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Bile's Consortium

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, May 17, 2018.

  1. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    "I should shoot you", replied Beatrix. "So far all you've managed to do is insult me or my family with your bilious discharge. Your only saving grace is that you're clearly a mewling lunatic wretch." The agent's head turned about as she attempted to scout out potential threats beyond the sorceress. This entire mass exodus made her antsy, she didn't like being in the middle of an unpredictable, desperate horde. Of course, everything was exacerbated by the witch.

    "But, and I don't know why I'm humouring you - I resent the comparison to Bile. You're making outrageous claims."
  2. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Jocelyn regarded the Astartes. More and more, he wondered who this Bile might be, who had made such servile creatures out of one of the fallen Angels of Death. His movement was like water as he stepped forward from his sentry point to approach the Astartes, reaching out to tilt the datapad for better viewing with one hand. He studied the fair-skinned, silver-haired, green-eyed specimen presented to him on the screen, but he had to shake his head as he looked back up at the Astartes. "I have not seen any such woman, Astartes, but it would be my absolute pleasure to assist your Master in finding her." And finding out what he wants with her.
  3. Azazel paused for a moment to assess his options here. Obviously he would prefer the safer options as while he was a competent warrior he was also not invincible and not immune to being overwhelmed by superior numbers. The seemingly simple choice truly perplexed him which caused him to pause and think. In their shared mind Xenarish had nothing to do but merely look upon Azazel pausing to perhaps look at which way to go.

    Something that merited a laugh from her as she commented: "Well, isn't this such an obvious choice? Avoid the major flow of mortals, and you preserve yourself longer by limiting your contact to unneeded strife."

    The Warpsmith responded with “But that may cause other problems, and I may add that I did not request your opinion creature.” Only for the Daemon to say "Then don't be so slow that anything such as a palanquin looks fast compared to your level of thinking." “Why do you speak of a palanquin? We are traveling by foot regardless...” Azazel said as he immediately found he did not like referring to himself and the daemon as we.

    After a few second of thought he did begrudgingly find the creature’s suggestion reasonable and began moving to the clear path. Little cover at nightfall would be better than dealing with the untold masses.
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    The Plagued Trader & The Raven Hunter
    @Vulpas | @Kalle | @Wata

    The Raven Guard Sorcerer could listen easily to the conversation, having snuck ever closer to them without compromising himself. However. Both the Plague Marine and the Rogue Trader started to feel the gaze. Something was around, preying. Maybe a wild beast?

    But distractions and the noise of war could just bring unwanted attention to them. Maybe swift movement away from this area would be better for Jocelyn and Malthor at this given point. After all the last they might want now is to lose the bike in the heat of combat, or lose it to someone who snuck close enough to steal it from under their noses.

    Princess & Queen

    "You should." The Princess said with a serious face, only to be broken by a wink and followed smile. "Fret not. Fret not. I'm no enemy. I simply enjoy a good jest! Now enough about you though... Is there not one thing you might wonder about me?" Her forked tongue slithered forth in excitement again.

    "Or any of those around us? I heard many whispers in many nights... And might even have laid with the one or other gentleman walking amidst us." She gestured subtlety towards a tall, dark-skinned man walking at a good 7 feet, clad in mixed fatigues that barely fit him and an Eviscerator mounted on his back. It looked too close to that of a Sister Repentia's blade to not make it look stolen. However all iconography of the Order and the Imperium were long ago stripped in entirety.

    The pair kept walking in the midst of the group and various sub-groups formed already clearly visible. Men, women and mutants of similar looks started to distance themselves from one another, but none dared to come close near the Alpha Legionnairess and her creep of a 'Princess'. In the far distance the sun started to make it's path towards dusk. It was still several hours out. But surely, nobody wanted to traverse in the night. Even Astartes would not be that stupid... Or stubborn.

    Bitter Smith & The Soulbound Neverborn & The Mourning Son
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @Maleth | @dx144

    Khadiaz' fight took literally seconds, the hyper reflexes of an Astartes offered a great superiority against such wild beasts like these... Furry Loxatl-Hyaenidae. Maybe his fighting instinct overestimated them. Or they underestimated him. But after the first one died from a single shot, the other three leapt at him. The second was torn apart mid-air from the bolt pistol. The third spilling its guts and raining blood over the Night Lord Apothecary, blinding him momentarily to give the last survivor a final chance. It bit down hard on the gauntlet but managed to do almost nothing. It's teeth were rotting and some broke against the superior craftsmanship of the Space Marine Power Armor - no matter how far it was worn down. The Night Lord brought his Narthecium down and eliminated the last beast... However, his concerns about attracting others were only too real already.

    The devil's advocate seduced her host enough to trail off away from the masses, walking into the wastelands at a faster rate than either one thought he was actually moving. After traversing through a small canyon, carved by water, the scent of death filled the nostrils of the Warpsmith right after a bolt pistol rang in the air. The sound only too familiar and distinct to a creator of weapons such as this Iron Warrior. And before knowing it, the Soulbound Neverborn and Azazel both through each eyeball could clearly see the beast killer, after first having heard him hum. It was a Night Lord, a whole foot shorter than the mighty Warpsmith. Walking in a mix-match combination of Power Armor. Clearly a survivor.

    And in return, the Night Lord could see Azazel with an easy glance. The presumably Iron Warrior, judging by the armor's color and iconography, stood just slightly right of his original path. The Night Lord would see his disadvantage would it come to melee combat. Not only was the Warpsmith, as he now assessed based on the state of the Iron Warrior's Mechadendrites, a foot taller. But also he wielded dual Lightning Claws. Most likely fully operational from their looks. Then again. Khadiaz probably could outrun the Perturabo's son and leave him to the rest of the wild beasts that might roam here.

    Especially as the sun started to set in the far distance, although it might be several hours until true nightfall was upon them.
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  5. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    "Can't say I care for your bedfellows", Beatrix admitted with a shrug. "So what makes the big guy special, then? Other than stealing from the Ecclesiarchy and clearly being big enough for two of you." She made her observations more drily than before, having had some time to get over her utter aggravation and boiling bile. With the passage of time becoming rather apparent by this point - or rather, the limited nature thereof, and the harsh truth that this world's nights were nothing but a black shroud of death - the clone scion hastened her step, pulling forward. She had no desire to die alongside the fool, much less spend more time than necessary with her.
  6. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Advancing along, Khadiaz stopped in his tracks and the tune he was humming silenced, another... Not beasts but clearly an Astarte.

    Whatever in Nostramo's name had caused one of Perturabo's dogs here was of no good for, Khadiaz. They might hate they were known as the trench fodder of the Astartes but that is all they ever, just like the Night Lords were only ever the Imperium and the Emperor's retribution.

    The Iron Warrior was a definite danger or at least a question in why he was here. If he had a armour piercing weapon, he'd fire first and be done with this stand-off. But his Chainsword would need to bite and hold, taking time to get a bite on his flesh. While those claws... They could slice and dice his armour like it was nothing, a hot knife through butter as they say. And even if the Chainsword struck and was cutting through ceramite, a single claw could tear him apart.

    Staring him down considering his options, he decided to hold, if they moved on him, he'd move away. Sometimes letting your foe make the first move is the right move and he looked less mobile, maybe it'd expose an overlooked or hidden weakness of the Astarte.

    The sun was setting as well. Always a good omen.
  7. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    @Kalle @Wata
    Malthor had moved his head over to some rocks for a moment, for a minute feeling something as if someone was watching him? A never born?, A guard perhaps or some onlooker? hearing the sounds of a war he would keep his guard up in case of attack or someone stumbled onto them. hearing the young sir once more he looked at him once more. "Thank you, young sir, then let us begin our search of the city, an initial search may be good before resorting to one of the contacts within the city," Malthor said already he was ready to enter the city to begin the search for Beatrix, His gaze would move over the area where he felt the gaze looking back for the signs of anyone even listening closely for any movement eventually just moving on with his mission and to not slow them down.
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  8. Looking at the Night Lord before herself, Xenarish said "Well, why not work your..... Charming mannerisms" She snickered before regaining her composure "And have someone like him as at least someone who puts their weapon aside for you?" Azazel was observing the Nightlord as the daemon spoke. “I have no interest in one of the children of Curze and I doubt said child has any interest in me.” The Iron Warrior responded with a cold tone. "Well, better him on your side than him planting a knife in your back..." Xenarish replied, hoping that he would see reason, according to her interpretation. “It would be better to simply avoid him, though I feel he is already contemplating killing me. While I detest my saying this, given your lack of need for sleep perhaps you could keep watch during the night. No matter how superior I am from mortals I still require sleep like any human.” Azazel said clearly not liking what he was saying. "Well then, I suppose you don't mind offering me something in return for security at night?" The Daemon asked. “If I did allow you a reward I would assume it is something horrible.” Azazel responded without pause. "Hmmm.... Well, being able to have control, even if only for a time...." Xenarish spoke with some amount of hopefulness, and attempting to put on the charm.

    "So yes, it is horrible." Azazel said, clearly not willing to allow the Daemon control of his body for any length of time. "Why would that be horrible?" Xenarish asked, in mock-offense. "Everything." Azazel said, his one word response burned with resentment. "You're no fun, you know that?" The Daemon replied. "Yes, I will not be of amusement to you creature." The Warpsmith responded with a dead serious tone. "Shame, such a shame." The daemon responded in their usual taunting manner, tempered with what sounded like mocking pity. Instead of responding to the daemon Azazel began moving again, seeking to simply move around the Nightlord rather than approach him.
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  9. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    When the plague damned turned to his general direction, Icannus smiled. The sorcerer knew he hadn't been spotted but his presence was suspected. He had heard enough. He stood up from his crouched position and revealed himself by jumping down and taking a few steps closer to the two. Icannus stopped with thump of his force glaive on the ground.
    "Apologies, I couldn't help but overhear you two, and with me being the benevolent creature that I am would love to assist-" He smiled underneath his helm and bowed ever so slightly. "-I have skills that might be of considerable use in your search."

    @Kalle @Vulpas
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  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Seeing the Iron Warrior advancing was enough to have his hearts pounding and his muscles springing to life, that age old instinct that no doubt even the most primitive of Humanity had.

    It was urging him to fight, kill and survive.

    But he was no fool, this was a fight he'd scarcely win at best.

    So the only other option, flight.

    "Follow me, Trench Fodder, and the beasts of this world will consider themselves gifted by the gods for finding your carcass. This is my only warning to you." Khadiaz said to the Iron Warrior, as he disappeared into the darkness behind him.

    He knew that the Iron Warrior would not be deterred by some words, he'd need to remain alert in case the Iron Warrior followed him, perhaps it was a ruse to lull him into a false sense of security.

    Whatever mind games were being played, it was no time to be dawdling about, he had a very important man to see about an even greater task.
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