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Bile's Consortium

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, May 17, 2018.

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    Putting his hands on his side Malthor looked on to biles bile. "A Wretched hive of scum and villainy." He said to himself as if speaking his mind out loud. The plague marine began his walk to begin his search in the city for Biles young creation the girl beatrix. As he entered the city he would have his bolt pistol ready encase someone attacked him. Biles bile, a place Malthor had been to several times whether it was gathering subjects, trading with others, or coming out here to explore himself he knew a few eyes and ears in the city who might make it easier to locate Beatrix. As well as possibly taking a look himself might get him somewhere.
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    The nicknames were quickly becoming a bother, but Beatrix could not tell this witch to stop. After all, every epithet she was regaled with proved some hints to just what kind of person the lunatic was seeking. Fleshcrafter, Machine Queen... Offering to be "sisters". Talking about a "reunion". But to be perfectly honest, the Operative had no mind to waste time on this at the moment.

    "I was a blind passenger on a trading ship that kicked me out here when they found me", lied she, glancing upwards at the sun. "Why come here and why stalk me?", she asked in return, green eyes flittering left and right between the surely unstable and possibly treasonous sorceress, and the dangerous surroundings. Beatrix walked faster, quickening her pace to catch up with her, while still carefully leaving the madwoman in front. Her training inoculated her to the sheer insanity somewhat, but it did not mean that she would let her guard down at all.
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  3. When the message was broadcasted Azazel was already awake and had been for some hours, his situation only permitting him few precious moments of sleep. He cursed his biological limitations but now was not the time to dwell on them. He understood the message perfectly and knew he should get moving immediately, entering the Apothecary's service was the entire reason he was here. As he ensured his armor and claws were on correctly he briefly wondered why he had come here in the first place. A desperate hope clouded by encroaching madness and the deterioration of his soul. But that was not why he had bothered to stay, the fact that Bile had accumulated such a vast following on his without even doing anything was why he had stayed. To put it simply Bile fascinated him to a far greater degree than Azazel thought possible. That alone was enough reason to justify Azazel's staying here.

    Meanwhile, the Daemon within was stirring, still displeased at the circumstances she now had, courtesy of the ‘accident’. Still, Azael continued with his preparations as he did truly did not care for the warp creature bound to him. However, Xenarish evidently had other ideas when she said to him, a voice both feminine in tone in the usual whisper: "Well then, seems that you're still obsessed with that mortal. Typical..." That caused Azael’s work to pause. Obvious displeasure coursed through him at hearing the voice of the daemon. “Your comments are not needed creature.” He shot back with little hesitance. "Why not? Too.... Limited, in your understanding of events?" The Wander of the Warp replied with a laugh in jest to Azazel. “Your voice is annoying.” He responded with a blunt tone that did little to hide his distaste.

    "Is it not a small price to pay? A little nuisance rather than a large and challenging contest?" The Daemon asked as it continued to tease the Warpsmith, thoroughly enjoying the moment. “Admitting that you are too weak to best my mind?” Azazel fired back with his own venom disguised as a casual tone. She paused, but soon retaliated with "I’m sure my voice is but a small price to pay for me to even 'consider' helping you? After all, claim strength in mind all you dare: It will not help you live a long life." The Daemon continued. “My life had already exceeded the expiration of lesser humans before having your irritating voice added to my mind. My remaining years shall be far more pleasurable if you remain quiet indefinitely.” Azazel said with confidence. "And yet, you were foolish enough to have an accident that lead me to you." The Daemon shotback just as quickly. Azazel’s only response to that would be a growl and continuing his preparations for their departure.

    Finding himself ready to move a few moments later he exited the meager workshop he had set up as a way of making a living while staying within the city. It was less than glamorous but he very well couldn't live on the streets and even when he wasn't making true engines of war he truly did enjoy his craft. He was a creator, a Warpsmith, and he would take any chance he got to partake in a project. Granted recent circumstances have made him hesitant to deal with daemonic creations but more mundane creations were perfectly within his skills. Forging gave him a purpose and comfort where everything else brought isolation or madness. But now he was leaving this for the chance to actually do what he came to do in the first place. He began running then with posthuman speed and momentum with intent on being out of the city before it would descend into even more than the normal amount of chaos.

    As for Xenariah, she was merely an observer to Azazel’s haste to leave for the mortal her host sought, content to wait and see what would transpire from this turn of events.
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    @Vulpas | @Kalle |

    Before Malthor even entered the city, he already met the figure of Jocelyn at the outskirts of the city, just above where he had parked his bike. So of course, he did not press further into the city. But instead had to make sure that the first of his two objectives were safe.

    The Raven Hunter

    -waiting on player-
    (OOC: You can also assume that you see now both the Plague Marine & the human)

    Princess & Queen

    "Ohhhh I see. I see." She pirouted while moving forward, before coming to a stop and then turn towards the hurrying operator and point the mighty staff with unhuman ease right at her, the tip almost touching the chest of the alpha legionnairess. "A random person on a random world, looking towards a random mentor? Mhhhhh mighty coincidences you have there." The princess grinned from cheek to cheek, retracting the staff close towards her and continue to walk onward.

    "The trials to come will be harsh... Know that I'm interested in your safety... Do you see them?" She pointed ahead with her staff at the hundreds of people that started the march towards Bile's citadel before them. And then she pointed with the heel of her left boot behind them. If Beatrix bothered to look, she would see almost as many as there were before them. Almost as the entire world heeded the call.

    "I will not lose you to any of them... Sister-Queen." She giggled, tasting the delightful disdain such terminology caused in resonance to the other female.

    Bitter Smith & The Soulbound Neverborn
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @Maleth

    And so the dynamic duo ran with their shared body. An Astartes possessed abhuman strength, endurance and speed already. But one augmented further by a surprisingly cooperative daemon would get even more of those benefits. And of course, the Warpsmith was smart enough to avoid the crowd-exodus and took a more direct path. He had been here long enough to know that the straighter path from A to B would mean the occasional fight with beastmen and mutant tribes or actual non-sentient wild beasts that roamed the wastes of Urum.

    They would get ahead of everyone already from this strategy. Within just half an hour they were far beyond the city skirts of Bile's Bile and surrounded by rock formations, space debris and the one or the other temporary camp that existed. Roughly an hour ahead at their current track and speed, there was smoke rising. It must had been a mutant or beastman camp, surely. After all none of those that looked to join the Consortium would have gotten that far already... Unless they had vehicles...?

    Both would remember fixing some Sentinels, cargo vehicles and even once a beautifully maintained landspeeder who paid very good for just making sure nothing was wrong with it. Now that, would be quite a pleasant - even if unrealistic - surprise.

    There were clear paths around the supposed camp behind a hillside. They could either go left, through flatter wastelands which meant no cover until after nightfall. Or go through the hillier right side of the wastelands, which would put them back on track with the rest of the main exodus. Both would be equally dangerous, even if for different reasons.

    The Mourning Son

    Unknowingly to him, or a competitor, the Night Lord went on a similar track to that of an Iron Warrior. Just a good twenty miles apart. The horizon and the uneven areas allowed to only look so far, especially with one's sight being limited to a single goal.

    Unlike the other 'lucky' individuals, he however appeared to be good prey to a bunch of wild beasts. As he traversed a relatively slim path, not much wider than a single dreadnought, through a canyon system lacking any water this season. Although it was clear that water caused this path. Above he could see at least four bodies hovering over him. One on each angle. Front-left, front-right, rear-left and rear-right of him. They were four legged beasts but nothing that he has ever seen.

    They looked like hyenas, yet so much bigger and more vicious with growls more akin to wolves. And whether they actually were canine or feline, he could not tell. Indeed, from a long ago memory these beasts reminded him like furrier versions of the Loxatl.

    OOC: 4 Enemies left; Furry Loxatl #1, #2, #3 & #4
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    Beatrix had not expected the lunatic to believe her - she would have spun a more convincing lie then - and dismissed her comment without care. "You seem rather attached to me", sighed the operative. The girl's words reminded her of home somehow. She'd never paid the fact that her parents had adopted her much mind, but they'd always just claimed they were unaware of her origins. Beatrix wasn't ungrateful, but her path had led her away from them. They were dead anyway.

    The issue was that for all serpentine metaphors this sorceress invoked, they shared too few similarities for her claims of sisterhood to hold. Maybe of differing parentage - she caught herself intrigued by his thought, but did not bear it outwardly. Instead, she chose to hold on to her outward (and genuine) irritation. "To lose me, you'd have to have me. What am I to you?"
  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    When the roar of a bike drew closer, Jocelyn knew that something must be afoot. He knew that Bile must have Astartes at his disposal, but he was surprised to see the hulking form approaching him, all the same. A Fallen Angel of Death... Made into a messenger for me. There was a part of the storied Apothecary's prioritizing to send an Astartes for him that made him feel inspired. If such a formidable warrior was afforded to him as escort, then that would surely mean that Bile had greater purpose in mind for him! It was for that reason that Jocelyn approached the large, armor-clad man.

    "I presume you seek me," he declared, levelling an even look at the Astartes, sizing him and his armaments up.
  7. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    Icannus' stride slowed to a halt as his senses informed him of the disgusting presence. The plague marine wasn't alone either. He thumped his glaive on the ground once as he considered, looking at the sorry gang of scum and the plague tinged rendezvous.
    He made closer for the private conversation, it was infinitely more interesting than the group. Icannus didn't introduce himself yet, just listening in to gather data before drawing proper conclusion.
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    Neither Malthor, nor Jocelyn would notice Icannus, hiding at the outskirts at a higher point than either one of them. With the silence in these corners of the wastelands it would be easy for him to eavesdrop. Little more than the occasional breeze or tumbleweed moving around.

    Icannus heard easily that Jocelyn asked the plagued Astartes that he came for him. So the latter must had been an agent of Bile and the former a VIP. Now what made that mortal so special was the question.

    Princess & Queen

    The woman looked up to the staff, then leaned her ear against it. This lasted for around a minute, some of the following group walking past the awkward duo. She nodded to the staff before turning back to the other woman. "My ticket to Bile." The Princess' voice was serious and undeniable.

    "He wants you. And I will make sure that it will be either both of us. Or none of us." A sinister smile formed on her face, that quickly faded when she had to laugh, not able to keep a straight face.

    "Apologies, apologies!" She bursted out into more laughter, needing both hands on the staff to support herself. "My master." This Princess gestured to the staff. "Simply whispered to me that Bile has an interest to you due to your genetics. Aaaaaand if he is interested in you, and I'm around you. By association that would make him interested in me as well." She winked.

    "Besides. Do you really want to be alone around a creep like Fabius Bile? That old man can't even decide whether to be Chief Apothecary or Lieutenant-Commander of the Emperor's Children! Such a confused soul.... Almost like you." She started to walk again, eyeing the one or the other handsome fellow.

    Bitter Smith & The Soulbound Neverborn
    @TuskatheDaemonKilla | @Maleth

    -waiting on players-

    The Mourning Son

    -waiting on player-

    OOC: 4 Enemies left; Furry Loxatl #1, #2, #3 & #4
  9. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    @Kalle @Wata
    "Indeed I have young, Sir was getting a bit worried if I would make it in a timely manner, I am here for you and one other who Bile's eye has come upon. I must ask you young sir if you have seen a women named Beatrix. That looks like this," Malthor takes out his datapad to show the young rogue trader." We must retrieve her before we leave this city, its seems Bile has a eye on the both you and a plan for the both of you." Malthor said as he looked to the young lord. He would soon ready himself incase the young lord refused or he would accompany him into the city to bring beatrix to her home.
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    The path, quite enclosed but was enjoyable for the solitude, no grovelling mutants vying for attention of a greater being or to be their servant, it was seen as a great way to rise above their kindred, if anything it annoyed Khadiaz and was grateful to be away from them.

    *That explains why no mutants come here.* He mused to himself looking at the creatures.

    His armour would stop the worst of their attacks, but give a slave a chance and they'll kill their master.

    Taking his Bolt Pistol from his his, firing a couple of bolt rounds into the rear left beast, then quickly move his gaze to the rear right, firing another couple of rounds into him.

    As he spun back to face the front ones, he mag locked his pistol to his hip and revved his chainsword, taking it in both hands, striking out and bisected the front-left.

    Locking eyes with the front-right, he struck it with his fist, activating his narthecium, watching it rip the beast's throat out and life drain from it, dropping it to the floor with the rest.

    Look back in the direction towards Fabius' orders said to go, Khadiaz carried on, maybe some mutants would come here and see a feast awaiting them, no doubt the bolt pistol echoed through this canyon, better to clear out before a greater threat approached drawn by the sent of blood or his sounds.

    Humming a tune to himself as he walked on placing his Chainsword back on his side leaving nothing but the sound of his generator, servos and the tune coming from his lips.

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