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Being A Tacticals "chaperone"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Djemo-SRB, Mar 6, 2015.


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  1. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    So something really interesting was brought up by Brent in the 4th episode of Warp Echoes today, and that is, to quote the man (33:15 and at 53:30):

    "All of the classes actually exist to facilitate the Tactical getting to their objective. We are changing to a system where the Tacticals are basically the ones with the tools to actually capture things"

    Now this is a very interesting and strange way to go about it, basically cause it was previously mentioned that they arent basing the game on TT (cause the above mentioned was something that happened in TT by what Brent said).
    To clarify, im really not on either side, kinda on both sides atm.

    I dislike it cause i can see problems, like if every tactical class (and id assume he was mentioning this in general with every tactical equivalent for other races) is dead and you cannot actually capture things even if you dominated the battle over a base. Sounds like you need to hope your tactical friend respawns and comes back faster then the enemy can bring backup and try for "defense attempt #2". Also meaning that allot rides on one class.

    I like it however, cause it sounds really interesting. If tacticals have a role so clearly brought to the forefront of game design it would logically mean that both level design and game design will look into making other classes really matter in certain situations. It kinda combats the jack-of-all-trades systems that some games bring, which im not all that fond of.
    It also might bring about a interesting metagame in itself, actually needing to have at least some planning in what you bring to the field and how you use it. Its kinda, i dunno, different?

    So, whats everyones opinion on this? Do you like this or not?
    If not why, if you do why?
  2. Tureilim Tureilim Prefectus

    ...........I'm honestly not for it. Then again I'm honestly biased as hell here. I intend to heavily specialize in assault/raptor classes and this is kind of telling me that in my preferred role, I'm delegated to being basically just the Tactical classes roadie?

    Uhh. Okay, how 'bout no.
  3. As long as each class has their own focus, then yes.
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  4. I never really put much thought into the tactical equivalents, I usually just think about being a sorcerer, devastator, or raptor, you wouldn't have much of a problem with the whole "running out of tacticals" if you play orks though, I kind of like the new emphasis on tactical marines because it makes me feel like I have a tactical choice to make, do I need to suppress some mooks or take out a vehicle? Do I need to swoop in and tie up a devastator squad or take out a high value target? Do we need a guy who can buff/debuff or CC large groups of people? or do we need to take the hill above all else?

    I kind of like it, it makes the tacticals play a bit more tactically because if they die they might be the only tactical for a minute or two, and they really need their battle brothers for back up because they can't simply do it all.
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  5. DjemoSRB Djemo-SRB Preacher

    He talks more on the topics end at 53:30.
    Shootas and Dire Avengers are mentioned as the xenos equivalents of the tactical role, just for clarity.

    You can turn your Twitch on and view it there, ill update the OP with the Youtube link when its up.
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  6. Kaldor Draigo Kaldor-Draigo Well-Known Member

    I can see they wanted some sort of class dependency other than 'combat support'...but I really don't think we should be limited by this.

    I wouldn't mind if tacticals were a requirement for larger endeavors such as elements of a stronghold siege. But for capturing outposts and small objectives they really should not be the only ones that can do that.
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  7. Thats not how I see it :D It's more like you get to have an amazing jetpack, and he is just a "normal" (as normal as Spacemarines get) dude, that sacrifices himself to get the capture, instead of flying around with a jetpack^^.

    Other interesting Questions would be, if that thing takes Loadoutpoints?

    -On one hand I hope it doesn't (so that there are more people who can do it/I don't have to/it doesn't tempt me with taking other stuff while I probably should take the "capping" thing just in case.

    -On the other hand, I hope it does. Because then if you take it, you dedicate yourself too it. Its not a burden you have to take, but an important decision you can make for your team. It's not you are a Tactical with a bit worse fighting power, but can cap, instead your whole role is the capping now.

    But something related to this: The capping mechanic in general, independend of Tacticals!
    Even if everybody can do it, I really like the Idea of not having to stand in a circle to cap, but instead place a device, acitvate something for a short time, and then defend it for a bit longer from the general Area. This sounds like something that really could bring us tactical (not the class^^) gameplay! (Also I think it increases immersion, because everybody piling in on a circle looks stupid.)
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  8. Frank FrankM Curator

    i like how this update puts more emphasis to the tactical equivalents. now they are actually useful, while before they were more of a liability. 7th edition tabletop rules of making any unit able to capture capture paints losses the flavour the tacticals once had. i also like how standing on a capture point is a thing of the past.
  9. This could also be away of balancing the game. in the past there were worries of "what happens when 100 assault troops move together?" This could balance the game out.
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  10. Sleepylion Sleepylion Well-Known Member

    Could be interesting, given that this game has melee, and small capture point room is the perfect place for that, so ASM will dominate every other classes in this task. Everyone will just go ASM if they want to capture something. However, by making Tactical the only ones who can capture things, then roles are more specified now. ASM job will be to deal with offenders/defenders while TSM will be the ones who do the capping. It also make ghost capping harder with ASM, because now you have to tag some TSM with you and they will slow you down.

    Still, we need further testing to see if this is really viable, but the idea itself sounds interesting, I don't see why we shouldn't give it a try?

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