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Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Fallingcliffs, Jun 8, 2018.


    Hello everyone, I found an interesting mod and I want to show some videos.

    If you want to play with this mod you can also download it from old BFGA forum:

    Lets start:

    The Despoiler class battleship with mark of Tzeentch was nice but not very dangerous.

    Orks are very powerul in a direct battle but if you use sneaky tactics then they are an easy prey.

    It seems to us Abaddon lost another Planetkiller

    Hur Hur, Yer little toy ships are no match fer Ork techy-ology

  2. Eldar vs Chaos

    Biel Tan is awesome

  3. I haven't played the game yet at all... so, mods aside, it looks kinda cool but I'm not sure if there would be enough to keep me interested. I'm waiting for the 2nd one to come out in September (i think) and hoping they add more to do in the game.
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  4. As a true fan of Battlefleet Gothic Armada I already bought this game


    I also play the 1st game as well.

    Today I destroyed another orks fleet and their space hulk.

    For the Emperor!

    Eldar OP

  5. Imperial Navy vs Space Marines

    For the Emperor!
    Die mutant!

  6. Imperial Navy vs TAU

  7. Imperial Navy vs Chaos

    This holywar battles are always my favorite ones.

  8. And they shall know no fear!

  9. Space Battle: Orks vs Orks

    Orks vs Orks are funny battles, especially when you spam nova cannon attacks.

  10. Space Battle: Eldar vs Orks with their Space Hulk!

    Eldar are the best race for destroying so huge, armored, but slow spaceships.

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