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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kakuzo, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Kakuzo New Member

    Is there an ETA on a playable Beta?
    Will members who are not currently Beta-testers be able to participate at some stage?

    Come on guys, I want to crush me some space marines :mad: !!!
  2. Vigil Vigil Well-Known Member

    Mid 2015.

    FAQ states release is planned for late 2015.
    Beta should be at least 6 months prior to that. So July/August 2015-ish, if there's no delays.
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  3. Wolffe Wolffe Subordinate

    Yeah beta comes out tomorrow actually, and the full game Nov 3rd.
  4. Mirijas Mirijas Curator

    For me, they can take all the time the need, just to garantee that the game will be as awesome as we all hope it will be. ;)

    I want to crash some SM too, but I have time till 2015 (or with delay beginning of 2016) just to make sure, that it will be a great game! I'm quit happy, that we are able to make some notes in this forum and may give the Devs some ideas, they can (might) think about. ;)

    (btw. I like this community very much, also when there are different opinions, the tone still stays most times friendly!)
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  5. well said.
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  6. Beta testing titles are for the forum so no one is actually in a playable beta right now and won't be for a very long time. People who signed up solely to have a chance at playing a free game anytime soon will be disappointed.
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  7. Will we get a look at the Alpha? What about closed / open beta? how far apart will they be

  8. Alpha will (hopefully) be a closed process with small test groups rather than a chance to play the game.
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  9. As it should be
    Should use it to test mechanics and play with ideas
  10. did you all miss the last AMA?^^
    possible closed alpha: summer 2014
    closed beta: early 2015
    launch: end 2015

    oh and the "beta tester" sign has nothing to do with the game
    its just the title for beta testers in the forum beta

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