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Black Templars

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Marshal Ashcroft, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    I didn't say it the way I meant to and i didn't care to edit cuz I want this necro'd thread to die just as everyone else rather than continue the off-topic arguments. But by all means lets continue.

    The BT are the only chapter that can have tacticals take chainswords for FREE. BT are SUPPOSED to take chainswords rather than bolters, there is a zero point difference between a crusader squad of 10 bolters vs a crusader squad of 10 chainswords (you can even add 10 neophytes with chainswords, with no cost difference from bolters, if your a true madman/space crusader). There is still an added 2 points (20 points for all 10 hunters) for Grey Hunters to take a CCW (implying that GW doesn't want u to take a whole squad of chainsword Grey Hunters because they have some Blood Claws to do that for you, but u can) while BT have no penalty for running a 10 man Crusader Squad of chainswords (GW does want u to spam chainswords as it is central to the BT theme and battle doctrine, DEUS VULT). The initiate taking a chainsword is pretty central to BT fluff and battle strategy, a "Black Tide" of angry zealous crusaders with Adamantium Will, Crusader, and the Accept any challenge, no matter the odds special rules (rules SM tacticals and assaults usually lack, including SW and IF).

    Yes SW love melee, but BT ARE melee. All of the special rules available to BT only help with melee or survival (including those of our only 2 special characters Grimaldus and Helbrecht) and GW clearly wants BT to be all about melee, not having a BT initiate (the tactical point capturing class) capable of carrying a chainsword is not very fluff friendly as they are SUPPOSED to have chainswords instead of bolters while Grey Hunters can but at an increased cost. BT armies usually have no assault squads as the Crusader Squads are actually the melee specialists while SW armies have plenty of blood claws (they also usually have no devastator squads as Crusader squads can also do that but that's besides the point). My point being, its ok to take away chainswords from Grey Hunters as SW would still have blood claws and chainswords aren't necessary to SW, compared to BT who NEED chainswords on their point-capturing initiates as it is essential to combat doctrine and lore.
  2. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    most likely, unless something has changed. I'd hate to see IF get loads of marksman upgrades and BT stuck with the IF advancements rather than bonuses to melee.

    It's not that I don't want BT, I REALLY REALLY DO. But I don't want to see them as re-skins of IF and with no true BT bonuses/flavor. I want to see them done rightly.
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  3. Mosse1989 Mosse New Member

    I find you tube Black Templar tribute.I put this videon all Black Templar fan.
  4. BTs may be a popular faction, but they're still a successor chapter. None of the marine chapters in game are successor chapters. I can see why they went this route. Every parent chapter has multiple successor chapters and it would be playing favorites to include both the Imperial Fists and Black Templars.
  5. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    There are some BLack Templars around on the planet , but they are all too busy running around its ancient sewer systems looking for heretics and witches to burn,
    To busy to be bothered helping the war on the surface.

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