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Bile's Consortium

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    Icannus smiled, an amused huff escaped from him. "Make sure you do, boy." He found a place to sit and put his glaive to rest on his thighs horizontally. "Make sure you do..."
    In normal circumstances he would not trust strangers to guard him, but this was about his life's work he should not delay in pursuing it. He concentrated and left his body behind to find this person they needed.
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    Soon enough Icannus' vision of realspace would fade, only to dim back into light in quite an unnatural light and shape. To enter the astroplane was not an easy task for many. But he was experienced in the art of soul travel. It had it's ups and downs. For one, realspace became distorted. Unclear. Simple words became almost inaudible, while the whispers of the warp became very prominent. It was a daring task, especially on a world within the Eye of Terror, moreso that Urum was a former maiden world of the Aeldari Empire. A lot of tormented souls would haunt this place and Icannus' constant guard was required to keep his soul save.

    In the meanwhile, Malthor and Jocelyn would just see a sitting librarian of the Raven Guard chapter. There was nothing extraordinary about him. If one focused though it was uncanny, unsettling even. The Astartes became a statue as the body went into a minimum survival mode. Extreme slow breathing, lower heart rate and such alike. It was akin to being asleep but even beyond that. Near unconsciousness. Then again, technically the consciousness had left the body.

    Who knew how long it would take. It was a good time for Jocelyn to prod the Death Guard Marine for more information on Fabius Bile. And vice versa, Malthor could take the time to learn more about Jocelyn and figure out what Bile wants with this... Mortal.

    Icannus' mind was high in the sky, his own body and those of Jocely and Malthor looking like ants now. Yet the blessings of Nurgle surrounded the Nurglite like a swarm of flies, making him easily visible with a sickish green cloud floating about him. Indeed, Malthor was not completely ignored by Grandfather Nurgle. His gaze wandered over to the wastelands, a similar direction that Malthor must had come from judging by the faint remaining marks of his bike in the wastelands. A strong presence was there. Not someone blessed or cursed by the gods of chaos. It was more pure of the warp. Ah... A neverborn without question. The sensation was far too unique and the spirit too sentient and active on this plane. The Raven Guard might be surprised that the Neverborn did not immediately assaulted his mind or tried to take him over. Something must be holding it back. Although without question it could easily follow him around, just like he could decide to stalk it in return.

    Far, far, far in the distance where he assumed Bile's citadel to be was a whole plethora of souls. Some tainted. Some pure. Some not appearing on his witch sight while astroplaning at all. Those most likely were hordes of vat-born. There sure were going be chaos worshippers amidst Bile's Consortium, active seekers for the favors of the gods. Something he had to worry another day about.

    Back to the objective, he looked towards the migrating hordes in the far distance. He moved towards them, sending his body forwards as if it was a bullet. Speed became an illusion as his spectral being was only limited to the pace of his attention span and ability to focus. Icannus hovered above the crowd and spotting so many meaningless souls that he had to focus on filtering them out from the meaningful ones. After all, the winds of fate were stronger about some than others. Without question if Bile, Chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children , chose someone amongst them, the winds would become far more powerful.

    But his focus was thrown off when a woman with multi-hued hair gazed up in the air, right at him. Her massive wooden staff taller than herself was raised towards the air and pointed at him. There was a terrible power of Slaanesh surrounding her. Yet the sorceress did do nothing, instead something spat forth out of the staff. The Raven Guard immediately knew it was beyond realspace. An entity that only existed within the warp.

    The spirit of an Emperor's Child stood before him, arms crossed. A blonde stripe of hair went from the front to the back across his head in the middle. His eyes were as purple as his pristine armor. A massive horn growing out atop his left side of he scalp in a curved motion, it being a maroon red. Almost looking as if it was constantly bleeding. Out of his abdomen came a tongue from an unnatural hole in his armor. Hungrily leashing out, but calmed down with a pet on it from it's master it grew out of. His armor was adorned with stretched faces capturing the dying moments of the aliens. On his right shoulder pauldron was the face of a Tau, on his right wrist a Harlequin. On the left upper arm was a golden naked lady justice. And upon closer detail, Icannus also could see the skulls of Tyranids atop the backpack of the mysterious Space Marine, facing towards his back. A glorious custom helmet was strapped to his waist with what looked like dragon fins across the cheeks like wings and one across the top of the helmet. The symbol of Slaanesh was marked on him in multiple spots. As tattoo on his right cheek. In the center of his unnecessary belt buckle. And on his chest plate, opposite where the vicious warp tongue spawned from, it was in a golden shape with a purple orb akin to an Eldar soulstone. Chains adorne him on multiple spots. His gauntlet tips were gilded like claws.

    "A Librarian who is astroplaning about, are we?" He said, frowning. Yet he chuckled softly. "Urtus Velodonus. Sorcerer of the Third Legion. It seems my apprentice has an interesting feeling about you. Tell me what you seek and why I should give you that information. Unless..." He flexed his spectral hands to a fist and back a couple of times, gazing at the golden tips for a moment before facing Icannus again. "You want to fight? I had not the pleasure to devour a proper psyker in some good time." As he finished his sentence, the tongue leashed out hungrily, but the Emperor's Child grabbed it swiftly and squeezed it strongly, like a man handling a wild beast.

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    "Might as well think you are Cadian. You amuse me. But nonetheless. I shall watch your back as you sleep. Just like my master watches ov--" She abruptly stopped and frowned, pushing the Ex-PDF soldier into the crowd as if to mask her in the masses.

    Beatrix would be shuffled into a group of mutants, but she still could easily see the avoided 'Princess'. And how the sorceress looked into the sky, where unsurprisingly there was nothing. She pushed her staff into the air and apparently nothing happened. Although, she could feel that something did happen. It was her experience fighting the Lost and Damned as well as alongside them. Supernatural things that shouldn't be, but were there.

    A memory stirred within her. A terrible truth surfacing to her mind. Something that wasn't hers, but yet hers. It would become a growing headache, her vision struggling between the burst of memories and reality. She saw herself standing before massive machinery and various Mechadendrites coming out of her. Sentient, but obedient machines. Her machines. Her creations. Her children. A war she did not know of but yet participated in flashed into her mind. High from a tower Beatrix stood, watching her glorious children ravage entire armies by themselves. And she knew each and every single name of them, endless hours having gone into their unique augmentations.

    As sudden as those pictures came, they had left. Her hand was holding onto that of the Princess when she was back in reality. "Snap out of it!" The Alpha Legionnaire Operative heard, before feeling an intense sting on her cheek. She got slapped, most likely the reason why the vision... Memory stopped. "We must go. Now. My master has only limited powers in his current state." She growled, no teasing in her voice, but annoyance and hatred written upon her face. Whether Beatrix wanted to move or not, the other woman would attempt to drag her with a heavy pull. Running surprisingly fast with both Beatrix in one hand and the massive staff in the other.

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    Xenarish would be swiftly distracted from her only too familiar arguing with Azazel. A mighty presence from a not-too-far distance gazed right at him. A human soul moving completely in the warp. Astroplaning. Something that Xenarish could do to a good degree too, as long as Azazel wouldn't pull her back into his body. And as long as she wouldn't be gone too long or too far. After all her daemonic essence was bound to her like a dog with a chain to a pole. It could run. Just not quite far.

    Short after feeling the strangers gaze, another powerful essence revealed itself. Also human. But... Strange. More daemonic. A blessed by the gods. Almost neverborn. Some human who actually wanted to ascend to the state of eternity. Unlike this fool of Azazel. She could watch over him... Or for once take a curious trip and see what the commotion of spirits is about.

    In the meanwhile, Azazel himself still would feel the occasional look in his direction from the Night Lord. It was paranoia and survival instinct combined that made Azazel hyper-aware of all sorts of dangers. So it was not foreign to turn when an odd breeze moved through the wastelands. Ah. But it was just a normal one. He knew, because his body didn't shake from it passing through him. Too often, here and otherwise he felt the ghosts of the past move through him, causing slight shudders within the armor. The downside of being a warpsmith was being more aligned with the unnatural.

    Nonetheless, more important matters got to hand. As both Azazel and Khadiaz walked over small hills, they would realize that the dusk indeed brought death incarnate in a swift manner. A horde of mutants were walking across the wastes, heading east. There was one atop a throne, being carried by dozens of lesser, menial mutants. They were armed in rag-tag fatigues handed down by generations or raided. Maybe both. Their weapons were brute melee weapons made into pipes, axes, swords, bayonets strapped to guns. And those who had guns seemed to be the more prestigious, as only a handful had even las carbines. The leader of the mutants on top of the throne had a bolter across his lap and was far taller and more muscular than the others. Not quite an Astartes but definitely physically beyond the others.

    The Night Lord and the Iron Warrior both had an easy view, considering that the light was not quite completely gone yet and the mass being loud, pushing and punching each other as they walked. It was clear they could wait for them to move out of their range. Though it would be at least an hour until it was safe to move on. That is how many they were, because they moved only in a two-row column.

    What to do with the time was as good as a question as it was if to walk parallel to the horde, watch them attack the mass migration from Bile's Bile towards the former Lieutenant Commander's stronghold. There would be grand loot to be had. Or if either one of them would dispose of the mutant king... Or queen. They could command the entire horde themselves. An advantage that would be priceless over the other Astartes. An army of their own, consisting of Fabius' mutants. Not ordinary insane souls that harbored in the depths of void ships. No. Proper. Genetically enhanced humans, augmented and raised over millenia to become a newer, better humanity. Then again. It could pose as deadly distraction.
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    Khadiaz looked upon the mutants, Fabius' chaff, willingly to do anything for their master, it was said many even consider him a God. Khadiaz wondered if Fabius perpetuated this, but that level of self aggrandisement seemed a bit much even for the Emperor's Children. Although if you ever meet one, you can tell instantly they consider themselves your natural superior, born better, raised better, taught better.

    Khadiaz chuckled about stories he'd heard of Chemos, they'd not last a night on Nostramo, before it was torn apart of course. Khadiaz's thoughts then turned to that of the Night Haunter and wondered what he'd make of a world like this. Lawless, ab-humans and renegades alike maybe it would remind him of home, maybe it'd sicken him, although Khadiaz wondered if that is one in the same for him. There was times Nostramo even sickened him but that might be he was it's executioner as much as his father and brothers.

    No one would ever openly admit it, but there was a sense of longing in the Night Lords, for a purpose other than to just kill and pillage the Galaxy, maybe a brain dead servitor could be content with that, but there had to be something greater to put oneself to doing.

    As the mutants passed Khadiaz cared little for the Mutants but knew if he just wandered past they'd consider him an intruder who interrupted their procession of greatness to their lord. How lesser beings do this on world after world confused him, showing a display of force and trying to show themselves as masters when all they were was just another prey ready to be gutted.

    There was too many for Khadiaz to clear apart, but that fellow on the throne, he might make a worth kill to frighten the rest. Kill that one in a horrific display and the lesser run like the creatures they are, but that is a lot of chaff...

    As Khadiaz was scouting out the leader, assessing his chances should he try to kill it, increased muscle mass, the bolter looked like it could be fired without the creature breaking itself apart, but was still not rightly sized for the thing, looked like if Khadiaz tried to use a heavy weapon, he'd need to brace to fire it properly. Clearly without the chaff surrounding the mutant, it'd be a simple kill.

    If there was a way to get them interested in the Iron Warrior's side though, that might be helpful. They'd value the kill and if it didn't kill the Iron Warrior, it'd at least slow him down so that he could arrive to Fabius first.

    As luck would have it, the Iron Warrior was watching them as well, no doubt assessing his way across the sea of flesh, maybe a few bolt rounds might get their attention to advance on him but they could also come running into where the Bolt rounds originated from.

    He couldn't just let them carry on, their screeching, whooping and irritating sounds were just too much to handle.

    Raising his bolt pistol he fire three rounds towards the Iron Warrior and prepared himself for the chaff to fan out looking for whatever created the noise.

    He found a shadowed area he could watch the chaff quite well and see if they were more interested in the Iron Warrior's location, hopefully with all that gear he had would make it harder for him to hide and no doubt when they find their man, they'll pile into it like the dim creatures they are.
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    "Ugh, disgusting." Icannus uttered under his breath, disappointing to find a sorcerer who can't think for himself but pledges to a god. "Do we really have to perform this dance? It is tiring. You threaten to devour me, I bark back that I'm not easy prey, you give me information but I owe you because of it, pfeh..." He swatted at the air to banish the encounter he expressed.

    "I am Icannus and I am obviously looking for someone. Fight would be a waste of both our time."
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    "It would indeed be tiring. Not too surprising to hear from a loyalist to be sick of all the fighting. Why else renounce the nonsensical crusades in the name of a corpse upon a throne. Or well I suppose you can worship Guilliman now as a citizen of the Imperium." He waved a dismissive hand, only talking out loud in rhetoric.

    "And you will owe me. Or rather you owe my servant, no matter what comes out of our chit-chat. Surely you are after Bile's little daughter, are you not? Or... oh... you have not even the slightest clue who you are hunting." He clasped his hands and a soft chuckle accompanied it.

    "She is already ours. We will deliver her, worry not. Just do not intervene. Her course is a different one than yours, albeit walking thr same path. It is in our highest interest to see the machine queen rise. Maybe with my guidance she might be able to..." He stopped, grinning wide.

    "Ahhh... But that is for me to know and you find out." He did pet the leashing tongue peacefully, it was dripping spectral saliva, hungry to feast on the librarian.

    "Go now. Your price will be delivered at Bile's citadel. And remember well that if you should ever face her or my apprentice. So will you face me. Oooor if you fancy it. Come and get her. I haven't properly danced in decades." He laughed full heartedly, enjoying the game and the tease all too much.

    It was clear as the cloudless skies that the sorcerer was buying time to hide the Ravens prey. He clearly could not be trusted. But the alternative was a troublesome one, fighting soul against soul. Then again, he did not attack yet or provoke all too much. Maybe there was yet reason in the slaanesh worshipper.
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    "Of course." Icannus sighed, he crossed his arms and looked toward this Urtus' mob for even a brief sight of the girl he was searching for. Eventually he lifted his gaze and fixed it again to the Slaanesh sorcerer.

    "Fine, how about a routine such as this. Are you game?" With a theatrical movement He projected into being a coin, a single throne. It was immaculate and shining as he spun the hovering coin over his palm in different speeds. Meanwhile his cape manifested a dark, three horned raven that inconspicuously plummeted free from the spiritual fabric behind Icannus. The spectral raven was silent, searching for the woman the renegade was after.

    "This piece of Emperor's currency is a secret. A piece of knowledge I've acquired with painstaking research and interrogation. Every sorcerer has a few, knowledge to truly covet." He slowly opened his other hand, another coin appeared above his palm, it was brighter.
    "This...this is the moment I realized something that brought me to tears of joy, that drowned all doubt and worry from my mind. The sheer pleasure of experiencing one's purpose above all else, the pain and feverish visions I went through. A revelation, an epiphany, the flood of emotions that burst to surface after being suppressed for ages. What made me turn my back on all my oaths and beliefs." He smiled fondly. "The freedom of sensations that a lapdog of the corpse emperor could ever dare to even dream of."

    The coins' movements followed the inflections of his voice, slowing and speeding up between syllables.
    "You've been there, haven't you, Urtus? The first time you just - let go. The overwhelming moment when you weren't jaded by excessive stimulus, when air still filled your lungs and warmth caressed your skin, embracing the forbidden. I offer you a chance to experience that unfiltered rush once more."

    "If, you give me something in return..." The coins hovered a little higher, on the level of his head now. All the while he had been talking and emoting the raven was feeding Icannus information of where she could be.
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    While Icannus "slept", Jocelyn took an interest in this secondary Astartes. He had heard of the God-Emperor's Angels of Death before. He had clashed with the fallen Angels, as well. And now, he found himself surrounded by them. But he was unfamiliar with these creatures, as it were, they had never interested him quite so much before he found himself face-to-face with them. He stepped closer to the husk that was the Sorcerer, and inspected him. The draconic imagery, the black and grey. He glanced aside to Malthor. "Where is this man from? Can you tell?" he wondered. The Plague Marine did not fascinate him. Those touched by the Lord of Decay were simple creatures and he had yet to find Malthor to be any different. Yet he might be privy to knowledge about his fellow Astartes that Jocelyn would never divine independently.
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  8. Azazel was observing the mutant horde quietly, their march was too large for him to wait out so he was considering simply moving passed them. That was until he heard bolter rounds detonating near him, seems the nightlord was shooting at him. Either the Nostroman was a terrible shot or... it donned on him that the nightlord was not intending to hit him. He wanted the mutant hordes to see him. He grumbled audibly as he activated his in helmet vox briefly. “You will regret that decision, Son of Curze.” He said to the Night Lord before turning the vox off as he began moving towards the mutant horde. He would have preferred to not do this as it would waste time but the Night Lord has forced his hand.

    Xenarish had been look upon the souls present, one of lesser power, and one that was.... Surprisingly powerful, to say the least. Alas, any thoughts of exploring via Astroplaning was quickly shelved when she heard what was going on upon the material realm, going by what was going on via Azazel's senses. So she said "Now what have you gotten yourself into.... My help is here if you need it, but otherwise, I'll be elsewhere."

    Azazel seemed to enjoy the concept of the daemon not annoying him for a time. “I will not require your assistance creature, do whatever it is that has caught your fancy. By the time you return I will be the king of these mongrels.” The Daemon would respond with "If you fail.... I'll have to set things right myself." With that said, Xenarish went off to look at the two souls that had caught her attention, just in case she can use that to her advantage. With his brief conversation with the daemon finished Azazel began running at a speed only an astartes could muster towards the supposed leader of this mutant horde. The sooner he killed their leader the sooner he subjugated these mongrels and gets back to fulfilling his true objective.
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    Malthor would recognize not much on the astral-planing ex-librarians armor. It bore no typical blue at any piece of the armor. The black cape was unusual, too. Capes were more of an attribute to chaos sorcerers and thus he could be an ex-legionnaire. Although the helmet made very little sense. It looked like a replica to a Heldrake's head, three horns growing out of it that looked as if it could pierce ceramite armor and actually impale and kill someone, Astartes included. But in addition to that, bird skulls hang from his belt. There is no 'traitor' legion that would in particularly collect such things, but maybe it was more a sign of the worship to Tzeentch. Many of his greater daemons were akin to birds.

    A long story cut short, Malthor could only guess to what warband, legion or other affiliation the sorcerer had. This might very well be stolen armor either way, not too uncommon in the Eye of Terror. Especially these days. The sun was falling further beyond the horizon. Night was just a short while away. And Jocelyn was enough around to know that it meant the rise of mutants and wild beasts. They should get moving soon.

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    ~~ @Casavay ~~

    The woman with the staff rushed the other through the herd of men and women which flocked to Bile like mindless drones. Growling in frustration for the lack of cover. She did not bother looking back, sensing that something was pursuing them either way.

    If Beatrix was to glance back, even she would be able to see the spectral raven. Unlike the others around. The grip of the sorceress around her wrist was like a vice. Even if a Leman Russ would hit the insane woman in the chest, the arm might still cling to the alpha legionnaire agent - or so at least it did feel. Looking forward, the lost and damned would notice that they were in fact heading somewhat into the wastelands, further north-east, rather than stick to the crowd which was moving straight north. If it was safer or more dangerous to stay away from the crowd for the first night was hard to tell. Especially with the maniac leading the way.

    ~~ @Wata ~~

    Icannus' sight did expand, in one field of his vision was his own, in the other that of the three-horned raven. It found its prey easy as it was trying to hide, building up distance. It was not a closeup, but from the distance already he could tell it was the desired target. The psychic signature, which he saw through the witchsight of his spectral raven, of the woman with the staff was quite similar to that of Urtus standing before him. Something rare, that strong of a bond between master and student, but not unheard of. The Raven Guard could say easily that if he wanted Bile's prize of a woman, they would have to defeat the sorceress first. Or otherwise strike a deal with her, and her master.

    "That was... Long ago. When I first heard the song of Slaanesh. The true song. It was beautiful, and yet ever terrible. And a reason I find myself here today. It was Bile who created the Kakophoni. Or Noise Marines as they are more well-known as." He exhaled heavily, the spectral body shuddering on the faint remembrance of the moment.

    "I can give you many things... But the woman you want... The one who is with my apprentice." Urtus shook his head. "She is my bargaining chip with Bile. I have stalked her for weeks. I will not give her up now. So... Better choose another ... Wait!" He suddenly interrupted himself while making a grimace, the tongue coming out of his abdomen leashing in anger towards behind Icannus. When the Raven Guard would turn, a neverborn's spirit would be right there. A daemon without a body.

    ~~ @Wata & @Maleth ~~

    Xenarish would find herself interrupting a conversation between an Emperor's Children Sorcerer and an unknown Sorcerer. His armor gave no sign away, although his helmet looked like that of a Heldrake. Very intriguing. Ever more so she knew both of the present spectral beings were cut from their hosts as that was the requirement for astral planing.

    The purple sorcerer clearly blessed with gifts and, or mutations, judging by the tongue flicking in and out from the side of his stomach, spawned out of an item. Her daemonic witchsight referenced the more powerful entity of the two to a staff worn by another psychic entity. Albeit him not being a daemon, it was akin to a daemon-powered weapon. Intriguing how such feat might be completed.

    As the daemoness glanced at the other specter in a grey and black armor with the heldrake armor, she realized that he was not that special. His host was much further away. But even so, she could sense the general direction of his body. Surprisingly surrounded by the stench of Nurgle. She might not be able to fight both at the same time. But if she tried, maybe she could reach the Heldrake enthusiasts body and use it as a temporary host...

    Then again, to make more enemies might be counter-productive at this time. Either way, the Emperor's Child moved a bit closer, next to the unmarked one, facing Xenarish.

    "You are of Chaos Undivided. Last time I tried to bargain with one of your kin, my body was annihilated. Tell me why I should not banish you in this very instance?! Especially since you ever so rudely interrupted the bonding of a brotherhood between Astartes Sorcerers here." He 'thumped' his spectral staff. "I am Urtus Velodonus of the Third Legion, the Emperor's Children. Speak in truth or perish a terrible fate!" A small telekinetic shockwave emit as he announced his name in combination with the thumb of his blunt, wooden weapon. Nothing powerful or dangerous, but to make a statement. The children of Slaanesh were ever so dramatic and making a scene.

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    Khadiz' plan worked perfectly. And the fool of an Iron Warrior seemed to even welcome the fight. The Night Lord could stay and watch. Or maybe even ambush the Iron Warrior. Then again the most logical thing to do might be just move on towards Bile's citadel. Either way the mutant army made a sharp turn to face the sprinting Iron Warrior. Despite his bulk he was fast. Surprisingly fast.

    Azazel did not even need his powered claws for the weak mutants that first lounged at him. Their jaws broke with a simple backhand movement. Others that were more unlucky got their faces impaled with a quick, yet casual thrust of a lightning claw. In the light of the newcomers indirect challenge, the mutant king bellowed orders and the throne was put on the ground. He roared and leapt down towards the Astartes. He basically jumped the height of a two story building down. The Iron Warrior, being far too much into his sprint to stop, suddenly had a mutant on top of him.

    The creature made impossible sounds with it's mouth, showing teeth and drooling all over him. Close-up the mutant king had an awkwardly perfect face. Like... Chiseled. A statue having come to life. That was the work of Fabius Bile, alright. The creature grinned, fangs showing as the boltere came to the Iron Warrior's face. The trigger was pulled but he managed to deflect the blow. A follow-up attack with a lightning claw hit nothing but air as the mutant backflipped high in the air, shooting while doing so. The mass reactive shells detonated in the sand next to him. Although one could argue it was a miss, Azazel had the feeling that it was intention. To either inflict fear or to mock the Astartes.

    As he got back on his feet, he noticed that a wide circle was formed around him by the mutant horde, a fighting ring between him and the Mutant king. "Submit... Or die!" He bellowed, raising his bolt high in the air with both hands. Clearly this was going to be a bit harder than originally intended. But Azazel had a secret weapon he could utilize. Xenarish could return in a heartbeats moment back to his body and unleash her unholy powers from within his body, he just would have to ask her to do so.

    Khadiz saw nothing worth mentioning in the caravan of the mutant horde. And interesting enough not all abandoned their spot to fight. There were mutant children that watched the children and some of the older warriors which were with the children. Some on the front, some on the back, keeping their eyes open for interlopers. But with the night having almost claimed the world of Urum, the Night Lord had not to fear to be detected as long as he kept his distance.
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    Keeping to the shadows and darkened places, Khadiaz stalked his way through and past the Mutants, no doubt he could strike through them like an arrow but if word is spread as quickly as it does with fear, that the children and elderly are in danger, the forces will divert to him or at least to protect the children and elderly.

    Times like these he wished he'd been part of the Raptor Cults, just casually fly over these beasts. Then again, remember how savage they were in their civility, it was probably still for the best he was just an apothecary who had to clean them up when they ended up hitting the ground too hard.

    Moving as fast as he could while checking his surroundings and on the Mutants around him, Khadiaz moved on.

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