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Black Templars

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Marshal Ashcroft, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Grimhald Page Subordinate

    At this point is not even anymore about similarities between BT and IF, but about you needing to understand this isn't tabletop, this game has certain limitations; subfactions don't have their own codex, they are all the same, and BT wouldn't be treated that differently only because you wish so. If you're not okay with that you can yell, stomp your feet and refuse to play, but there are people including me that love both IF and BT and would be more than okay having them even without their precious tt rules

    That said I don't think what the game needs now are more subfactions, we're just talking about hypotheses here
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  2. Not to mention that there are multiple TT chapters with their own chapter tactics instead of their progenitor's.
    • Raptors (Raven Guard)
    • Mantis Warriors (White Scars)
    • Executioners (oh hey, another descendent of the Imperial Fists)
    • Angels Revenant (Ultramarines)
    • Fire Hawks (Ultramarines)
    There's a few others that aren't exactly clear, but I'll add them anyway:
    • Space Sharks (supposed Raven Guard)
    • Astral Claws (Ultramarine or Dark Angel)
  3. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    +1What we need now is ways to get the current subfactions to be more unique without "forcing" people to certain class/subfaction combinations.And as always more polish for the game in general.
  4. Reading Imperial Armour 9, they apparently also have 3 successor chapters of their own, one of which being the Tiger Claws. There's an addendum that speaks that: "The source of their gene-seed remains suppressed, and speculation has had its provenance range from basic Ultramarine stock, to that of the Dark Angels, pointing to the supposed un-degraded quality of their gene-seed as well as certain factors of temperament and style of warfare."
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  5. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    >subfactions don't have their own codex.
    hey buddy, the BT did, and currently they have their own chapter rules.
  6. Grimhald Page Subordinate

    I was referring to the game, EC subfactions. They're all the same.
  7. Zeroth Joshicus Curator

    they plan for each subfaction to have unique shit on advancement trees and whatnot. To roll BT with IF then would not be very lore friendly
  8. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

    Do we know if that is still the case though?
  9. In response to your sneaky edit: In the tabletop CCW and chainswords are the same thing, there are no stat differences between a piece of rebar held by a cultist or the chainsword held by a space marine. GW acknowledges this by shipping enough chainswords in the Grey Hunter kit to outfit the entire squad and even shows it in the store. In the rules they can purchase CCWs for 2 points per model.

    Fun fact: In 5th edition you could legally model every guardsman with a chainsword due to this. Not any more since they were removed along with our glorious name...
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  10. Galen Galen Arkhona Vanguard

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