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Black Crusade

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by ChaplainTraejun, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. Good morning, crusaders.

    Some of my brothers and I from Viglia Mortis are fairly big PnP RPGers - Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, etc...

    Anyone here interested interested in some RP as Chaos (both Astartes and heretics of various kinds). If you don't know Black Crusade, feel free to ask some questions in the thread.

    Note: We're REALLY looking for a GM as well as maybe a player or 2.
  2. Why not? I'll take a shot at it. So what is this "Black Crusade" you speak of?
  3. A Warhammer 40,000 roleplaying game, where you take the role of a Heretic or Chaos Space Marine.
  4. It's awesome is what it is.
  5. Warmaster Nate Warmaster_Nate Well-Known Member


    Although I do prefer the other FFG games, your statement is still valid.
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  6. I've recently just purchased the black crusade book a few days ago and I have many questions.

    I've attempted to create my own Chaos Space marine character that have the following stats after rolling 2d10 (I actually used 2d20 and substituted 11=1 20=10 etc. )

    WS 14 +30 total 44 Bonus 4

    BS 7 +30 total 37 Bonus 3

    S 10 +30 total 40 Bonus 4

    T 8 +30 total 38 Bonus 3

    Agil 12 +30 total 42 Bonus 4

    Intel 11 +30 total 41 Bonus 4

    Perception 11 +30 total 41 Bonus 4

    Willpwr 18 +30 total 48 Bonus 4

    Fellow 5 +30 total 35 Bonus 3

    Infamy 2 +19 total 21 Bonus 2

    Wounds 19 (rolled a 1d5 and got 4)

    My archetype is champion of chaos.

    And for the more personal stats I picked:

    Pride = Logic (+5 Intelligence, - 5 Perception)

    Disgrace = Betrayer (+5 Corruption, -10 to charm attempts)

    Motivation = Violence (+5 Corruption, -3 Intelligence)

    From this point everything got a bit crazy for me because I just combed through looking at the basic set-up of the chaos champion (looking up what command was learned about skills and talents) then I got up to spending experience and corruption.

    It noted that when you start off your heretic is unaligned and you couldn’t just throw in your lot with one of the chaos gods right off the bat. So what do I do if I already get 10 corruption, do I get a gift right from the beginning? Or after my heretics first engagement in the mission/story line I’m pulling him through? Am I allied to all the dark gods at the beginning as they "tempt" my heretic to follow their paths?

    I haven’t figured out how to earn experience or tested any kind of scripted combat though I’m assuming its nothing too dissimilar as to the fail to hit tests like on the table top game.

    I’ve also got these skills and abilities


    • Command (Khorne)
    • Scholar Lore (Imperial tactics, Unaligned)
    • Charm (Slaanesh)
    • Intimidate (Nurgle)


    • Iron Discipline (Slaanesh)
    • Air of Authority (Slaanesh)
    • Sure Strike (Slaanesh)

    Purchased Skills & Talents

    • Athletics (Khorne)
    • Street Fighting (Khorne)
      (100 experience remaining if I got it right)
      And if I get a boon via corruption right off the bat Warp-Eater.

      Wouldn’t mind some pointers. Can scramble my head very easily.
  7. Noctifer Noctifer Well-Known Member

    Up for it but not for GMing, power to the GMs and they may have much pizza as a reward for their hard work! If you get it going and want a new player just poke at me by message :)
  8. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    My Xurunt Frost Father is basically a Chaos Marauder with his Hand of Khorne and Chainaxe daemon weapon.
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  10. Stompy New Member

    I have been GMing a Dark Heresy campaign for a little while with some friends. It's been a lot of fun. How do you guys do these RP's online though?

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