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Best LSM Guilds?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Accretia, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    How dare you, my guides are LEGIT :p
  2. Bruttus Recruit

    Can you explain me who you are, and how you conclude those ranks.
    In mine eye's, there are rankings that aren't correct.
    DLB, is atleast A rank
    XIII is atleast B rank
    MYST, the explenation is maybe correct, but I won't believe that they lost allot of they're fightingpower. Atleast they should have a B rank for this season.
    LASH a D rank, really??? They are atleast a B
    VI, an A rank, they are good, but this is a bit overestimated. Atleast a B rank, not an A rank.
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  3. EvLTimE EvLTimE Cipher

  4. ArchKnightHough ArchKnightHough Steam Early Access

    I just have to say, you sig makes me giggle every time I see it now. (first time I spit my morning coffee on my screen)
  5. DongSlayer DongSlayer Steam Early Access

    Is t his a necro thread ?! you fckers almost had me there :p

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