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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MiguelCaron, Feb 27, 2014.


Do you currently own BITCOINS

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. Ryan Keokuk Active Member

    Unfortunately I think bitcoins are just a bit too early conceptually to be a safe bet.

    Hopefully down the line the concept gets iterated on and we find a decent crypto currency that normal consumers can engage in safely.
  2. Thrishmal Thrishmal Prefectus

    I currently have around 2 Bitcoins and would be interested in a gaming company that took them as a form of payment. Subscription and digital goods games are ideal grounds for Bitcoin use, as the merchant has nothing to fear from their use outside of losing potential value, but few companies actually hold onto the coins and instead instantly transfer it to FIAT.
  3. Shuu Shuu Subordinate

    I currently mine Monday - Friday from 9pm EST until 9am EST as this is the easiest difficulty for Doge Coins (ALT Coin currency) that I mine. I would DEFINITELY be interested in using my Doge on EC. :)
  4. Sharkey Sharkey Subordinate

    I used to like CosbyCoins until I found out he was a pervert. Cryptocurrency is a hilarious joke.
  5. coffee999 New Member

    I own a variety of different crypto currencies and there are several payment solutions available. I say go for it.
  6. Kithrixx Kithrixx Subordinate

    Bitcoins are way too volatile of a currency to consider using in any official capacity by any rational individual.

    Case in point.

    Even if it wasn't shady as hell, there's absolutely no guarantee that you would be able to cash out for the same amount that they were worth when you received them, making them an accounting nightmare at best. People claim that bitcoins make online money transactions easier, but so does a credit card, and the national currencies don't violently fluctuate in value. You would literally have better luck accepting Canadian Tire Dollars.
  7. Tradias Member

    I've got a bunch of Dogecoin.
  8. Thrishmal Thrishmal Prefectus

    They could set themselves up with Bitpay, which would instantly transfer the Bitcoin into Fiat, preventing any potential loss of value.

  9. Kithrixx Kithrixx Subordinate

    That doesn't address the issue that something that may be worth 1 Bitcoin today will not be worth 1 Bitcoin tomorrow. If you're going to sell something worth a set value in comparison to other currencies, why not just use those currencies? If you insist on using a volatile currency to complicate matters, why not use something that has actual worth tied to it, like stocks? Bitcoin trading is almost exactly like stock trading, just replace "company share" with "internet fun money".
  10. Thrishmal Thrishmal Prefectus

    It would be done to promote Bitcoin infrastructure and to open the market to extra potential. Another benefit of using Bitcoin transactions is that they are less expensive to process for the company, which means they make more per Bitcoin sale than they do a sale with credit card.

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