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Blast from the past.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cupcakeunleashed, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Hello all, its been a while.
    In fact I'd say its nearly been a year since I last came on the forums.

    After watching @Valrak 's new vid about some of the changes and upcoming features I decided to jump back in for a while.

    Although my mind is still made up about EC and I doubt it will change, I can definitely see EC having a brighter future.

    Since my last time here I've become a student dev, jumping right in a diploma course which the first year is nearly over.
    I'd have to say that the reason I chose to get into game development, specifically being a designer, comes from my time on this forum.
    Its pretty nostalgic coming back here and looking at some of the posts, and hopefully I'll be sticking around for a while.

    The main reason I have returned is because I heard of the upcoming Steam Workshop, which has been something I personally have been championing since EC's release.

    The great importance of the Workshop is beyond simple skins, it in fact, could raise EC to a higher bar set by other, similar games.
    Without the need to constantly be working on new skins and pretty effects, the devs are now free to work on performance and major content updates.
    This could mean a lot for EC so I'm hoping a lot comes out of it.
    I personally will be looking into Unreal modding and will test it out and see how I go, hopefully I can make a few skins or some minor features that could be thrown in.
    One thing I'm really hoping for is that this isn't simple mods, rather, that it be true fan-made content, like Dota, CS:GO or even team fortress, that use workshop for content purposes.

    So its good to be back and I hope it all goes well.
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