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Bleeding Iron (BI) Khornate Iron Warriors Guild

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Kralgor, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Králgor Kralgor Ordinate

    Greetings brothers!

    The Iron Warriors are known for their brutality in close combat fighting once the walls are breached. Some accounts compared their ferocity to that of the XII Legion (World Eaters) As such it is no supersize that many of their number have taken to worship (voluntary or not) of the Blood God Khorne.

    After many years of fighting the Bleeding Iron war band started to bleed themselves dry. Being seen as fanatics to their brethren it they became all but cut off from the whole of their legion. But this just served to make them stronger. As they continued to fight battle after battle they began to replenish their ranks with any willing to follow orders and spill blood by their side. Now the Bleeding Iron have headed the call of Abaddon, War Master of Chaos, and have brought their full might to Arkhona.

    The Bleeding Iron is an Iron Warriors Fluff guild. This guild is however open to all and all are welcome.
    Unlike some Guilds we accept all players of all skill levels and try our best to help new players learn and get acclimated to the game.
    We are a steadily growing Guild and we have a Discord server (BleedingIron) for voice chat. If you wish to know more about the guild feel free to message me.

    We look forward to spill blood by your side!

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