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Behold! THE GREAT LIST OF POST LAUNCH! *angelic harmony*

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Caentyr, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    Many of us have had suggestions of what to be put in the game. To which the developers have answered yes, no, or post launch. Now that launch is finally here, I thought it best to make a list of things the developers have confirmed for post launch but never really specified on when. When I think of this, some promises come to mind, but I am just an Eldar and have (odds are) forgotten things. Therefore If I had left something out, please post your reminder and I will be happy to add it into the great list. As time goes on and the developers deliver, items of the list may be struck out as promises kept. Note: This list is for things that have been confirmed for post launch only. It cannot go into the list if the developers have never said that they will do it. When making an addition, please make sure it is clear and undisputed as possible. (So no "Eldar get buff" or "Orks get nerf" please) We are talking strictly content. Lastly please be civil, I don't want this to be locked.

    If it is in RED the item has yet to be put in game
    If it is in GOLD the item has been put into the game and struck out.
    If it is in BLUE the item has been put in partially or to an unfinished extent.
    If it is in GREEN the developers had initially accepted the item but now for some reason can't or won't go through with it.


    Eldar Warpiders

    Terminators for Loyalist and Chaos marines

    Eldar Jet-bikes

    New map

    New playable faction (whatever that race will be)

    Purity seal decorations for loyalist SM's

    Open world

    Large scale battles

    Gear that has in game stats

    Helmet-less marines

    Robes and cloths based cosmetics

    Hero units

    Buying weapon mods directly with req (only the 2x and 3.4x scopes for LSM, CSM, and Orks have this option.)

    In-Game Voice changer for all factions

    Extra character slots

    Loot drops in PVE

    RTP weapons having pre-installed mods (some do, some do not)

    Liegon of the damned

    possessed marines

    Exile rangers


    Dual wielded melee

    Statistical difference among subfactions

    Chaos advancement tree


    Ork Wierdboys

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  2. Cassanova Cassanova Arkhona Vanguard

    Open world! - Oh wait you guys don't want that right?

    Large scale massive battles! - Na 30 - 50 people in an arena shooters fine.

    MMO class building! - Pfft who needs gear that actually matters? BUY MY COSMETICS
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  3. mikk mancubus mikk34 Arkhona Vanguard

    Helmet-less marines, robes and cloth based cosmetics, jet bikes, heroes...
  4. duffmek duffmek Well-Known Member

    yellow on this background color :( other than that all of the above lol
  5. Ecios Ecios Active Member

    Big E still awaits when Thunderhawks will deliver rhinos to battlefield, and SMs will fall down deir metal asses on drop-pods!
  6. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    I already included jet bikes for eldar......unless your talking about imperium jet bikes......if there is such a thing.
  7. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Was that confirmed by the developers though?
  8. duffmek duffmek Well-Known Member

    in pre heresy there was jetbikes but in this era they are rare as rocking horse poop
  9. Braken Braken Curator

    Buying weapon mods directly with req. So far, only the 2x and 3.4x scopes for LSM, CSM, and Orks have this option. (I'm not even sure if all the mods are in the game yet. That may be why they didn't fully implement this yet.)

    Loot drops in PvE.

    RTP weapons having pre-installed mods. Only a handful have those at the moment.

    Special items for Sergeant and higher backers. This does not include the copper weapons, nor the pre-order bonus weapons.
  10. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    Were they confirmed by the devs?

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