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Best Assault-PF loadout? Stats to min-max?

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by el2mador, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. el2mador Recruit

    Hello all. I'm a bit new so I'd just like to know the best possible loadout for a Fist-using Assault class (not-vet of course).

    I currently have = 200 health, 151 armor, 150 t0ughness. Trying to min-max for those three stats though I'd like to know what you guys think is best to prioritize for those three, or even the other percentage stats?

    - Power Fist (no mods)
    - Smart Bolt Pistol
    - Warp Touched Armor
    - Mark of Nurgle
    - Shard of Iron (+12 armor)
    - Major/Minor Beast Scale (+7 armor)
    - Frag Grenade
    - Icon of Despair (melee/non-melee mitigation)

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  2. Aceryl Aceryl Menial

    i recommend:

    -Power Fist
    -Plasma Pistol
    -Melta bomb, in case you are an assaul traitor.

    Note that this build, will not make you many friends though :D
  3. Stellario Steam Early Access

    All out build Ground Assault:
    - Mark of Khorne
    - Warp touched Armor
    - Plasma pistol
    - Fill up left over points with Trinket
    1. Don't be a pussy
    2. Charge in, punch once
    3. Then be a pussy: Back away firing the crap out of the enemy with the plasma pistol.
    4. Enemy dies
    5. Rinse and repeat.
    - No healing
    - No nades.
    - No downed state, so you die right away
    - Not for pussies
    - Fuck healing, life stealing like a gretchen in a electronic ware store
    - Fuck nades, your fist hits like two of them
    - No downed state, no one can execute you if you can't be downed
    - Manly charges in the name of the Blood god.
    Bottom line:
    The build when you are not a pussy. You rush in, hit shit until either shit dies or you die.
  4. Nyhilist Nyhilist Active Member

    @el2mador Pretty much what this dude (lol) said except I use Mark Of Slaneesh
    MoS (Mark of Slaneesh)
    lower lp armor (forgot name, Faded...)
    inc damage on pfist mode
    Bolt pistol.(regular one)
    if rooms is left
    hp trinks
    hp war gear
    shield trinks

    It's pretty much the same run sprint in sprint attack back pedal bolt pistol. Keep moving!!!

    Gives you a lil more room to dodge a d bash or evade an attack.
    Quick in and Quick out

    Slow Shield regen
    taking pot shots can stop your charge.

    You can quickly take out a healer or important target. Knowing that only eldar can keep up in speed. watching LSM try to find were you went. having them chase you around a corner and having enough time to charge a heavy attack before they turn the corner is great laughs!!!I keep the same build for all the other marks. The marks have the same LP cost so they can be swapped out no problem. (except MoK, I don't use that mark much atm)
  5. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    The two above builds are 'risk-reward' type. I prefer using a more balanced one if im in the mood for some vehicle wreckage or some such.

    - PF
    - Plasma pistol
    - Krak nade
    - Spend the rest on armor and armor trinkets/shoulder slots
    - ????????
    - PROFIT!!!1111!

    This way you're not health-feeble like MoT, not armor-feeble like MoS, nor too risky like MoK. MoN is great but then it gets pretty expensive with the Fist leaving you not that many options for ur loadout, whereas an armor mod only costs some 50 LP.

    Here you go, this PF build is perfect for going both against infantry and against vehicles.

    Most probably not gonna be valid after the shortly upcoming stat/LP revamp though so enjoy it while it lasts lol.

    And yeah you'll hear people calling PF cheese and whatnot, just remember they're probably butthurt after getting fist spammed a few times (which really isnt that cool, i agree).

    Overall, PF is a fun melee weapon no matter what people say. The ragdoll bodies of your enemies flying away after you hit them with a charged attack...priceless.

    p.s. oh and dont ever waste points on the smart bolt pistol, seriously. just get over it and get that plasma. melee becomes MUCH easier and more effective when u use your pistol right as much as u use your melee weapon.
  6. Nyhilist Nyhilist Active Member

    I agree with what this dude says too. I main PF TA since it's birth in E.C. (the good, the bad, and the ugly times!!) My brother is an avid user of your build. I've tried it and it's good! Give a lot of room for custimization and just 1 item swap iut can easily change your strategy to meet battlefield needs. I just love love the movement speed superiority with a timed attacks. I can easily break a defending line or get the drop on incoming attackers.
  7. Funny to read but I think you could have come up with a better metaphor about the lifestealing. Kinda bannable.
  8. SniffSteven SniffSteven Steam Early Access

    Its okay if he's black himself i guess?... better to avoid race talk alltogether, i dunno, its too tricky.
    Still hard for me to comprehend how people manage to enjoy MoK on their melee builds tho. I've played World Eaters exclusively in TT for ages, but when EC came out and i did actual effort to run Khorne melee builds, it brought me nothing but frustration. Its just so much easier to stack on armor and go out there hacking away without having to depend on the damnable lifesteal.
  9. I tried running a Khorne Cestus build this weekend but until the patch goes thru and it gets a downed state.... well, there's a reason why MoK isn't part of anyone's meta.
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  10. el2mador Recruit

    Hello. I gave this one a try and it was a tad bit harder to survive compare to the loadout I already had (Nurgle toughness).

    I've usually never had a problem with taking out vehicles and I like doing the AV role, so I'm not too keen on using the Krak nade. I tend to just throw a frag prior to rushing just to screw over bunched up enemies.

    What's the benefit to using plasma pistol over smart pistol? Does plasma pistol track? Smart pistol has saved me countless of times which is why it's always been a go-to sidearm for me.

    Example: Faces 1v1 - hits enemy, low health, enemy rolls or flies away = shoot with smart pistol = Dead. It's fairly handy against flyers since, in many cases, the average pug would have low health and attempt to fly off.
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