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Bile's Consortium

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  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Not now, the timing couldn't be worse.
    The coins disappeared as Icannus' projection took distance for safety. The sorcerer had half a mind of retreating fully back into his body but wanted to see how this played out. At least he knew where she was now and opposed him.
    Icannus readied his guard in case it came to spectral violence from any source.
  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Hmmmm." Malthor said as he looked to at the young master and the sorcerer, Looking at the Raven guard his eyes scanned him, Many of his marking and things were all.. Unique Individualistic, He could barely trace any lineage to legion or Warband to him. Malthor would get close to the Raven guard and then do something. Unexpected. Malthor would go to his own helmet and sniff the raven guard as if looking for a scent on him before putting his helmet back over his head. "He's what I would call, A sorcerer, and not one of a legion or war band it seems, a very individualistic person who is not bound, by gods, beliefs or ideals, but what personally see as wants, As such my determination is he has not been around a group for a long time. well... until now." Malthor said giving an answer to the young lord The plague marines helms lens seem to gleam as the sun set slowly on the world.

    Noticing that twilight would soon be upon them Malthor began thinking once more. "So young lord what are your thoughts on camping possibly in the night?, It may be needed seeing as darkness comes soon and with it the beasts and likely mutants will be rising. Also May I ask about your time here compared to your time as a rogue trader?" Malthor asked a question of his own for once coming out curious about the young Joe and his own experiences in the world and possibly about what fabius may want from him.
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    For a Fistful of Thrones - The Stinky, the Mad, and the Pretty @Uriel1339 @Vulpas @Wata

    Jocelyn continued to pace while the Plague Marine regaled him with information that told him little. A pang of irritation, before his cooler head prevailed. No, anonymity did tell the nobleman something. This sorcerer had stripped himself of heraldry and symbolism. He did not want to be recognized for what he had been. Either he felt a personal divorce from his roots, or he wanted to hide them from his past compatriots, or he wanted to hide them from his future ones. Anonymity did tell the nobleman something: this massive demigod was hiding something.

    He rounded on Malthor. "Making camp will only give the wretches time. I say that we wake the Sorcerer as quickly as possible and make good speed towards the Citadel, mutants and monsters be damned."
  4. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    With her exploration resulting in finding the two sorcerers, Xenarish found it a rather pleasant surprise.... Considering what else she could have found. Still, she dryly commented to the Emperor's Child "My, my haven't we gotten out of the wrong side of the bed this morning?"

    "As for why I am here.... Well, considering my current, not at all willing on either side of the equation host is proving stifling to my goals, I don't suppose either of you could... Rectify such an issue, if nothing else?" She asked, looking at both Drake and Child. "And how often would the opportunity to have a boon of gratitude fall into your lap?"

    All in all, she could merely hope they saw that helping her was a better course of action than say, 'banishment' just for the timing of her arrival, especially given the state her current 'host had gotten themselves into with regards to the mutants and their 'King'.
  5. Azazel made something of an annoyed growl, wiping off a bit of the mongrel's saliva from his helmet with the back of his left hand. This would be more difficult than expected, clearly the work of the Apothecary was never to be underestimated. But they are still mongrels, the thought of asking the creature for help didn't cross Azazel's mind for a second. He didn't need that filth to handle this pest. "Your kind will despair at the memory of this day mongrel." Azazel moved to attack, dipping the points of his claws into the ground to send dirt into the eyes of his opponent.
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    The Plagued Trader & The Raven Hunter
    @Vulpas | @Kalle | @Wata

    <waiting on players decision>

    Princess & Queen haunted by The Raven Hunter & the Soulbound Neverborn
    @Casavay | @Wata | @Maleth

    ~~ @Casavay ~~

    The Sorceress continued on her trail away from the crowd, but not as hurried as before, noticing that the spectral owner of the scout birds got occupied. She concentrated a spark of energy, just enough to make them explode in glitter confetti, raining above the assembled crowd out of nowhere. Some of the lesser individuals looked at it in awe, while others whispered in hatred of a witch amidst them. Overall, nobody did bat an eye at the Sorceress, or the companion of hers she finally let go of.

    ~~ @Wata ~~
    The extended vision suddenly vanished, the feedback was clear - the ravens were destroyed as his mind was distracted by the Neverborn. Either way, he knew enough now about the target his newfound 'friends' desired. Maybe it was indeed time to return for now.

    ~~ @Wata & @Maleth ~~
    "A Daemon asking for aid. A refreshing, but dangerous thought. Luckily, I have not to worry about my body to be possessed by your fiendish gratitude. Unlike... Him." He gestured lazily at the former Raven Guard librarian. "But favors are hard to come by these days. And I enjoy that you have no links to a certain greater Daemon, else you would spit in my face. I like that about you Undivided, Unbound Neverborn." He could not help but chuckle, severely feeling more relaxed after the daemon expressed it's need for aid.

    "It seems like a typical case of Soulmending. The separation process is easy, if a suitable host is available. Such as... His body." The Emperors' Child again gestured towards the spectral being of the Librarian. "He is a psyker, they make great daemon hosts, once you break their mind. The body is more properly trained to endure your warp energies and will not cause... Random dematerialization." He grinned as if challenging the Librarian.

    Then he shrugged. "Either way. I suggest for now to return to your host. We shall meet up at Bile's Citadel and then discuss your predicament further." The sudden desire to aid was questionable at best. But if Xenarish focused for the slightest moment, she could see that the Slaaneshi indeed was bound to a nearby object. If one knew about soul transfer, it might be him. And considering he is an Emperor's Child, he might know Bile closer. And if this sorcerer was lying - maybe the Iron Warrior was right indeed and Bile alone could help them - for the right price.

    Bitter Smith

    "It will be yet another tale for the Benefactor to acknowledge our existence and grant us even better life! Die for our ascension! Death to the old world!" He bellowed, this time in low gothic. When the sand came up, the mutant king growled. He closed one eye in time, while the other was clearly blinded. When the Iron Warrior tried to capitalize on his gain, the flash of the lightning claw was enough for the superhuman to roll to the side in the last moment, unleashing a burst towards the Iron Warrior but completely missing and instead killing a duo of bystanders.

    "Coward!" He growled, unleashing yet another burst. But Azazel pointed his shoulder towards the well-equipped mortal, walking away essentially unharmed. Now the mutant knew better and as he struggled cleaning his eye out from the sand, he walked in a circle at a distance around the demigod, only now having realized to better not stand still. "Fight like a man! Not a pithound!"

    The Mourning Son

    For Khadiaz it would get quite boring compared to the Iron Warrior's turn of events. He could truly just walk past it all, without any consequence whatsoever. Maybe he should consider that if in case Perturabo's son wins, which he realistically should, that a Mutant army could chase him.

    While marching through the wasteland and now in almost complete darkness - not like it affected a Nostramon - But what might become concerning is how a sudden dread overcame the experienced warrior. A throbbing in the front of the head. It was not at the levels of a prophecy, but definitely nothing good was ahead on the road to Bile. In the distance the roaring of machines could be heard. But even with his heightened senses, he could not make any sign of an apparition out. The sound was getting louder, and the Night Lord was found without cover. Hiding was not an option, if he was spotted.
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  7. “I am far more than a mere man, mongrel.” As Azazel said his his mechadendrides moved around the air almost like serpents preparing to strike. A couple of them which had grasping jaws and blades completed the effect better than others but that was not the point. Azazel was making to show the so called king he was nothing and soon would be even less than that. With speed only possibly from an astartes Azazel made to attack him again, this time going with not only his claws but also his more combat worth mechadendrites. Attacking from multiple angles with several different limbs at once.
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    A chuckle came over Khadiaz's mind, it was possible the Mutants would break like rats the moment that bloated abomination dies, but...

    What if... What if they didn't break but found their new leader in the Iron Warrior. These thoughts troubled Khadiaz for a moment, but they were mortal, frail, cowardly and no match for him.

    If it meant he'd need to deal with some chaff and leave them as an example to the others then so be it. Breaking their spirits would be an easy thing to do. No doubt they'd make more of their screaming and whooping noises, by Curze, how I hate them for that.

    As Khadiaz carried on his path, he felt a pain, it was something couldn't remember having felt in years... Since he was a child, a headache, he remember the name given to it. It was irritating. He gave himself a more powerful painkiller from his narthecium to try and dampen it since his natural physiology wasn't removing it, hopefully it remove the irritation from his mind.

    Then he heard a different screech, it sounded like a machine being gutted, more abominations on Fabius' world of delights and pleasures...

    He was confused though, his mind was clouded, doubts... Fear? This was one of the most alien feelings he'd felt for a very long time and instead of being an Apothecary of the Eighth with his destiny before him, he was a child looking down a Nostroman street with no sign of a predator but knew there was one...

    He shook his head to try and remove these dark thoughts, whatever was plaguing his mind would pass, and if he found the one doing this, he'd find a suitable punishment.

    "Preysight." Khadiaz spoke with his vision changing to thermals to point out whatever beast of man or machine was before him. *Show yourself you bastard...*

    Muttering quietly to himself, "I, am the night, I am a lord of it and no foe may best me in its cold embrace." Khadiaz moved into the woods trying to find the source of the noise while blending in with the darkness that surrounded him.
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Alight then, First I shall attempt to get our friend up, Don't worry about this next technique I have seen it done before on quite a few witches and sorcerers on my day," Malthor said. Approaching closer to the former raven guard he would begin speaking in chants and phrases of nurgles. as if trying to worship to grandfather in his attempt and draw eyes of his servants upon him and generate the presence that they were coming..

    Getting up close to him Malthor then put his hands on him and then said. "WIZARD! THERE ARE BEASTIES AND GRIBBLIES COMIN WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Malthor said yelling it at the raven guard in an attempt to wake him up before jumping back in case it worked and he was angered by being disturbed in such a way.
  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Icannus turned to look toward the last position of his raven. He scowled, it was high time to go. "As tempting as the hedonist makes it sound, I'll have to pass. 'Til later."
    The sorcerer made his escape, speeding through spectral space back to his body.

    When he came to, his body told him he had been near something foul. He looked at his pauldron, noticing grime on it.
    "Did you..?" He stood up slowly glaive in hand. "Did you lay your hands on me?"

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