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Best Artwork Created For Warhammer 40k

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StrikingScorpion, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. Welcome Crusaders, this is a thread devoted to players who wish to see, post, or comment on some of the best art creations for 40k. This can be any art from 3d character models, paintings, drawings, your very own tabletop characters (or others if you wish) and even enviornment designs like eternalcrusades forum backround! I will be updating this post as frequently as possible and hopefully you will join me.
  2. This is a beautiful eldar guardian painting Episode_3_Anakin_vs_Obi-Wan_Art.1.jpg
  3. For those warlock lovers 7560warlockandblkguardiandef2b.jpg
  4. Swooping hawks with a color scheme I have not seen yet tumblr_mmt5l62pqt1s3yjd9o2_400.jpg
  5. Who else wants black templars to be a part of eternal crusade? 1353122442349.jpg
  6. Sketch of a striking scorpion 6515754ef8af10952e26cd86b5fbfded.jpg
  7. Some nice scenery... warhammer_40000_space_marine_hd_wallpaper.jpg
  8. WAAAAAAGHHH! Orks_attack3.jpg
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