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Bile's Consortium

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, May 17, 2018.

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    Malthor looked to the position he was once again hearing movement and seeing the figure move once more as he began to show himself a glaive met the ground as he made himself known, Malthor's hands were near his sidearms in case the figure wanted to attack. It seems there had been someone listening in on them and they have finally let themselves be known.

    "Indeed you do have skills that would be useful to us such as tracking?" Malthor asked the plague marine had his eye on the marine he couldn't tell what legion he belonged to our chapter due to his armor but one thing he could tell was of his blood... He was a sorcerer if what he suspected was true about his glaive being a force weapon was true, several circuits and even markings gave away it was a force weapon and something he knew he would have trouble dealing with if the marine got into a melee with him, Then there were his powers if he tried to use warp trickery on him.

    Though Bile never said anything about possibly being more than Beatrix and the Young man Jocelyn, It might help him out to bring a few guards in exchange for extra muscle helping keep the humans safe. with this man being so upfront he wondered if he was like the horde he avoided coming here was for, A place among the consortium"I suspect these skills come at a price, like all things so if it's not too rude of me to ask what that price maybe....? are you like many of the others here today looking to Join the Consortium? if so I could aid you in the price of aiding you into the consortium's trail to come If that is what you seek? Also May I ask of your name? I am Malthor" Malthor said looking to the marine.
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    Jocelyn's newfound companion had introduced himself, and this had seemed good enough. Yet now another Astartes had revealed himself. This one wielded a great glaive of unfamiliar, but intimidating design. "And I am Jocelyn," the Rogue Trader chimed in after Malthor, following the Astartes' lead in this matter. These demigods were fickle, violent creatures. Best play it safe. "I do not believe your benevolence for a moment, my friend, but I believe in the high virtue of mutual self-interest and benefit. You have something we want, we have something you want, evidently, or I doubt you would have cared to eavesdrop or reveal yourself. Let us cut through the veils and speak plainly: what do you want?"
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    "Straight to it then? How dull." Icannus looked off into the distance for a second before focusing again. "I am Icannus, a sorcerer. I will help you if it leads me to get in contact with Bile. I seek his knowledge and resources." His hand went to fondle his helmet horns.
    "I have no further interest with either of you. That makes me not a threat but an associate to you."
    He spread his arms in a gesture of innocence.
    "I am no lunatic or zealot. I am above such pitfalls."
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    Malthor looked to the source studying him for a moment before deciding to speak again. "Alright, You have a deal helping us find the girl, and I can help you with getting in contact with bile, We must pass his first trial through which means getting across the terrain, That I know I can get us through," Malthor said looking to Icannus. Deciding to make a deal with the wizard and be true with it, as he could provide him getting in contact with Bile. This was something he would make sure he would do, As this guy seems pretty friendly, Though if he betrayed him it could mean Malthor's end. or possibly his.
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    The three came to a consensus on the shared interests of joining Bile's Consortium and the need of finding a rather specific woman. None of them had any clues. But the sorcerer might be able to make use of sending his mind beyond his body and search in the migrating horde for her. It might be dangerous to leave one's body behind - but it would be the fastest method. Alternatively, the trio could re-integrate themselves in the horde and hope to find the person in question. Or they find other means of finding her, such as the good ol' fashioned asking around.

    Either way, they had to devise a plan and see it through.

    Princess & Queen

    "Well since you seem not particularly interested in the needs of the flesh. Watch and learn." The younger-looking woman said, taking a step forward, her glare focusing on the man she mentioned. Then she snapped her fingers in a perfect manner. Loud and clear. And yet, inaudible to anyone but Beatrix and the man in question. His eyes glowed purple for the slightest instance.

    "Kill the one next to you." She whispered into the eerie winds of the wastelands, her words carried by a breeze. Suddenly the giant of a dark skinned man grabbed the Eviscerator and turned it on in the same motion before bringing it down on a random bystander who walked close by. The smaller, white skinned male was torn apart gruesomely vertically in half. Brain matter, blood and other secretions spraying all around the now dead man.

    Then the tall man just deactivated his weapon and put it on his back again.

    "And how many of such thralls do you think wander amidst them, here? Fret not, Queen of Machines. I'm here to aid you. Protect you. I know you. But you...Well in due time you will find out who I am. Should you ever need assistance of finding a lover, let me know. I do not only have mind control tricks." She drew a little flask of fragrance out of her robes and offers it to Beatrix as the two walked.

    "Nonetheless. Be assured you can sleep tonight in safety and peace... Oooor we can stay up all night." The princess to Slaanesh winked.

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    The merciless sun started to continue it's trail across the horizon to ring in the coming night. Khadiaz continued by default on the north-north-eastern (left) path through the wastelands as Azazel the Iron Warrior walked more north-north-west (right) compared to their original meeting point. Either way, they would end up at the citadel of the Chief Apothecary.

    The Iron Warrior had a bit more cover with hills and rocks in the path, but it also slowed him down. While the Night Lord had free maneuverability.

    For now they would be able to spot each other from across their positions. And that would not change until nightfall. Interestingly enough, that might be the very reason none of the creeping creatures was assaulting them. The occasional glance between the two Astartes could easily be misinterpreted as watching over one another.

    And if they wished to talk, it was unlikely they would be outside of Vox frequency of their internal systems anytime soon. Though each had to start planning for the night. It was not like they had brought shelter supplies, or as if there was any convenient overhang, caverns or similar for a natural shelter. Then again, thanks to their Astartes physiology they could push on for a few days before resting somewhere between two to six hours. It would weaken both to keep pushing on night after night. But probably worth ones life. Each knew they competed for the same limited spot in Bile's consortium. They both knew the dangers that roamed in these wastelands. They both knew, one could kill the other. And yet, neither seemed to realize if both of them made it to the citadel - they could end up colleagues.
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    He was travelling the same path...

    Khadiaz realised it immediately now. He'd been a fool, this Astarte wasn't just a lone wanderer out here or hunting him. He was after Fabius' attention no doubt. That cannot happen, he needed Fabius' mind. It was imperative that others were removed so that he could get what he needed.

    He could see that Iron Warrior, lagging behind it seemed. Good. The rocks made him lose sight of the Iron Warrior on occasion but he clearly was just advancing onwards.

    Why... There was no cause greater than saving his legion in Khadiaz's mind, perhaps it was just a niggling thought he had wondering why some Iron Warrior would seek the Manflayer. It was irrelevent he knew, but curiousity gets the better of us all.

    Khadiaz laughed to himself, one could argue that is why we're even here...

    He carried on his journey, keeping a watchful gaze over the Iron Warrior, he saw the glimpse of some beasts at times, they seemed to also catch a glimpse of him and then retreated. He couldn't but laugh at that, a predator catching a glimpse of the apex and knowing that this was not it's prey, as it had already been claimed by another.

    Keeping a steady pace and the occasion check on the Iron Warrior, Khadiaz advanced onwards to Fabius' citadel, intent of gaining the secrets he needed for his Primarch's revival.
  7. "Well then, seems that we're following the same path as him...." Xenarish laughed, before saying "So, you were saying about not having him on your side?"
    "We share the same goal of reaching the apothecary." Azazel said referring to himself and the nightlord. "That much was already assumed but it certainly does not mean he can be trusted."
    "And if you are both accepted unto his service, then trust would be required, or at least the ability to cooperate on mutual goals. Why not build that trust now?"

    "If it comes to that I will put forward effort but as it stands right now I see no point in interacting with the son of Curze." "Very well, feel free to tell me whenever a long, thin obstruction from your rear end has been removed." Azazel made something of an angered sigh and looked ahead. Walking overnight may weaken him in the future but with the nightlord so near to him he could not afford to sleep and leave himself open.
    "Of course, you could also ask me for help with keeping going throughout the night..."
    "I will not give you control of the body creature."
    "Not even the smallest part?" She replied, teasingly.

    "Nothing." "I'm fairly sure you're what we'd call 'Obstinate' in polite company." She said, we in this case being a reference for the Neverborn. "And you are what I would consider irritating." "Yet, you're refusing something to your benefit. So shall I add foolish and short-sighted to your list of flaws?"
    "Unlike your kind to which time comes by the eons I must focus upon the immediate issues as if this body dies I shall no longer exist in this capacity. In lame man's terms I must focus upon the immediate present for my own survival. If this Nightlord and I do turn out to be comrades then I shall see to it that we are not on immediately hostile grounds."

    "And if so, why vehemently deny my offer of aid towards the situation of movement towards the night, an unrelated matter? Are you that scared of what happens should I happen to influence your actions more directly?"
    "I will not allow you to control my body, my will is iron and I shall not falter on that view."
    "And what use is your body if it's failings directly lead to your death?"
    "What do you mean?" The question was laced with obvious anger.

    "Simply put, you are bound by the needs of mortality, including sleep despite your... Alterations And so, sooner or later, you will have to rest. It would be a shame if the needs of rest lead to your throat being slit, or merely shot in the head by a competitor for the position you seek. And I could do nothing to avert your fate."

    "Even the 'Child of Curze' as you have so called him and to whom I have advocated allying with may not see fit to allow you to live, should you prove a threat to him."
    "So now you advocate for not trusting the Nightlord. Your opinions change quickly creature and it only tells me what I already know, your kind are never to be trusted. Now be quiet, there is a long journey ahead, perhaps if I explain to you that speaking with you would help me keep awake will actually make you silence yourself."

    "No, I use him as an exemplar of just how whimsical mortals can be. And it still doesn't change the fact I can help you stay alive..."
    "And I refuse that help, now silence yourself."
    "You're only hurting yourself in the long run...."
    After that, the Daemon would be relatively quiet.
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    "If we happen to capture a specimen who might know of your quarry, I can plunder their thoughts for something of use." Icannus ran a finger over his snout of the helmet casually. "As much as I detest delving into the thoughts of rabble but it could get the job done. It sounds far better than leaving my body behind to scour the hordes of people here."
    He spun the glaive like a top in his one hand while he talked, for a while he didn't even touch the weapon but it kept spinning withing the confines of his hand.
    "Thoughts, friends?"
  9. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Beatrix raised an eyebrow at the display of sorcery - although she was no stranger to these games of Chaotic power. The operative frowned. She liked a good shower of gore like every psychopath worth their salt, but there was a time and place for those, and on the move, trying not to attract too much attention? Certainly neither. And that was even before she heard even more nicknames from the wench.

    Nevertheless, she reached for the perfume and examined it, holding the small flask against the setting sun. "Sleep is always the best option to spend a night", responded the woman, letting the bottle slide into her bag. "Safety and peace are lies", she stated flatly. The scion bit her tongue, lest she fail at keeping herself from insulting this maniac.
  10. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    @Wata @Vulpas

    "If we are supposed to rely on the random aquaintances of strangers, then what good are you? My counter-proposal, friend, you seek and we will guard your body while you are indisposed."

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