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Bile's Consortium

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    Urum. 111.M42. The Plague Wars are waging in the Segmentum Ultima. Armageddon is once again fought for by Khorne, Orks and Imperials alike. Countless battles rage across the galaxy when the Eye of Terror was not a hideout anymore but tore realspace apart like the big bang itself. That meant change for plenty of people, plenty of worlds. Hidden and renown alike. One such world was Urum.

    The little world within the former eye of terror, once a proud crone world of the Eldar, had become the headquarters for the Consortium. A group assembled with chirurgeon precision that only Chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children possessed. Especially once the walls of reality collapsed, Urum gained attention that one of the most hated individuals in the galaxy disliked. But it was foolish to abandon centuries of creating the perfect facilities for the consortium. Indeed, maybe it was this sort of change that was needed to bring the final success he desired.

    The first several decades that people flocked to Urum for various reasons, they were typically slaughtered by the wild mutants, the next human generation as Bile called them. Or were hunted by his consortium and created assassins and hunters to be used as experiments, bio-material and if they were lucky - combat excercise. This started to cease when an orphaned Iron Warrior Warband settled on almost the other side of the planet, far away from Bile's grand palace and laboratory. They erected a city-fortress and ever expanded it. It was not too strong for Bile to overcome but it was.... Too much of a distraction. As long as they did not bother him, he would not bother them.

    And as such the continuous flocking individuals which either seeked miracle cures or to join the consortium and be taught under Bile came to the city known as 'Bile's Bile', just to annoy Fabius. To remind him that they would be a sting in his side. Stinging just enough to remind him they were there. The city grew with every wave of migration, smaller camps and towns started to naturally form around it. It could be almost compared to Sublimes black markets, or rather Black Golan in particular. Just on a far smaller scale and with smaller amounts - but not complete absence - of aliens.

    Bile's Bile was under no particular control, because it seemed that whomever decided to crown themselves as Lord, Castellan, King, Queen, Prince, Ruler or similar title seemed to be disposed of within 48 hours. So it just became a self-maintained city with it's groups, gangs, warbands and such alike.

    Though all that could be seen as quite a while ago. Now. Today. It would all change, be different. Bile would interject himself for the first time interact with the general populace. Anyone else who had attempted to go to the palace, his citadel, the consortiums laboratories, would have either denied entrance if they survived the wastelands, facility defenses and the various mutants and wild hunters. Or killed by said hurdles in the process. Some were smart enough to not attempt at all, but instead try in the city to make a name for themselves that the Chief Apothecary would be interested enough in to recruit them. Although whether such wish would come true, or if you were turned into naught more but an experiment, usable fresh and living flesh was rare after all, was always unclear.

    Today the vox-towers would blast at full volume. "Rise and shine..." The vox crackled, the voice cackling. "There are some amongst you which wish to join the Consortium... And it seems your patience pays off... Three tests you shall face... The first one... Make it to the Auditorium of the palace... Good luck." It was the voice of the chief apothecary himself. The directness, the heavy breathing, the chuckles, the dark deep voice behind it all gave it away. And the task deceivingly easy. Indeed however the entire city as one started to stir. Maybe annoyed from the loud vox, or to make some good sales to those who would buy equipment to get ready for such tedious and difficult journey. And of course those who really waited days, weeks, months and years respectively for this opportunity.

    @bossaroo - Palidorio
    Palidorio was a fine specimen for Bile, very much alike. If Fabius would just know of such meaningless Genetor. When the announcement came, the former Adeptus Mechanicus member stood in his makeshift laboratory, cutting yet another one of Fabius' wild mutants up, uncovering more secrets. He has learned a great deal about the Chief Apothecary's work. How much natural evolution was built-in. The fact that reproduction was remained intact, while most vat-born creatures were born sterile. Astartes included. But these beastman-like creatures? They could mate as they needed. Some bore additional new organs. If by design or caused by the warp, Palidorio couldn't tell. But unlike those who indulge themselves in time wasting tortures just to hear someone scream, this Biologis adept grasped the foundation and end goal of Bile. Now he only had to make it to the Auditorium of the Grand Palace. Considering he was a mere mortal and not a Space Marine, his logic-focused brain suggested that he should maybe ally himself with alike personalities. Or rather, it was because so many curious eyes watched him in interest. If anything for his parts. It was hard these days to come by Adeptus Mechanicus parts.

    @Wata - Icannus
    Icannus. A madman driven by nothing more than a vivid vision he experienced from the Empyrean. Or maybe a misunderstood visionary? There was much potential to be on the same page with Fabius Bile. Not just were they both misunderstood Astartes. But both wanted to create something based on their vision, their very personal image. He was forced to be patient when he was cast out time after time when reaching the great citadel of the Emperor's Children Chief Apothecary. Alas, even with his Raven Guard skills he never made it past the walls. Maybe they sensed his psychic signature? Nonetheless, he persisted in patience. Finally the opportunity presented itself, so he could just do what he does best. Make himself a path where none was. On the other hand, a quick detour for a swift hunt, taking some living prey to offer to Bile for his experiments might buy him some favor. And it would be not just some random stroll through the wastelands. But there would be some... Sport to it.

    @dx144 - Khadiaz
    Khadiaz, Apothecary of the VIIIth legion. Maybe one of the few who would actually understand and one who could comprehend the vast skill set of Fabius. Someone who could create new things out of nothing but his mind. One who set new standards and even designed the Noise Marines of Slaanesh. Indeed, who else could Khadiaz ever even consider as a potential mentor? He was the only one that ever achieved to recreate not just a human, but an Astartes. And even a primarch once. It was time to earn such teaching when the vox rang through the city of Bile's Bile. And Khadiaz' natural preying patience had paid off. At long last, he could feel the possibility of creating the Night Haunter anew. But who else was going to traverse the wastelands to the palace? How many of them were more humble and less demanding than him? Or would Fabius appreciate such ridiculous request? The Night Lord should plan well ahead of time, but overall should be fine to traverse the wastelands by himself.

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla - Azazel
    @Maleth - Xenarish Velzernartix / Wanderer of the Warp / Empyrean Seeker
    Azazel was in bad company with Xenarish chipping away at his soul and body everyday, or so it could be easily felt. Neither liked their form of existence, both knew to surrender to the other might mean complete destruction of their existence. However Azazel came on the idea of searching Bile for help at this point was uncertain. Maybe during his tired moments, Xenarish whispered such things to him. Maybe one of the other Neverborn told him so? Or did Xenarish like many others had an open bill with Bile and had to get close enough to repay him for some deed long ago? Azazel could not tell what made him believe an Apothecary. A Chief Apothecary could serve him better than any Daemonologist. Or has he been so long with Xenarish that he cared? Only the Daemonhost knew, if he could trust himself. The vox of Bile gave him instruction for what to do next, rather than just lament his condition. And so the forced couple would get on their way to fulfill the second part of their destiny. The best would be to keep their relationship hidden for now until it was too late for Bile to deny them, after his three tests. One never knew how much hatred or desire they bore for the Neverborn.

    @Casavay - Beatrix Iulia Bishop alias Morta Decima
    A young looking woman, too young looking, followed Beatrix ever since she arrived on Urum. Whenever Beatrix attempted to pursue her, she would disappear as if she did not exist. A stalker for sure, but source of existence unknown. Maybe... Someone wanted to make sure that the young Ms. Bishop was not leaving Urum anytime soon. And most interesting the beautiful young stalker with the twice taller than herself staff would be anywhere, where Beatrix might be. Only when the Vox tower crackled to life for sweet promises, the woman would no longer disappear. She stood right before the housing of Beatrix, waiting for her to be ready for the travel they both had to complete in order to win Fabius' grace. The young lady had purple-blue hair that seemed to sometimes turn into a teal-turquoise-aquamarine color depending on the intensity and angle of the sun. The staff was made out of the highest quality wood, adorned with overly many jewelry and golden rings that would rattle with each step it's wielder took.

    @Kalle - Jocelyn Devaloy
    Jocelyn on the other hand compared to most others came for something completely else, and yet the same. Something that Fabius interestingly enough encountered before. And a record that Jocelyn once stumbled across when in pursuit of immortality. The Chief Apothecary had once operated on an immortal creature for months in attempt to end it and failed miserably. Which in return meant that Fabius must have had learned a great deal in return. The sole survivor of his massive vessel had crash landed far outside Bile's Bile, nonetheless he survived. And with just giving up the details on his old vessel he earned himself a solid home, food, water and other goods that would ensure survival until the Swashbuckler would have a plan to act on.

    Ah but reality and truth was much different. Some members of the consortium investigate the site three days after the crash. And while they could not take him in right then, they promised that they would ensure to pass Bile's tests in the coming weeks. And so they gave him contacts, funds, private living space and goods in Bile's Bile. Why these two were so gracious with him was unclear to him - but maybe they wanted a Rogue Trader amidst them to break Imperial laws without breaking them - technically.

    And after weeks passed, the vox towers came to life. He slept comfortably in his luscious bed and other things he arranged through his expertise in trading, lying, deceit and swordsmanship - or so he told, to hide his allegiance with the consortium. Slaves did his bidding and would give their lives at his command. Maybe they were drawn to Jocelyn's natural charisma? His butler-slave entered the bedroom and placed neatly folded clothes at the foot of the bed with one hand, and offered a tray of breakfast with the other, placing it on the nightstand. "The time has come." He said out loud, dressed in a raggedy tuxedo that long ago turned grey from it's original black. Next to Jocelyn a female awoke, hand caressing his chest. "Is it time at last, mhhh?" She purred happily. "Your estate will be safe for when you return... Whenever that might be... Worry not, darling." And in truth, that woman was not only a good occasional lover - but she also was a deadly swordsman.

    Yet was Jocelyn really going to worry about such things? No, surely not. Destiny knocked at his door. The first step on the road to immortality. "Shall I contact your acquaintances in your name, milord?" The butler-slave inquired, bowing in respect.

    @Vulpas - Malthor
    Malthor already was part of the Consortium. A Plague Marine, most intriguing to Fabius if not for anything else than the fact he did not march with Mortarion into the domain of the Tau Empire. The old and wretched Chief Apothecary moved next to Malthor who stood atop the citadel walls. "Ahhhh... Here you are.... Waiting for your friend.... Are you? ... Are you afraid that... The Rogue Trader... Will not show up?" Fabius chuckled, pointing Torment, his trusty scepter, towards the distance where Bile's Bile would be.

    "Do not forget... Malthor... He is essential to my plans... Make sure he survives the ordeals... Of the wastes... Aaaaand... Young Bishop... It would be a shame... If my creation dies... Before it takes proper fruition... Make it easy if you want... The second and third test... Will prove if they are ready... And if not... We will find alternatives... Now. Go. Should you return with neither... I will have your brain taken apart piece by piece for all of your secrets... And your organs given to the other Apothecaries... If I feel gracious, that will be all..." There was a weird smile on his face. Glee. Excitement. In fact, Malthor remembers that Bile took many Astartes apart and also put many together. But never. Not one of them. Was a Plague Marine.
  2. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    He had drawn it numerous times before in great detail. Ever since the vision it had been burning clearly in his mind. Icannus always started from the eyes, drawing the burning unquenchable raging power that smoldered in the dragon's eyes. To truly capture the spirit he'd get somewhere high up, carve it into stone for days on end. On paper he brought out every meticulous detail with his art, notes and journals were written on the other side in such obscure and fine handwriting only the renegade sorcerer understood the feverish meaning of it.
    Icannus could fill several stacks of books with his work.

    He had come here with a purpose and no force in the universe would deny him of it. When the vox crackled its sadistic invitation, Icannus stirred from one of the highest perches in the city he could be on. With arcane energies he had etched another three horned black dragon onto the wall. The smooth mirror shine helmet turned its gaze toward the announcement. After it was over, he took in a deep breath and exhaled. The former Raven Guard walked to the edge of his little nest of visions and dropped down to the lower level, black cape fluttering in the swift descent like wings of his own. With a heavy thump and a crack of concrete he landed.

    "Every good guest would bring a gift to the host. 'Tis true..." He ran his gauntleted hand over the third horn of his helmet and got to work. Bile had certainly changed since last time. Best to start on good terms. Best to contribute to the effort of a better humanity.
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    The clone scion had been kneeling over the assorted tools of her trade briefly after the announcement had been made. In her vanity, she considered herself a serpentine, patient huntress, taking the time to prepare herself, to gather herself, to plan, and to let the deluge of foolish fortune-seekers pass by. Beatrix doubted that the first wave would have any luck. She briefly slid her palm over her autopistol, before she holstered it. One by one, she attached weapons to her kit. Her mind raced, labyrinthine. But for a proper plan, there were too many unknowns - the greatest of which, Bile himself, was an enigma of a whole different level. A thought much like her mother's - she hated improvisation; it meant her mind was inadequately equipped to deal with her adversaries. It was an insult to her pride.

    Finally, the hydra servant rose to her feet, inspecting her sword. She gave it a few twirls around her. Leichenauer's teachings had led her this far, and now, she was not going to disappoint the old man. Beatrix finished with a thrust forward, nearly impaling her cheap glass window in the ensuing forward step. In her mind's eye, the blood of that blasted meddling wench trickled down her fuller. But she was not so fortunate yet. This elusive wraith that had taken to follow her was becoming terribly distressing to the operative, given how impotent she was to take countermeasures. Bah! Such vexation!

    The rest of her rather basic gear vanished inside a nondescript, hardy bag swiped from another world, another assignment. Beatrix afforded herself a brief stretch, and then left her tiny, spartan abode behind forever. Leisurely, with delicious slowness, she climbed down the claustrophobic, winding staircase, sidestepping the odd body or two occupying it. One hand rested at her gun when she pushed the heavy front door open with her elbow. Swiftly, she slithered out, looking about to assess the situation - and spotting her newest shadow. Beatrix groaned internally.

    "Name and intention", she hissed curtly, quickly drawing the pistol and pointing in the busybody's general direction.
  4. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    "Princess to the Prince of Pleasure. Joining the Consortium on my master's behest." She thumped the oversized staff with both hands. A slight glow emitted from the staff itself, as if the staff was conscious.

    "We are mortal. We will need one another in this endeavour. Sooo..." A forked tongue slithered forth, dancing a bit before retracting a bit, tasting the air, maybe even the pheromones that the Alpha Legionnaire gave off.

    "Let us work together. I as sorceress. You as fleshcrafter. We can pretend to be sisters to play with the consortium." She winked and giggled softly, putting one hand to her hair to swipe it behind her ear. "There are many delights you can and will learn... Especially if you listen closely to Bile... Ahhhh but you are not here for him, my master tells me." She looks up along the staff, giving it tender strokes with both her hands, leaning her head against the massive wooden shaft and even giving it a tender kiss.

    "Yeeees... Master... I will protect her..." She whispered to the staff before turning back to Beatrix. "I'm ready when you are." The Princess grinned wide from cheek to cheek.

    The Raven Guard could see that a plethora of Renegades and Lost and Damned alike went right away on the journey, having waited for this moment for maybe years. He could see many different individuals with his stalking eyes. Former loyalists, former legionnaires, mutants, pure-appearing humans, straight-out cultists. And of course it was not surprising to see quite a big chunk of Slaanesh worshippers. Bile by the end of all, always would be remembered as Chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children, creator of Noise Marines and ultimately mistaken as a worshipper of Slaanesh.

    What he would do with any of them, or if he would join the massive Exodus as a pack member was up to him. Both choices were equally dangerous.
  5. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Malthor would put his head to his helmet as if making a salute. "I worry for him a bit out there quite a dangerous out there especially with all the added chaos of the others competitors wanting to get your attention." Malthor responded to Fabius question. Malthor had been here for several hours now watching the wastes with a pair of binoculi zooming in and out watching the wastes and biles bile, for some time his enhanced Astarte combined with the binoculars had been looking for some time over the waste watching beasts and those head starters who had begun there travels into the wastes and the occasional mauling or two. So still was malthor that a large moth had landed on his head until Fabius had came disturbing the insect. Hearing Fabius he would listen to him hearing the consequences of failure something that was best to be avoided though picking out the several words interested him.

    Young bishop the girl seemed to be one of fabius creations and one he had plans for something else he would have to worry about now he would be on the look out for not one but two mortals at well it would be difficult but he knew for good things one has to strive and endure for them like father nurgle does enduring all the universe and giving his gifts.

    "You got it sir, I will do everything in my power to make sure those two survive. If not, well... I hope my body parts prove to give ya good info on how it runs could prove to make a few interesting strains of diseases or immuntises or carrier diseases for your projects" Malthor said The plague marine still having his helmet on gave a chuckle at the thought of mutants carrying diseases of nurgles but were immune to its affects, spreading the gifts but unable to enjoy it something likely temporary until grand father steps in.

    "I shall be off then I will make use of the rust rider bike to get me there and to bring them back. Sir If things go according to plan." Malthor said referencing the bike he had used before to traverse the wastes quickly from one place to another. At least it would have some additional space to put the humans on the side cart and it might prove to be interesting with all the others competitors vying for fabius attention, Deciding to head off Malthor would return the bonculi back to the equipment center before heading off into the vehicle bay towars where the Rust rider would be a small area compared to the others in the Constoruim was where others of those blessed or cursed by nurgle had gone to to work so there gifts would not spread everywhere into the vehicle bay for those careful creations and equipment of bile.

    Heading over to the spot where he parked the Rust rider from last time Malthor would take several moments adjusting the side cart from transportation of bodies, and those of creatures to that of transporting those humans. Though that was as simple as putting in some chairs that were relatively free and not had mold on them. Getting on the driver seat he would turn on the engine of the Rust rider and then head out into the wastes towards Biles bile The sound of a rusty engine firing and the sounds of what only a few could tell would be music from some part on the bike with a raio on it.
  6. Kal Kalle Arkhona Vanguard

    Jocelyn's time under Bile's generous arrangment had been frought with luxuries and comforts, as far as such could be acquired in Bile's Bile. However, the shanty town charms of the makeshift city had never appealed to him. His tastes were much too refined and much too particular for Bile's Bile to truly accommodate him. The game in the region, which was no doubt largely composed of deadly monsters borne of the infamous Apothecary's crafts, proved to be a favored pastime, slaves discarded for bait as he trained his aim on one monstrosity's heart after another. Jocelyn was no expert marksman, but there were always more slaves to keep the beasts' attentions.

    This morning had broken the hedonistic idleness that permeated his stay under Bile's care. The pitifully servile creatures Bile had supplied him with informed him that their ultimate master would be summoning him now. He relished the opportunity to escape their lethargic existence. "Thank you." He did not recall the woman's name off the top of his head. He had enjoyed her swordplay, but the rest of her was too rooted in the banal witlessness of this place. Some creatures were endowed with a certain contentedness that Jocelyn could never share. They allowed their bodies and minds to waste away. Jocelyn was an edge, and his activities were committed to sharpening that edge incessantly. Bile's accommodations, after this lengthy, arduous journey, had seemed like a cage after all he had sacrificed to reach this blasted world.

    He secretly vowed never to return to that estate again.

    It was for that reason that Jocelyn seethed inwardly as he inclined his head to the butler-slave, smiled, and told him to follow his instructions. He knew his purpose well, however limited his uses might be. It was also for that reason that his blood burned when he turned to seize the woman's wrist and pull her hand off his chest, leaning in to kiss her one last time before he rid himself of her forever. He rose from bed and started to dress. His hunt resumed today.
  7. Saraph Midas Casavay Well-Known Member

    Clearly a lunatic.

    Beatrix frowned, but reluctantly lowered her gun, other hand uneasily hovering around the hilt of her sword. Eventually, she grabbed it, and immediately relinquished. Most of what she said made no sense, even in a Chaotic context. She'd certainly met Fleshcrafters, and wasn't particularly flattered by the comparison. Perhaps ironically, she felt offended by the serpentine nature of her stalker, as well, quite proud and aware of her own ophidian qualities.

    For now, however, she felt that she could not easily get rid of her, and played along. "Fine then, come on, Princess. I want to get forward on my time." She pointed into the distance with her pistol, and jerked her head to the side. "You lead, witch."
  8. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    The sorcerer kept his distance, not making himself known yet. Trailing this pack discreetly could provide information on the challenges he would face as the ragtag group faced the brunt of it.
    Worthy specimens would show their worth at the same time.
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    The Plagued Trader & The Raven Hunter
    @Vulpas | @Kalle

    The bike made the travel across the wastelands much easier, and faster. Having been around these lands for a while and having completed his odyssee quite a while ago, although not too long ago, allowed him to do some shortcuts. There was plenty of fuel to make it there and back and still have some to go.

    Many believed in fact the citadel of Bile and Bile's Bile to be on opposite sides of the planet. But... Looks could be deceiving, especially within the warp and a former Eldar Crone World. Not even Malthor could quite describe it but noticed that travels sometimes went faster, and sometimes took longer. As if the world itself decided who went where.

    That being said, the Plague Marine made stop outside of the city to not warrant for unwanted attention and used a vox frequency given from Bile to hit his contacts up in the city, transmitting his coordinates.

    In the meanwhile the butler would receive said coordinates and gave them to Jocelyn. Already having fully clad and mentally prepared after a good breakfast, he got on his way. He trotted off the city outskirts into nothingness, in fact, in the opposite direction of where everyone else went. Smart. He made it beyond the city gates and with every step small dust clouds formed beneath his boots. Only once he would get beyond the hills before him, he would spot his ride beneath an overhang of rocks.

    The Ex-Librarian was well on his way in the back of the group he followed. But something caught his attention further in the distance... An engine. It was gone as faint as it was, but he focused his other senses. And he could feel it... Yes ever faint but it was there. Nurgle.

    Standing on a heightened spot outside the city, atop a hill that overlooked the entire place he could see a single figure walk in the direction he sensed the Plague god from. And nobody else walked that direction. Maybe that one knew more? Or perhaps he was a lunatic. It would be smarter to stay on his own business - in the terms of survival. But what if it was to take him away from his goal?

    Icannus could philosophize about his decision all day. But decisions had to be made in a heartbeats notice.

    Princess & Queen

    "Of couuuurse... Machine Queen..." She chuckled in many tones, high and deep. She walked on, both hands holding the staff, thumping it on the ground with each step as if demanding the attention. "You have all the rights not to trust me..." The Princess mused, cackling in delight, tasting not so much fear but curiosity.

    "Ohhhh how much alike you are... It will be delightful to see the reunion... Your eyes glitter with curiosity... Need to satisfy so many unknown needs. Youuuu have no idea. Do you?" She continued to walk forward, a tad faster to catch up with the hundreds of people in front of them, but still remaining at the very end of the snake's trail. Although that would not be for long as more gathered behind them.

    "I bask in the knowledge of your glory to come... The horrors you will unleash upon this galaxy." She jerked in ecstasy, her eyes closed as she could feel the waves of destiny wash over her but then suddenly stopped, leaning her head against the staff as she shuddered and panted for a few moments. The 'princess' looked over her shoulder at her compatriot and smiled satisfied. Before walking onward. "Do you mind... Telling me why you have come?" Her voice changed. It was at least an octave deeper and more serious, straightforward. Not so much playing games.
  10. dx144 dx144 Well-Known Member

    Everywhere one looked here they could see Fabius' handiwork.

    Of course this wasn't his original work, life found a way as they say with these mutants being "improved" compared to the first batch, no doubt there were the "chosen" who Fabius would personally tamper with by adding extra this or that to make them better or more effective, Fabius seemed to be a man who valued his materials, want not, waste not.

    Then again these could be the complete failures, the throwaways but like most creations, still venerate their creator and from looking at these cretins, even worship him. As if before him there was nothing, mortal minds can be quite amusing.

    Wherever these creatures stood in Fabius' gaze was irrelevant.

    Khadiaz needed, Bile's help, not these dregs.

    While, Khadiaz had a rather outlandish demand, he knew Fabius liked to be the man needed most. It helped keep you alive, as you don't kill the useful ones, and Fabius, well even his most hated enemies would still admit that no mind was as sharp as his when it came to Xenos, Astartes or even Primarchs and that is just a single field he dabbles in.

    So with that, Khadiaz saw no point in musing to himself, that got no one anywhere, it was time to find Fabius and make his intentions known. A city filled with mutants wasn't exactly a challenge to get through, considering most mutants shy away from looking upon Astartes, a slight rev of a chainblade would ensure nothing came closer to him.

    Getting the information, Fabius has on Primarchs is one thing, getting to the body of Konrad Curze... Well another problem for another day...

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