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Bile's Consortium

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    It was good to travel at night again, maybe he'd have been better off slaughtering the Mutants, it'd have been easier no doubt, A Space Marine kill team was a much bigger threat than some mutants who'd be easy to make flee if he wished them to.

    The defences being offline was a very, very strange thing, of all Khadiaz had heard of the elusive Fabius, he valued him privacy and to leave these defences open was out of character for what he'd heard of the man. Double agent or agents? A trap? Perhaps power outages? There were many variables to what could have happened.

    All Khadiaz knew was that these marines were here for a purpose, and being able to find out what they're after or even taking their heads would make a fine prize for Fabius, one should always bring a gift to another man's house after all, what better gift than the heads of one's enemies?

    Seeing where he was, his navigation systems made out this trip to be much longer.

    *I hate the Warp...* Khadiaz thought to himself looking at where the Killteam had gone.

    There was always a silver lining to a more powerful foe it seemed, as it appeared to give Khadiaz a perfect way to follow them which if they were just normal Astartes, he'd have been stuck below.

    Placing his hands and feet, taking to climbing as fast as he could, hearing the death of the guards, he knew he had to advance upon them to keep a track of them.

    To find what are possibly the only Space Marines in the entire Warp right next to him, going to the same place he was going, this was either a good omen or a bad. It was amusing how often the two are confused. Hopefully, Khadiaz's, instincts hadn't led him to his death.
  2. Having given control of his body to the daemon Azazel found his consciousness pushed into the spot the creature had previously been inhabiting. “Good you arrived just in time, though I’m quite sure my demise would have pleased you I believe we have quite the advantage over the other people seeking the apothecary. Send the bulk of their forces towards the larger gathering of those who seek Bile, tell their fastest runners to follow us as we go to meet with their ‘god’. Having some sort of guard could be useful after all.” Azazel spoke in a tone that said he expected the creature to listen but he knew quite well that they were of very different minds. The path of least resistance is simply hoping that it will see his reasom before its own.
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    Flashback: The Plagued Trader & The Raven Hunter
    @Vulpas | @Wata

    The trio took all their chances and various opportunities and strengths to locate the woman that was burned into the former librarian's mind from the spectral venture he had earlier. They were excellent at hiding, but not good enough.

    Eventually the three of them confronted the sorceress, alpha legionnaire secret agent and charmed bodyguards. A furious fire fight occurred almost immediately. Despite the defenders having ambushed the trio, they were severely outgunned. Although the librarian could not harness his powers of risk being more than occupied with the daemon inside the sorceress' weapon they came to quite an intense melee combat. Even with his superhuman abilities, she was a match.

    Only by the independence of the Alpha Legionairess and a shot into the sky, the bloody fight stopped. She decided to go with the Raven Guard, Plague Marine and the others. And the Slaaneshi Sorceress allowed it to occur for the time being - with approval of her undead master.

    And so the group, now of four, went on with their travels to Bile's Citadel through the night. While the camp finished up some scattered fights that the others inspired before resting through the remainder of the night.

    Flashback: Possessed Bitter Smith

    The struggle between the two would become relatively tense once again as the Daemon was not as productive as the Iron Warrior would have wanted. Nonetheless, eventually the new army was moved into motion. Including the plan to recruit some off the other group. Whether or not they would be successful was to be seen. And the other issue was to massive such a big group of mortals, even if enhanced through mutations, that they needed rest and moved slower than any of them.

    Beasts roused by the sounds picked a mutant here and there before being slaughtered and turned into food, while the skin was kept to make leather, teeth were turned into tools or trophies, while the claws were transformed into weapons. No little bit of material was wasted as even the intestines would be cleaned out and then as natural storage for other bits of meat and ended up being made into sausages.

    Maybe there was all the explanation needed of why the Chief Apothecary allowed these mutants to exist - they did not waste. They had a certain shared sense of appreciation to make the best of what the world gave one. It was a lesson that might do Azazel good to remember in the challenges to come.

    Flashback: The Mourning Son

    Khadiaz was on a constant edge of getting spotted and potentially eliminated right there on the spot if the kill-team would notice him. But the hunter had yet to become prey. Following them deep into the complex, he would become part of something genuinely terrifying as well as amazing.

    The Kill-Team confronted no other than the Chief Apothecary himself who sighed in annoyance more than anything else. There the group stood opposing Fabius Bile in a withered body, appearing older than a human was meant to be and fragile. Wheezing and coughing as the oversized Space Wolf wannabe pointed at the Heresy veteran, calling him out. Khadiaz watching from the perch.

    "Fabius Bile. Chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children and heretic of the long war. You are hereby -" Fabius thumped his skull-scepter on the ground in annoyance.

    "Spare me your desired judgment upon me! Can't you see that life has taken plenty of toll on me, lapdog?!" He spat on the ground before the Space Wolf who snarled just like the insulted puppy one would take him for.

    "Your head and knowledge belongs to the New Imperium! By the orders of Archmagos -" Again the Space Wolf was interrupted with a thump of Bile's scepter, this time red energy coursing through the eyes of the skull and the ground.

    "I'm quite satisfied with my current occupation and circumstances. But thank you for the offer." Bile growled, mustering all the strength he could before a massive boulder of rockcrete would smash down upon the Space Wolf. He barely made it out of range before it came down. The boulder once was part of the ceiling and once the dust settled, a Raptor would stand there with Thunderhammer, before flying straightforward and smashing into the Space Wolf pretender.

    A furious melee assault started while Bile watched with interest, Khadiaz could tell and their eyes met. "Are you going to join, child of Kurze? Or are you only here to watch?" Fabius inquired bitterly. The other Kill-Team members looked in the same direction to open fire, only for assassins to come forth from the shadows as if they had been part with it, assaulting them in numbers over prowess. Nonetheless, their superior speed would only help them so much.

    Especially once Khadiaz saw the perfect opportunity to strike when the Raptor was about to lose his head. The oversized Space Wolf was brutally effective, more so than anything the Night Lord ever faced before. If it was not for his many centuries of combat experience, he could have died in the very opening moments of this duel. Or maybe it was the fact that the half-dead raptor on the ground wore him some out. Nonetheless, the child of Kurze managed to fake a missed shot above his adversary and bring a vat-capsule crashing down. In the very moment the Space Wolf leaped to the side in the same way that Khadiaz observed before when he evaded the ceiling-boulder is when the predator came in for the kill.

    Still mid-air and occurring in the fraction of a second, the Night Lords chainsword found home diagonally in the abdomen, causing a pair of legs and the torso to land separately on the ground. Not desiring to give the heretic any prove of his victory, he reached for a grenade that landed next to him. "Even in death. I serve." He chuckled, triggering the plasma grenade.

    It detonated and consumed his whole body and the only reason Khadiaz survived was that one of the shadow-like assassins pressed an adamantium plated shield down on the grenade. It consumed the creature and shield alike with the mutated Space Wolf. It was not a sacrifice for the Night Lord, but to preserve the laboratorium. In fact, the aged chief apothecary made his opinion as clear as the night sky above them from the oversized hole in the ceiling.

    "Not only is my laboratory damaged! But also I lost some of my newest batch of Proto-" Wheezing and coughing interrupted his rant, but he moved closer to the wounded Raptor near Khadiaz. "And the lapdogs of Guilliman and his dead father!" Another series of slightly milder coughs stopped him. "Compromised Urum at last. Night Lord!" He called Khadiaz out, grimacing.

    "Make yourself useful. Gather everyone outside in the auditorium." Fabius ordered him directly before putting a combination of keystrokes on a wrist-mounted device that he wore. Khadiaz would see a countdown activate on it.

    ~~ Now - Palace Open Auditorium; Former Gladiator Hall ~~
    @Vulpas | @Wata | @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @dx144

    Khadiaz would do as instructed and gathered Consortium members and travelers alike, aided by mortal augmented soldiers and some of the Consortium members who apparently wanted to make sure that the Night Lord was not going to pull any sort of stunt that their chapter was known for. There were not many that had been at the citadel at the time. And each had to state name and origin before being allowed in. They were as followed:

    Augmentus, Adeptus Mechanicus Enginseer of Forge World Anvillus
    Icannus, Raven Guard Sorcerer
    Lurielle, Tau Empire Human Auxiliary
    Azazel, Iron Warriors Warpsmith
    Yriel, Mortal Sorceress of Slaanesh
    Beatrix Iulia Bishop alias Morta Decima, Void-born Saboteur
    Jocelyn Devaloy, Rogue Trader of House Devaloy
    Thalia, Lost and Damned Ship Captain
    Malthor, Plague Marine of The Tainted Warband - which was more formality than anything else.
    Zachariah, Altar boy to the Word Bearers - Human Auxiliary
    REX404, Skitarii Heretek Ranger

    Anyone else either died on the way, was still on their way or was otherwise sent away, such as the mutant army of Azazel which could not get compelled to enter the holy domain of the father of all mutants and even then, the Iron Warrior could have guessed that the majority of his new earned army would be regarded as insufficient in skill. And without a doubt, Azazel would recognize Khadiaz among the Consortium members in an instant and vice versa as they were led into the former gladiator hall of the palace.

    On the actual stage were Khadiaz and the other newcomers, eventually Fabius Bile arriving and making his way atop, too. The ranks before them had a good four dozen people. If it was just the inner circle of the consortium or just every true non-servant was a matter of time in the future to learn.

    "Usually we would commence trials. But the Deathwatch has found us. Urum is compromised and we are undergoing evacuation." The thumped his skull-scepter on the following rambling and unrest. "We create a new future. Not wage war. If it is war you seek." Fabius was interrupted by a series of coughs. "Then go back to your spiteful legion and serve Abaddon in his black crusade." One could feel the poison the Chief Apothecary had towards the self-declared warmaster. Probably any of the long veterans would have heard of a series of unfortunate events that led to the hatred against the Emperor's Child. In a sense the entire galaxy wanted his head and by extension, the Consortium.

    "I will take half of you new comers and a third of the present consortium members on-board the Dying Light. Prallox will take everyone left and the Vesalius. We will rendezvous at Laboratorium Delta Tetra." Fabius announced, pointing at the individuals of making his choice. Which were Khadiaz, Icannus, Azazel, Jocelyn, Zachariah and Lurielle. Malthor already was a member of the Consortium technically and was

    The consortium seemed to agree even if disdained and got moving. All over the palace vibration could be felt from heavy machinery as entire laboratory hubs would be taken out and loaded into cargo ships. Once the group dispersed except for the newcomers, Prallox had taken the others away and left Fabius with his share of newcomers around him.

    "Listen. You came to learn from me." He snarled, clearly not trusting any of them, for good reason. "I only expect you to listen to me. Follow my orders. And don't betray me. I will not hesitate to remove you like a cancerous tumor if I have to. And never waste resources. Now. Let us go. If you have any kin you wish to bring with you away from Urum, I suggest you to hurry. Get yourself and your things to the hangar. I wish to depart before the Ordo Xenos obliterates us. I know you have questions. That is why you sought me out. There will be..." He mused, choosing his next word carefully. "...Time on the Dying Light." And so the Chief Apothecary left towards his laboratories with a loud chuckle, followed by wheezing and coughing.

    OOC: Get to know one another, maybe get your Mutant army, etc. and get your butt into the hangar.
    Here is a list of Team Bile that will be on the Dying Light:
    - Khadiaz ( @dx144 )
    - Icannus ( @Wata )
    - Azazel ( @TuskatheDaemonKilla )
    - Jocelyn ( @Kalle )
    - Malthor ( @Vulpas )
    - Zachariah (Altar Boy Human Auxiliary; Word Bearer Serf NPC)
    - Lurielle ( Tau Empire Human Auxiliary )
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  4. Azazel was naturally quiet when the Apothecary had spoke to them, he had managed to convince the creature to allow him control of his body before they had entered this place. The major point being he doubted Bile would appreciate something like that entering his soon to be former home. Thankfully the Daemon had actually agreed with him, the concept of a warp creature being reasonable was a bit foreign to the Iron Warrior but he was somewhat relieved that so far their unfortunate binding had not gotten in the way too much. At the conclusion of the impromptu briefing by Fabius himself, Azazel would be ready to collect his forces who waited outside of this place but saw the Nightlord and felt compelled to say something. “Son of the Night Haunter, I must thank you for your attracting the attention of those Mongrels. When they attacked I killed their king and subsequently became their new one.” He said, leaving it ambiguous to if he was actually thanking the Nightlord or not. Granted he doubted it would leave any lasting effect on the bat, the daemon seemed to agree with that thought.

    Going outside the fortress he would go to find where his nation of lowly mongrel savages were, hopefully they had not wandered off the moment he left their sight. The daemon made a comment about that and the warpsmith growled as he laid eyes upon his ‘people’. “My Subjects!” He yelled with his might. “This world is doomed! Your god is giving you an opportunity to avoid certain death by leaving this planet for another! I will not give you a choice in this matter! You will follow me or you will die!” His words were harsh and clear, he had no love for these people, or anything really. He simply wanted to never waste resources as Bile has said, mongrels these creatures may be. But they are still a somewhat loyal labor force and equally expendable population to conduct experiments with. Besides the ship may benefit from the extra manpower. With that thought he turned to head to the hanger with his army.
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    Khadiaz liked to look upon new people with his own eyes, felt as if it gave him a better view over his helmet's optics, it was more a superstition of his but he did it all the same. Taking off his MKIII helmet and maglocking it to his thigh.

    Looking over the crowd gathered, so many mortals, what Fabius truly hoped to accomplish with them was unknown to Khadiaz. Mortals never were good for much other than cleaning weapons and armour, the rare few could supplement more roles but even that was a rarity.

    The only two of interest in the crowd was the Raven Guard, whatever wrong turns happened in their life, other than being born to a shattered Legion, licking his lips in the memory of Istvaan V, he'd some how ended up here. Whatever their goals it was of no concern to Khadiaz.

    The Iron Warrior however, he wasn't that much of a stranger.

    Listening to his words about how he enjoyed the sport, at least he was being a good sport about it all, so many would claim that revenge needs to happen and that they'd chase him down to the ends of the Warp to tear him apart. This was a pleasant surprise.

    "You're welcome, trench-digger. I'll find some more things for you to fight since you're so fond of it." Sneering at the Iron Warrior "I'm sure you'll enjoy making friends with more creatures who like to trod in the dirt. Although from what I saw, they probably eat the dirt. Perhaps you can share in each others wisdom." Chuckling to himself as he left for the hangar.

    Mutants were just mortals and they would prove to do something foolish compromising the Iron Warrior, of that he was certain, take an outside group and thrust them into another's realm, expecting them to get along with cause issues. And when his force arrives aboard this Dying Light It'll be a blood bath if no one can keep it under control. From what Khadiaz knew of mortals they fight each other on ships whenever they get the chance, mutants are probably worse in this regard with some actually believing they're superior to other mortals.

    Ah the folly of Mortals and their games.
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    "Never without complications..." Icannus muttered as their fate was presented. At a glance this lot seemed like the usual bunch that'd trail here. Everyone with their own hunger for power and Icannus couldn't count himself to be an exception. No one cared about anything but themselves, probably the only thing that everyone could agree on at this moment.
    He briefly regarded the humans he had fought with to get here and just made for the hangar. This Inquisition nuisance had to be solved before focusing on anyone else.
    His work would tolerate no obstacles.
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    Malthor stood well as he saw fabius his new friends he brought made it in all and sound and even the rust bucket made it, Hearing of having to move out due to the deathwatch cause malthors eyes to widen under his helmet, He liked this place and its mutants and creations, Those damned alien hunters were to likel ruin it.

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla @Kalle @Wata @dx144

    "Alright, I will be right back in a few minutes guy I have to grab my bike and things," Malthor said as he went to his barracks and then entered his own room, Looking around he began to grab up personal effects, Several Vox tapes, of a old friend, A dark apostle of nurgle and a few odd old effigies of nurgle and his nurglings, Several other things he grabbed was his experiments notes on wildlife, as well as study of devices to control and tame beasts, That he had been working on. Running back outside he went to the rust bucket and began putting his things into his side cart seat before covering and making sure it was secure before driving it into the hanger past the iron warrior and his mutant army passing them he waved at them as he did before entering the hanger and securing his things.

    After parking and securing his bike Malthor ould be off once more going back to the group.

    "Ohh man, that was tiring. " He said wheezing a bit as he did So welcome aboard new blood got any questions you need to ask you can send them to me for now, If I remember the ship right I can find some living arrangements aboard the Dying light as well as show you around if you want, or even where to get some grub from the chow hall if you need it." Malthor said the plague marine between his wheeze was acting polite oddly enough trying to welcome the newcomers aboard.

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