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Beware Of This Heresy!!! (message To The Devs)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Odolusas, Jun 13, 2014.


Do you support what i have written? (new generation inovative grenades function)

Poll closed Sep 13, 2014.
  1. yes!!!

  2. no.....

  1. Odolusas Active Member

    I have not been on this forum for a long time, but here i am again!

    I have one big concern that i must address, and i think it must be avoided at all costs, and not by mistake added in the Eternal Crusade.

    And that is the effective rage of the weapons vs range of throwing grenades (it must never be the same range or similar).

    If the average effective range of weapons is around 50 meters the grenades should be thrown at only 10-15 meters(quick throw or from cover based on the angle), however if you want to trow grenade further up to 25- 35 meters(limit, based on the angle of throw) you must stand still and hold button for like 1-3 sec for meter to charge up for the further throw. This would make grenades risk-reward, tactical close combat weapon at the right situation and not overpowered spammable piece of equipment.

    Grenades should also be able to be shot down form the sky when flying towards you, or when they hit the ground and have like a second before exploding. Detonating it before it hits you or simply disabling it 50/50% thus giving chance you chance of surviving it if you dont have chance to avoid it. The ones that explode when shoot down the would explode 2 meters from its position as the impact from bullet moved it away from you!

    Also grenades should be able to be shot down when still in the enemy hands thus making quick throw safer bet than charged one as you would be a great target for the enemy sniper(skilled shooter) as you are sitting duck if you are charging that grenade throw, and it can be blown up while still in your hands.

    Thus grenades should not move too fast, and thus being more susceptible to being shot down.Ofc the player that shot them down should be rewarded by title or achievement of sort after several successful shots of the same.

    Thus grenades should be close combat tool rather than long range artillery spam like in so many games!

    I would like a response from the devs and support from the community if possible.
  2. uh...shooting down grenades? yeh-no. maybe in a single player game, but avoid like plague in a multiplayer game with the amt of players EC aspires to have on one instance.
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  3. Odolusas Active Member

    Please do comment and tell me what you think of this idea of mine.

    Also can someone from the moderators of ppl who have twitter account post link for Miguel of some other dev so it may actually be read and considered to be implemented?
  4. Odolusas Active Member

    100 space marines all trowing grenades at the same time at 50 meters range over .. 2-3 second later your whole group of 50 ppl is suddenly dead in second, and you could not do anything about is...(pure spam)...i dont wanna see that, and dont have even a small chance to avoid certain death. No skill or tactics will be in that sort of game play.

    Thus having people on high ground sniping ppl and grenades in their hands from a far, and having scouts to see if your group is not be flanked over building whit 100 grenade spam would be necessary and routine.

    I thus see not a single down side...
  5. Joram Joram Well-Known Member

    You just have to make nades limited you can carry 1 just, maybe 2-3 if you have perks, and add a small resource cost (like PS2) about shooting down grenades... I don't mind the idea as long as it requires skill but I think it may cause a lot of troubles, for example I throw a grenade and I see it land on your feet, but on your screen is still in the air close to me and you manage to blow it up in my face... I would rather be able to kick them away from me.
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  6. Waldorf Waldorf Active Member

    If they implement the grenades how they did in Spacemarine (strength, distance, detonation time,grenade marker) then it wouldn't matter if there was spam or not.

    Even in a small map (area wise) like in SM the players had a limited amount of grenades and things like markers helped the players to avoid them.

    Also from memory, it took at least 2 grenades (without being behind cover) to deplete your shield/armour so they were used more as a tactical advantage if it landed by someone and if it went off when that player wasn't behind cover, then you could finish them off.

    Even though you say there will be more people (100 people throwing 100 grenades at the same time) the map will be big enough for the opposing players to disperse thus taking little to no damage. Only a player who would have to have no clue would stay in one spot in that situation and therfore be killed.

    TL;DR: No, I don't think grenade spam will be an issue.
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  7. Odolusas Active Member

    I get it i gave the choice to vote by adding the poll, but why are people voting (no) i dont get it?

    Do people like mindless games, and shallow experience that much over flavored, diverse and tactical one?


    Voting (no) you are against everything i wrote even if some stuff is down right necessary and easy to implement (grenade range reduction/1-3 sec charge to trow farther)? (in case some ppl are not aware)!
  8. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    I Iike the holding down for increased range but I don’t think shooting then down is particularly worthwhile and anything that messes with the physics of flight is a no-no to me. It needs to be organic and unfortunately 100 space marines (or any other race) that throws 100 grenades simultaneously is a tactic I'm okay with, despite the hurt factor. Much like firing 20 Plasma Cannons is a horrendous amount of potential damage but it can and should be allowed.

    There is a post I made on grenades a while back in the UI thread, they will be a core combat feature and they're still being developed, but they are planning to make them very flavourful. Edit: here go Throwing Grenades
  9. Odolusas Active Member

    Yes ofc it would be skill based as you have to have superb aim and accurate gun, and it would force enemy to shoot the grenade if it is lower throw so he is not shooting you! Thus more shots for you.

    Quick trow is quick whit short range thus chance of pulling shot on grenade is extremely difficult, ofc grenade is not moving extremely slow(speed of grenade should be tested before implementation so chances are low of shooting it down for even skilled players) and is very small object to be shot down that easy. Whit pikko servers there should be no lag or delay.
  10. Odolusas Active Member

    Thus we have plasma cannons for damage spam but grenades dont have to be same...(unstoppable).

    Slow moving plasma can be avoided and cover can save you, but grenades can jump over cover and are not bright and as imposing as blue plasma trail thus harder to avoid.

    It is not tactical if it does not have at least several counters!

    But any way thank you for the support on at least some some points.

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