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Bifurcating the dodge/evade system from vaulting/climbing and the jump/stormboy/swooping hawk system

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mainfold, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. -VI-Alerius Alerius Active Member

    with "unforseen shift" I meant something like JPApocalypse or Eternal Fisting or Muhbolter or Melee dominance or MoN dominance etc, when it comes to balance EC is a difficult case because of four different races + 4-7 different classes + x different loadouts + map design etc... I'm only talking about your lower priority suggestions here(fuel meter / stamina-fuel-separation). And like I explained earlier: main problem is still dev team's lack of resources atm. Even for minor changes like separating buttons for dodge and vaulting. TBH I like some of your ideas but I'm not having high hopes to see them happening anytime soon in the forseeable future...

    btw: shifts in meta are sometimes welcomed - that's true -, if they decrease the amount of certain (dominating) loadouts. "perfect" balance is achieved when most loadouts are viable but some exceed others in specific situations and the amount of those situations happening (gameplay relevance) is almost the same for all of them.

    one last note on csm: CSM is the most diverse fraction (for me), because of their marks, they can have eldarlike speed builds (slaanesh), orklike/lsm GA thoughness builds (nurgle), orklike (doc + ghost) selfhealing melee frontliners (khorne + khorne's axe) and tzeentch gimp builds except when you use it on an vet with armour and regen stacking... but still there is MoN dominance, because most players seem to prefer a head-on playstyle rather then flanking/isolating/cover using etc. If the fuel regen malus of MoN is removed or decrease for example it will also lead to a dominance of MoN JPA builds...
  2. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    Also gonna add that having a second Fuel means you can grab walls and jump off them, which you can't do with Stamina, so that adds to the value. Perhaps they just need to devalue the third Fuel to make it more worthwhile, whilst keeping the second expensive?
  3. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    This is why I want a system where fuel is more like a fuel-gauge or overheat-based mechanic, so you can do-wallhanging when you maybe have just a little fuel left, but barely enough (rather than having spent an entire charge to get up there, and then not have an entire charge left so you can then not grab onto the wall). Just collectively a bunch of small outcome-changes that overall improve the classes having unique features enhanced, promoting wall-jumping as a valid way of scaling an object instead of "use fuel, wait for fuel regen, use fuel, wait for fuel regen, use fuel, etc."
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  4. Mainfold Mainfold Preacher

    I'd be more than happy enough if the feel of using jump/rokkit-packs was improved (particularly in terms of how gravity is treated when using packs), how fuel is treated in terms of being a "overheat"-style fuel rather than charges that use a set amount (for more user-controlled amount of fuel), key-separation of jumping/evading from vaulting/climbing.
    Anything past that would be the varnish on a nice hardwood floor, if the floor is good the varnish just makes it even better. Particularly allowing the Orks to have an advanced risk for overheat-risk use of the packs (chancing detonation) lol :OrkMoon:

    edit: @jbregg just out of curiosity, how much of it is doable in a relatively "easy" manner? Obviously nothing you comment is any form of confirmation of anything related to "going to be done" unless otherwise is specifically specified as such, just want your opinion/take on grade of how doable it would be if you wouldn't mind (or anyone else that might be the one(s) working on such types of changes normally)

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