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Being Freed From / Stuck in Execution Animation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schwifty, Mar 24, 2018.

  1. -edit- My thoughts on the subject have clarified, OP will change as they change.

    Here's the situation;
    Shooting at an enemy target that has begun executing an ally doesn't break the execution animation.
    Swinging at an enemy target that has begun executing an ally does break execution animation.

    And here are my main questions;
    Should shooting also break the animation to be in line with a connected swing? if so why?
    Should swinging not break the animation to be in line with projectiles? if so why?
    Should it stay as it is? if so why?

    Is it a question of balance? Could it be that projectiles don't interrupt executions where swinging does because you're more likely to one shot the target by swinging at them with a strong attack than you are with a burst of ammo? - unless you're toating a PC about of cause.

    Or is it an oversight that has somehow lived through till present day. I'd like to hear arguments for and against this feature / oversight as to why it potentially stays or changes.
  2. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    heavy attack in the back = dead
    your welcome
  3. Shooting doesn't break them out of the animation only once you get into a brawl will your attacks do that. Give it a go next time you get a chance.

    Yes that will usually do it but it still breaks them out of their execution trance where shooting them doesn't so I'm not sure if that's a fair shake on all fronts there.
  4. Last time ppl talked about it and we got ourselves “short” execution... now you bring this up again, I’m afraid they will cut execution clean
  5. All I'm saying is you can escape from executing an enemy if your hit with a weapon but you're somehow stuck in a trance until death when shot at. Just make it so you can either escape execution animation if your hit with any weapon be it sword or projectile or make the trance until death thing standard. One rule for all or it's not a fair deal.
  6. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    throw 2 ork poison fun
  7. Most of the time yeah, especially for Eldar but you'll occasionally get the odd Nurglite or particularly tough Ork or Loyalist who'll survive, knocking them out of the execution trance and be given the opportunity to change circumstances to their favor. A chance you don't give them if you choose to empty your clip into the back of their head instead. I don't know it still feels like double standards to me. Does anyone know if this is even intended?
  8. -edit- removed I've added it into OP
  9. Battlefield 1 Bayonet charge. One of the most glorious game mechanics and most awesome animation sequences in any PVP game, ever.

    BF1 is my virtual crack these days. BF V coming out in October! HYPE!

    Anyway, in BF1 once you wind up the charge/sprint animation you cannot cancel it. If the “impaling” portion of the process starts and you’ve connected with a victim, there’s no stopping the process. Even if the charging player dies during the “run through” or impaling portion the victim still dies and instant death with no possibility of revive results for the victim. Basically there is a point of no return on the “impale”. The charging player can be killed while charging but once if the charging player connects there’s no interrupt possible. The “impaling” process cannot be interrupted once triggered and the victim cannot be revived by medics.

    This mechanic feels “believable” enough, as well as fair and none of the several dozens of people I play BF1 with from time to time have a problem with the mechanics.

    The Bayonet Charge in BF1 is high risk, high reward and you’re locked into the process. It’s much the same as executions in EC. I see no reason to change what we have, other than giving the players the option to purchase and perform the original, longer, totally awesome 5 second glorious execution animations.
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  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Melee-attacks stagger. They interrupt all ongoing animations, including executions.
    Ranged staggers, like plasma-weapons or Lash of Slaneesh do the same. Only most of them also kill the execution-target.

    I don't see a necessity for change.

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