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Blatant cheating

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Redjacc, Mar 10, 2020.

  1. Redjacc Redjacc Active Member

    I played a game today as CSM against LSM where a player was using a jump assault with a grav pistol. The problem was the grav pistol while sounding as it should was hitting players with a chaos poison DoT of very high strength. The players name is AETR-Gaydar Slayer assuming the devs want to look into this and possible ban them. This sort of thing just spoils the enjoyment as if the low player pop wasnt enough. If not dealt with this could force even more players out.
  2. There are no devs, there is only chaos and anarchy. Behold the wisdom - if you want to defeat cheaters, buy even more cool cheats
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  3. @Redjacc report the issue via a support ticket. The dev are aware and need proof to stop these players.
  4. The game is dead, move on.
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  5. Can it be dead, That which never truly lived?
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