself. He knew nothing... he knew his name but that was it. He looks around at the other people inside the chamber, before standing up, reaching down and taking up the shield and spear lying beside the slab he had been on. He didn't know why... but they felt comfortable in his hands. He then cleared his throat
    "Excuse me, fellow men... and miss."
    His eyes sweeps over the group from behind the helmet
    "Does anyone know why we are here?"
    His voice clear and solid, not a single shred of nervousness or uncertainty in his words.
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Saren kept them self back as they saw the blade extend at them, Saren was about to shout a question when they saw in the reflection of the blade there face. "What the hell!" Saren said as they looked down into the blades mirror like shine and saw them self their hands and skin blackened and odd colors, off all the memories they had in there head Saren knew a humans skin shouldn't look like this. "What happened to me? what have I Become?" they said there voice now filling with concern and a bit of grief, their mind was spinning at this situation, and seeing no way they heard another ask similar question. "No one knows, it seems, though theirs only one way out of this room." Saren said @Wincent
  10. Bladewalker woke suddenly but silently, looking around at the others in the.. wherever they were, dressed in his reinforced leather armor outfitted with all kinds of sheathes, each of his blades in their sheathes and his one most trusted quickly in his hand. He didn't remember anything - not even a name. He knew himself only as Bladewalker now, and it seemed that none of the others had information more than he did. He frowned and shook his head. "Answers won't be found here, will they?" he asked rhetorically. He slid off the slab of stone he awoke on, and started to head off after the flame-haired woman already on her way out ( @Wata )

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