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bE FIX your unsportsmanlike MATCHMAKING system

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Faeruin, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. Truth be said here.
    Less populated races like orks or eldar are completely tired to play most part of the game in less number to their opponents. Especially not in EU/NA prime time when we can see everyday's maximum peak of players.
    I can forgive devs bugs, exploits or mythical OPness of something... GitGud can deal with it.
    But in every damned game where youi forced to play against enemies having 3+ more players just making me mad. You starts usually with something like 6v9 and then player counts starts grow slowly to 7v10, 10v13, 12v15, 17v20 and only till the end of the match you can get full team. But it always too late. Its very rage inducing fact that balancer keeping different numbers of players in opposing teams. its not about sportsmanship.

    Devs, i cant imagine a game in Dota or CS:GO where one of the teams has less players. Its just nonsense for any online game.
    Is it really difficult to fix little parameters in matchmaker and make him create BALANCED teams. Why lesspopulated factions should constantly suffer such severities just because opponents have greater amount players? Let them stay in queue and wait until the eldar or ork player will join to the match. Then of course a single marine or chaos dude can also join to same match. Its simple and FAIR. We tired of lack of fairness.

    Make the equality. Enough with this BS. I played today in post noon time probably ten eldar games and each of them was just nonsense. We lost 90% of games because we cant deal with bigger team obviously. One game enemies got even 4-5 player count advantage.

    Fix your matchmaker first and then apply your great balance rewamp's changes, please. Players want fair teams and taste sportsmnaship from that as well.

  2. I blame war parties(specifically when a war party gets a match they don't want and all drop the queue) and Fort maps with low player bases.

    Honestly I think Fort maps should only be turned on during campaigns and be used as progress markers in the campaign win bar.

    For example: Every 30 wins as a faction, you must then win 1-3 Fort maps before you can start making the progress bar move again.
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  3. This has been talked about and the devs are working on it but Dread is right the thing that screws it in favor of a full team VS a group of pugs and you are commonly playing 15 VS 13 or something similar. But it is being looked at.
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  4. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    Nuuuuuu! I love Fort maps! :mad:

    What they need is a lobby system and yes I know it is taboo to even mention the word lobby in EC but forgoing one is the reason for this mess.
    Numbers should be decided before the match begins. Possibly even pre set 20 vs 20 games, 30 vs 30 and so on. If there were too many LSM or another faction clogging up the lobby, they'd be forced to change to another faction if they wanted to play evening up the numbers. That may seem harsh but the popularity of one faction over others and still being allowed to stick to the mass congregation is what is causing the issue. In order for it to be sorted you'd need to move people over to the other less populated factions from time to time and a lobby first come first serve policy would be the fairest way to achieve that IMO.
  5. Feeling worst then you have to face warparty beeing outnumbered. Thats about just ragequit with "srew it" thought or simply giving up...
  6. Redfingers Recruit

    I really don't get the 8v11 matches
  7. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    We can keep blaming about this until they listen. but to be honest they aren't gonna listen at all :/
    I bet there will be no update this week as well until March or something...
    Plus, Today is Family day so everyone in Canada
    Enjoying Beautiful Weather :)
  8. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    Its pancake day tomorrow here in UK. Unfortunately we still have to work no matter how bloated we get. :(
  9. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Yea everything closed here today cause Family Day
    Still cold but Sunny :D
  10. And who makes the majority of maple syrup you use on your pancakes?

    That's right...Canada...DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!

    Their nefarious schemes to make us all bloaty and fat through syrup is beginning to work...

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