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Bile's Consortium

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, May 17, 2018.

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    "We've other concerns," Jocelyn said. The renegade nobleman stood watch while the Astartes came to. He had elected to draw his laspistol, keeping it concealed under his cloak while he watched the streets of Bile's Bile. Truthfully, the Rogue Trader did not expect the weapon to deter the most psychotic and bestial of the shanty town's occupants, but it was a reliable sidearm and could be counted on to lay most creatures --- barring Astartes, of course --- low. For that other sort of thing, he had his power sword.

    "We will need to cross the wilderness if we are to reach Malthor's Master," Jocelyn explained. "The wilderness is rife with mutants and wretches come nightfall. Night is falling soon. While I do not doubt our ability, I would rather spare myself the trouble," the Rogue Trader succinctly summarized for his companions' benefit. "I have heard your kind are sturdy and tireless. Let us move, we can talk about your findings on the way," he decides, as he strides out from their corner and into the streets, setting course for the city gates.
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    Icannus wiped the filth off his pauldron and glowered at Malthor before walking onward.
    "Slaaneshi cultists have her. They have a pet sorcerer bound to a staff. She is their offering to Bile."
    The Raven Guard flexed his hand into a fist.
    "I was about to bargain but a daemon interfered."
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    "A daemon? Greater or lesser one?" Malthor asked looking to him a bit concerned now for the life of biles creation, If they were her offering she maybe safe. though he had to wonder what they might do to her before they get to biles base. "We need to get moving soon. before dark as there will be creatures aiming to hunt us down. I know the closest route to biles fortress, On foot it could be between a few days or several hours depending on how the warp affects the world today." Malthor said looking to both the space marine and their rogue trader.
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    But on foot would be no concern at least for Malthor and the human. Considering that the sidecar could hold two humans, but not one human and an Astartes. Unless of course Jocelyn would sit in either Astartes' lap. Given the nature of Malthor, the rate of infection would be quite high for such thing. And Icannus did not seem the cuddly type of person.

    The trio had to figure out how to proceed from here. But the bike had to get back to Bile, that much was sure. While Malthor had almost exclusive access to it, it still was Bile's property. And there was the matter whether they were going to intercept the kidnapper of a Sorcerer at the citadel, or if they were going to ambush them while on their perilous journey through the wasteland. Either way should work if the cards were played right.

    Princess & Queen haunted by the Soulbound Neverborn
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    ~~ @Casavay ~~

    The Sorceress felt the returned spirit of her master in the staff. Either his business was concluded, or the distance was too great between his object of imprisonment and his spectral form. The two conversed telepathically while the physical form of the multi-hue-haired woman kept walking onward. The last rays of the sun made the sky look ablaze. And it was quite the right shade to represent the groups spirit. Many already starting to pick fights and bashing one anothers skull in.

    The Alpha Legionairess was kept further away by her companion, and she seemed to enjoy the 'safety' it harbored. There eventually three tall and darker skinned men joined them, muscular and armed. Two had battered las carbines and the third actually had a chainsword, recently used judging by the drying blood. The self-acclaimed princess seemed to know these gentlemen as a single swipe of her hand before their eyes made them pulse in a vibrant purple just for a moment. "We can rest for the evening while these fine men protect us." She explained unnecessarily.

    ~~ @Maleth ~~
    "We will converse about the details later when we meet again at Bile's Citadel, daemon." He inclined his head, never taking his spectral eyes off of her - a smart one this one. And so as sudden as all the psychic commotion started, it dissipated. The currents of the immaterium normalizing before the eyes of the astartes-bound daemon.

    Bitter Smith

    "Soon you are dead!" The mutant king bellowed, now forced on the defensive, but dancing under the constant assault of the demigod. The mechadendrites kept hacking away at air, always hitting where the mutant was one moment before, always the slightest moment too late. The claws had a similar issue as this creature moved far too fast for what it's supposed to be.

    Then, finally. There was an opening when the Iron Warrior overextended just the slightest and the mutant brought the weapon up, shooting at the throat at point blank. Lucky for the son of Perturabo, the Power Armor resisted the blast. Unlucky for the mutant king, one of the Mechadendrites shot forth and anchored in the shoulder of the mutant king, stunning him.

    "You fought well." The mutant spat in the face, aware of his inevitable death. And thus, Azazel suddenly heard a beeping noise and a foreign object on his chest. A Krak grenade. The mutant king laughed in delight of the irony. "I might die. But so will you. While there are hundreds of my children left! What legacy do you have?!" He laughed louder and harder.

    The Mourning Son

    The 'woods' were not much more than desolated trees that once might had beautifully bloomed. But now they were little more than dead trees. Dead trees that looked as if they had mournful gazes, others judged down onto the Night Lord. The machine sounds got louder, and in fact he just saw blue lights turn off, straight ahead on a clearing. The engine sound died completely shortly after. It must had been a landing vessel of some sort. With the skills of a natural hunter in the night, Khadiaz moved with great grace and silence.

    Coming around a bigger dead oak and judging it's sturdiness, he found a big enough trunk he could climb upon to look towards his potential prey. Finally he would catch a glimpse on who, or what, had given him the feeling of dread. The lander was a small craft. Much smaller than most aircrafts, but big enough to spawn four Astartes out of it. All clad in black, the iconography of the Inquisition on one shoulder pad, that of their individual chapters on the other. There could have been more inside, the Night Lord could not tell. But that the Deathwatch was here was... Worrisome.

    The one in charge seemed to be something completely new and strange. He looked like an Astartes but... Much bigger, as if he was armed in Terminator armor. What was that? Some sort of new type of Space Marine? His icon bore something akin to the Space Wolves but yet different. What has the Imperium now produced? Some sort of proto-Space-Wolf? He was armed with a frostblade and bolt pistol. Fur laid on top of his shoulders and backpack, skulls adorning his waist.

    The others were a Techmarine hailing from one of Ferrus Manus' direct descendants - an Iron Hand. He looked like a normal sized Astartes. His choice of weapon was a Plasma Gun. The third Astartes he spotted was a Storm Warden with their typical power claymore in the size of the Astartes himself. And the last was a rare but interesting sight. A Sanguinary Priest of the Sanguine Templar - a Blood Angel successor chapter that had been born out of the Blood Angels when Guilliman split the legions into chapters. The Narthecium on his wrist looked as if it came fresh out of a forge world. A too-good-for-a-loyalist chainsword hung on his waist and on the other side was an inferno pistol.

    The techmarine and de-facto Apothecary seemed to discuss a matter at hand. One having an Auspex on him, the other some different kind of scanner - most likely checking the air and atmospheric levels. Then the Wolf pointed in the direction of Bile's Citadel. As one, they began their march in the direction.
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  5. Azazel made something of a throaty growl as he saw the grenade on his chest. “I carry the legacy of my brothers, your death will mean nothing and when your soul reaches the warp you will know despair and uncounted torments.” With that Azazel finished off the king with spike tipped mechadentrite going through the back of his head and out his mouth. He then looked down on the beeping krak grenade, he immediately had an idea, it was one that he hated but he did value his life over his pride believe it or not. He reached out to the daemon who had wandered far from his mind, "Creature, you are needed." He said as he then let go of his guards and began pulling the creature back to his body. He knew with the way it could twist his body he had a far greater chance of survival.
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    Well this was a surprise, Deathwatch.

    Damn headache still hasn't faded. Khadiaz realised as that dull throb was there.

    Here of all places, a world that if it wanted to kill him, corpse worshippers would be even less loved. Clearly they were still loyalists, they were bearing the Inquisitorial mark. They had some lovely armour which if he was able to salvage would make a fine addition to his more decrepit armour. Hell most of Khadiaz's was left over gear from the Heresy.

    His eyes rested on the Narthecarium... It has been an updated model since his, much more different, although that could just be his had spent so long without replacements and that was a Blood Angel stylised Narthecarium. If it was just the Apothecary or whatever the Angels demanded their cretins be called, he'd be able to take them out easily, but this was a fight against four...

    That... is troubling, Khadiaz realised as he looked upon the large Space Wolf looking Astarte. That armour was strange... Everything about him was strange. This was troubling, it could be little more than an anomaly but they'd not keep an anomaly and fit him with new gear. His mind was racing with possibilities...

    He wasn't big enough to be a Primarch and then Russ would be with his own Legion now a bunch of Inquisitional pawns. The thoughts pained his mind more and he stopped his pondering.

    The third clearly an Astarte, but with all their different, "Chapters" as they've taken to calling them, made it hard to tell which legion they hailed from but they still had weaponry that seem unique, it was quite rare to see Power Swords made of that size or at least it had been.

    Lastly, an Iron Hand, bland as always, strange breed, he looked lifeless as well.

    If he was feeling stronger maybe he'd try to get around them, for now he'd have to take a stalking method and be prepared to escape if they became aware of him.
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    "If you were of the same mind, retrieving your woman is still an option. By the night is the classic time for an ambush."
    Icannus thumped his spear on the ground once.
    "I do not cherish sitting on the same bike as the plague cursed. As fun as it looks to be riddled with filth, I do not wish to catch any of it."
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    "Alright then. We are going on a nighttime rescue mission for the girl we start travel now and we can possibly sneak in at night if any of them are asleep rescue her and then be off to the fortress. Possibly arriving by the morning." Malthor thought a plan coming in his mind. "Right then
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    Either way the group traveled, they would catch up to the encampment when the moon reached it's highest point. It was in total a good two hours. There were probably a thousand in this camp and the sorcerer did pinpoint that the girl was here, he could not quite say for sure where. The trio had to search for her in the various makeshift shelters. Some more sophisticated tents, others slept in simple sleeping bags, others under the stars or behind boulders and rocks.

    It would take quite some time to comb through this camp and find Bile's girl and the sorceress. And while both Malthor and Icannus would be immune against tiredom for now, the noble human would feel the effects of his mortality. It was late, surrounded by those who yawned, slept and snored. His body started desiring to rest as well.

    Those that were awake to the most part watched over their sleeping compatriots. Others were having little fights or gambling over card games and other bets. At some point they overheard a group of felinids betting on how many would make it to Bile's Citadel.

    Possessed Bitter Smith

    The krak grenade went off a second after the king was impaled by the mechanic arm. The crowd was confused as the smoke cloud warranted for the death of the contestant. Just as the infighting was about to begin with groups forming among the superhumans and mutants, the cloud of smoke was blown away by a breeze. And in the epicenter of the earlier explosion stood now a slightly taller and massive Iron Warrior. Other details were changed, too, making him more fit of a mutant king than his pure form.

    The groups that just started about killing one another felt the gaze of the apex predator and stopped, already about just a dozen or so dead ones. Within a minute, all eyes fell on Azazel. One minute after that, all of them were on their knees. Muttering in low and high gothic alike. "The king is dead. Long live the king."

    And so it came for the Warpsmith and his daemonic counterpart that they ruled over one of the many tribes of the wastelands. The armor beneath was damaged with a significant hole in the center of his chest, but the daemonic energy covered it with a spectral appearance.

    The Mourning Son

    Night having fallen complete, the Nostramian was right at home. And these Deathwatch Astartes were in his domain - in a way. It was a far distance he made his pursuit, without ever being in the risk of discovery. It aided that the loyalists to the corpse throne were apparently focused on their task like a moth to the light. The giant wannabe Space Wolf led his mixed pack and they moved in a wide V formation. They were moving fast and the citadel was after around two hours of double march already in sight.

    Interesting enough the various defenses that Khadiaz could see, despite being somewhat hidden, like automated tarantula sentries with various weapons mounted on them, simply did not activate. Then it dawned on him, they must had been deactivated for the duration of Bile's tests. The Kill-Team must have known somehow. An insider double agent maybe? Bile was known to get anyone with the right skills as long as they were doing their job. And if one might had been imprisoned against their will by Bile - there would be an easy motive to get the Imperium to be the accomplice of a jailbreak.

    Very intriguing. Especially when they approached a poorly guarded wall. Each of them had an Astartes-quality Grapnel they shot up and then got pulled up by. The Night Lord could use the dents left by the almost Space Wolf in the wall to climb after them. Once up on the wall, the few guards were killed with uncanny precision. The kill-team leader moved faster than a conventional Space Wolf, despite his increased mass. But only due to the aid of the Storm Warden, the infiltration was successful without ringing the alarm. From there, they moved on, inside the facility.

    It was up to the Night Lord to follow them, or play stupid and simply walk up to the front gate as the first to complete the challenge of reaching the citadel. Although he had to admit, it was awkwardly quick of a route through the wasteland. It should have taken longer. With the Eye of Terror opened up to the rest of the galaxy, maybe the warp was having stronger effects than one possibly could like to admit.
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    Malthor looked over the camp his eyes scanning the camp through his helmet, his ears taking in as many voices as he could overhear several cat-like abhumans speak about how many of them make it to the consortium, and made a mental note of wondering if anyone at the constortium has studied cat people before.

    "Seems we need to find her among this mess. I got a few ideas, there's the basic way of searching, or possibly asking around maybe using a bit of diplomacy. Those cat people seem concerned about how many of there own would make it, maybe trying to get info out of em maybe useful, Or possibly challenging one of the swordsmen to get info is possible, What are your guy's idea of handling this?" @Wata @Kalle

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