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Best LSM Guilds?

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Accretia, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

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  2. S1a5h EpicHiLuss Steam Early Access

    Blop Exploiters
    aka Blop S1a5h
  3. S1a5h EpicHiLuss Steam Early Access

    hope u been trainin hard
    tip - when I return Be ready
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  4. Season 1 is over. This is the final tierlist for this season, and we wish you better luck next time
    S BLOP
    !!!-=Ranking system has been updated=-!!!
    Many people agreed that the pervious tier list couldn't be legitimate because it lacked the D tier, and it was also complained that the list was not honest enough. D tier is the old C. Also the lists were too generous previously to be frank.
    S Rankers provide the endgame content of EC and the very reason why EC should be played and brought it to common knowledge: The tier list
    A Rankers have understood the purpose of playing EC or have exceptional qualities or both
    B Rankers have either good players or good teamwork or both
    C Rankers have a few good players but bogged down by a horde of players who need work
    D Rankers are generally very low tier and at worst, easier to beat than randoms
    Z Rankers when D tier is too generous
    -=S Rankers=-
    BLOP: + Good memes, dank shooting, german expert telling all the best loadouts, S1a5h, favourable lag and the knowledge how to take use of it is pretty much equal to CSM-levels or better, nobody lowers themselves to do shitty AV work - Memes being stolen and / or becoming stale, german bully constantly tells our loadouts suck, AV is actually important.
    -=A Rankers=-
    VI: Paid attention to the previous tierlists and according to ragnar did reforms, removing all 200 aspirants, claiming their rightful place in the A tier. The exemplary clan that understood the gravity of tier lists.
    CSM:Recently beat WP and thus claiming their placement on the tier list through force of arms, some great players, aggressive nature, favourable lag, and the psychological effect on their enemies thanks to their immense propaganda. CSM is way ahead everyone else in terms of video production, their most notable videomaker alone pumps out atleast six videos a day on average, this is something that leaves even BLOP hanging their heads in shame.
    GAT: Small but have some very good shooters, one of them being a nurgle tactical with a pocket healer for maximum cheese. Also T bag and rez farm which lands them a spot in the A area
    -=B Rankers=-
    WP: Despite losing to CSM they remain highly competent and dangerously cunning, latter exemplified by them managing to get AEON out of the garrison only to be swiftly and precisely cut down by WP. Will most likely contest VI or CSM again and get back to A tier sooner or later.
    WCA: Have a great core team with a few salvageable rookies. Prefer unique playstyles that aren't bolter and do fairly well with them.
    BRO: Bolter autism lite, they are like the chaos version of BLOP with a couple great players, tend to get very salty and don't reflect on what they did wrong means they get worse every time we fight them. Last time we played against them it was afterwards agreed BRO played solid B-.
    FBI: They seem to take the placements on tier list very seriously and this is good; honestly too many clans ignore or refuse to admit the importance of this matter. The only thing that prevents them from being promoted to A tier in the foreseeable future is that they do not have the numbers to force their way there by defeating other clans.
    -=C Rankers=-
    DLB: Who knows how the recent nerfwave against orks due to LSM outrage has affected DLB? Bets are that despite Acedakka being nerfed very hard, losing the ability to suppress enemies, and kannon no longer instagibbing everytime, DLB will remain as dangerous as they have been. Thankfully napalm kannon was not injustly nerfed into being useless trash; it can still almost instagib everything it barely touches; the only bad thing is that the enemy just dies after a brief delay with 100% certainty, not instantly.
    VM: These guys were written off as bad but working with them they have some very solid players. Just dont know why they dont tell Valrak how to make a real build though
    XIII: Quickly improving, have a good core group and an officer who is skilled at the game. They recently showed their aptitude playing in the Eternal Battles, defeating XAWX. Their greatest hero showed he was not afraid to use unconvential tactics to his advantage such as crotch-shot, or running past an enemy only to do a 180 degree turn and finish off the enemy.
    OP: frogs who have good attitude and players
    -=D Rankers=-
    LASH: Wasnt fair to have them in the same tier with the likes of XAWX, PG, EXH. Able to put up a good fight, pretty fast and aggressive, use hard counters. Have potential but is brought down by poor players quality (this makes them especially weak at maps like zedek and maggon) P.S. we dont exploit you goobers
    TOC: They know how to survive 23 chainsword hits, but it doesnt help them in GvG setting. Small but solid core, could be rated better if it wasn't for all the not so good players
    SoF: very small, dont see them much
    ASRA: New clan, fought only once against them, not enough games to be anything other than D rank yet
    TsT: Do decently well, and small enough so that they can easily improve
    AEON: Good duelists, they have the patience to wait behind a shield several minutes or possibly hours, resulting in their opponents doing mistakes out of frustration. Good luck getting them out of garrison though.
    IVSB: Do decently well and dont give up, lack any really good players though
    USSR: Decent organization but weak players
    OBST: Once upon a time they used to like abusing wave mowers and getting them into places vehicles aren't supposed to go, haven't seen them in a while though
    -=Z Rankers=-
    PG: Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you.
    XAWX: Despite having a self entitled military genius, it didnt help them win against XIII.
    EXH: They talk like they are hardcore competitive but they run away from prearranged fights
    MYST: Infiltration specialists who steal precious shitposts, gamewise they use silly tactics that dont work. They tried to steer away attention from the noble tier list with their drama. Guilty of the most serious crime, memetheft.
    The publication of tier lists was outrageously claimed by some "harlequin" from Z-tier. People even fell for that outright lie, which makes the claimant deserve the bottommost rank on the tierlist even more. In truth tier list publications serve to promote tierlist awareness. But unfortunately the noble tier list was instead associated with unnecessary guild drama of Z-tier entities, "trying to divide LSM unity" Nice bait. Protip: No Z-tier entity could even comprehend the meaning of tier lists, evident in the utter disregard for ranking and the unability to gain a proper placement. I'll have you know I've been using scopes since the devs released the toggle option, and my KDR was the best last time I heard. I've used different fire modes on my guns, and used ADADAD before you called it an exploit. I've been strafing around targets and shooting them in the head, on top of repeatedly crouching and confusing my enemies. You are nothing to me but just another shitter. I will wipe you the fuck out with the precision of the scope exploit which the likes of which has never been seen in this game.
  5. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    10/10 would kek again.
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  6. VexusH VexusH Recruit

    Vigilia Mortis is pretty high and above the other LSM guilds.

    Of course, I could be biased. ;)

    EDIT: Oh, besides BLOP. Those guys have some excellent players. Less than most other guilds. Quality over quantity is a good thing I say.
  7. Lediard Recruit

    Fuck yeah D tier, go ASRA! Nowhere to go but up baybeeee
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  8. Armgarion Armgarion Confessor

  9. Durash Durash Arkhona Vanguard

    #FreeLunches is not a joke too, best AV players in BLOP get take-out delivered to them.

    All expenses paid by DoomofDoom/Armgarion ofc
  10. Tawks Tocks Member

    1/10 this entire thread. MENY CLASSLESS VAGINA HERE.
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