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Battlefield "1": So they did WW1 now...

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Vintage, May 6, 2016.

  1. Was there any doubt? My guess is this was the germans way to try and drive fear into the canadians, as they were the most effective fighting force on the western front. Didnt work too well tho...
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    Key word there is tried, there was a later act which basically meant those hailing from Ireland were exempt from conscription due to political reasons along with raising the age and weight restrictions on inductees but women were still disallowed frontline fighting service.

    Well there were manual pump showers in the trenches (I'M trying to find a photograph of an adhoc one that simply collected rainwater) and poison gas decontamination showers behind the frontlines along with more group showers, you didn't just freely walk into them when you felt like it rather your section was marched in by a nasty shouty man with swagger or pace stick as the fear of disease like with any army of that time was rightly feared.

    As for the uniform itself concealing the female soldiers' identity there would obviously be tell tale signs and even Blackadder kept poking fun at that, the raised voice, faceshape, bootsizes, walk etc. What's that jack, you caught your arm on some barbwire? I'll take a look, those are some very dainty hands.
    They may. My opinion has not been changed that a sizable amount of women were not fighting in the First World War on the western front disguised as men for a considerate amount of time.
  3. Well if you read the Wikipedia page you see that it makes mention of such travesties being made by the King Of Belgium and his forces, in the Congo.

    I was never trying to say that they went to the front as women.
    They were all in disguise to one degree or another.

    Most common British citizens only bathed once a week.
    So it's not like each soldier was using those shower facilities everyday.

    By the way, the Decontamination Shower you linked was in an American field hospital France.

    And the Group Showers were Australian.

    There are plenty of cases where a lad a year or two too young for service saw action on the frontlines.
    How dainty do you think they were?

    And it doesn't help that you had soldiers who were malnourished as they grew up, so even when they turned out to be bothe male and the right age for service they could still look 'dainty'.

    What about women like Dorothy Lawrence, who snuck onto the front disguised as a Soldier. It only came to light because she turned herself in after 10 days due to being ill and being afraid that her discovery would get other British soldiers in trouble.
    Such women are referred to as She-Soldiers.

    Plus there were allies to Britain that allowed Women to join their armies as Soldiers.
    The Serbians even let an Englishwoman join their their army.

    Then there are women referred to as 'female-Tommies'. Nurses serving on the frontline and going out into No-Mans Land, Auxilliaries helping out with driving duties, mechanical repairs, and other support roles.
    Those drivers especially may have been armed, due to the nature of what they were doing and the risks involved.
    But even so, if a woman was on the frontline there would have been situations where she probably had to fight.

    There may not have been many known stories and incidents where women fought on the frontlines of WW1, but it did happen.
    So you have to wonder how many unknown and untold stories there are.
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    I WANT WOMEN IN BF1! But they can't look like women...
  5. Dark Knight Dark-Knight Nickname Change

    Well yeah, that's pretty obvious considering they wouldn't be allowed to sign up or be called up as a woman.
    Difference is those British Citizens who apparently bathed once a week weren't expected to crawl through shit and be gassed on a regular basis. I'm fully aware of the origin of those photos and what they depict as that's the reason why I used them, similar structures and utilities were used on the Western front why would they only be used by Australians there?
    I'm sure you're aware that it's far easier for a male who is 17 or 16 to claim they are 18 than it is for a women to get away as passing themselves off as male especially when during the first world war things like binders did not exist and things like malnourishedment would highlight the differences in skull, jaw and hands which are physically different between the sexes, not to mention it would open them up to injury, illness and strain which would increase the chance they would be found out.
    Well the Serbians were mostly content with fighting Austrians in the Balklands...
    But none of those are combat troops, logistics, nurses, stretcher bearers are not frontline combat roles, it's possible female drivers would've been armed for personal defence but then that opens up a further question of them of how many used those weapons in anger or if there were trainguards, wagon guards etc present.

    Will I admit it is possible there are a lot of stories and examples out there I just believe it to be improbable
  6. You're really not familiar with the British Army of WW1.
    The Officers were of the privileged classes, which didn't stop them being twits.

    The British Expeditionary Force believed the war would be over by Christmas 1914.
    So no. Because they bathed in rivers and ponds. Even in Britain.
    And on the Western Front there was a Mill Pond where, by negotiation, British and German soldiers took turns bathing in it.

    And when they did get facilities, it was usually for Baths not showers.

    I wasn't speaking just of Soldiers that age. I was speaking of them being as young as 14 or 15.
    But apparently I was wrong. At least one soldier at the Somme was only 13!

    I know you initially said that She-Soldiers in the British army were rare.
    But then you seemed to contradict that by saying how easy it would have been for such women to be caught.

    Now, at least, we both have a better understanding of what was possible.
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    That didn't take long.
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  9. Look lads. I like Girls in games, believe me. But lines have to be drawn, and this line shouldn't be crossed, regardless of creative liberties.

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