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Best Assault-PF loadout? Stats to min-max?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by el2mador, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    Well, yeah, MoN is great but i guess its a matter of personal preference, its kinda expensive when you pair it with a fist so i just stick with armor.

    I prefer Krak cus its killy for crowds but yeah, its AV value is bad so if u're goin AV exclusively then melta is the way to go. Kinda expensive though, and nothing a fist cant do.

    The benefit of plasma pistol is its sheer damage and armor penetration, period. But oh well, you have your point. I've gotten used to shooting in close combat so running with plasma to me is much more effective, but i understand why people take the smarts thanks to iframes and overall hecticness of melee and all that.

    I find PP more reliable cus if you're up close you know you're gonna shoot them to death fast and easy even without having to actually melee them if you so wish, and if you're somehow cornered in cover its pretty good at repelling pesky tacticals (which is especially useful when you go around capping/decapping points a lot); plus, PP recharge is more comfy than the bolt pistol's manual.
  2. I built my vet TA to include the Last Caress but I think I'm going to remove it and try just a regular 250 PP. 3 rnd burst doesn't seem to help me at all. I'm still trying to break my playstyle habbits of using the Smart. It might take a while tho since most nights, matches are so imbalance that I just close game and watch Netflix.
  3. DrunkScotsman Scots First Blood!

    Pf with increased pen for vehicles" really don't think it adds to it though, t2 armor, and both shards of iron for increased armor no mark. Then either a plasma pistol or the cyrus 12 shot bolt pistol. And then whatever else you want. I can either equips a gernade or trinkets . It works well although I'm an AV guy I can still kill soundly
  4. Celestia Celestia Prefectus
    I'm partial to this build since the plasma pistol has saved my life/cap often. The crystal lets you try and keep the khorny boys up or yourself, and the krak because why not free +AV damage. Impact mod because I like breaking weapons with clangs.
  5. Plasma pistol is nice but seems to often perform worse for me personally than bolt pistol based on spread. It takes adjusting your play style to it. Perhaps upcoming patch might make pistol zoom more friendly to activate which should help plasma immensely if true.

    A good reason to take plasma pistol is to ping a tank with it once to prevent vehicle regen. I only run fist for AV. I now forgo the krak grenade because ... I have a fist. The value of Kraks has disminished greatly in the current state of the game. Either go frag or melta or nothing IMO.

    Gonna try Khorne TA with lifesteal mod fist. The Khorne Raptor fist version wasn't so bad. It's still hard to beat Slaanesh though.
  6. Nyhilist Nyhilist Active Member

    I'm with you on the PP, I prefer the bolt pistol over the PP I might be wrong about this since I tend not to use the PP much really but I find the BnB combo with the pfist is better used with a BP than a PP because of the rate of fire. I feel I can unload a clip waaay fast than I can for a PP (clip in terms of how much I can fire before I overheat/reload at once.)
  7. I don't see how that helmet helps....
  8. Celestia Celestia Prefectus

    It helps in the same way the caestus does.
  9. Oh yeah... For style points. That's why I took the Cestus.
  10. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    There are major points on why to take Plasma pistol.


    Easier to kill with
    More pen
    More dmg
    No reload required between fights
    Charged shot for counter charge and free hit
    Good for ambushing ( Charged shot + Attack )
    More dmg
    Easy to get some headhsots in CC
    Doesn't bug the like the "not so smart" pistol, when the enemy is rolling and you fire it, the aim locks to his head level, and most shots are misses during that period.


    100 extra lp
    vent cooldown if your aim is like VERY VERY Bad, and you can't finish the enemy.

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